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The Resale Value of A Kitchen

One of the biggest questions clients have when considering remodeling their kitchen is “What is the return on my investment?” In other words, if selling the home within the next few years is a possibility, is it worth redoing the kitchen and if I do, will it increase the value of the house once I am prepared to sell. This question can be viewed in several different ways: from a cabinet salesperson’s point of view “absolutely- you should gut the kitchen and add a new one!”; from an everyday person’s point of view- it is a tough question. I have come to a conclusion that it depends on a few variables, including the type of remodel, the nature of the housing market at the time you are considering selling and the cost of the project. If you live in a residential area that has very dated kitchens and you are considering selling in the near future redoing the kitchen has a few advantages:
1. You will get to enjoy the kitchen for the time that you are there.
2. Your house will stand out from the other, more dated homes on the market and WILL sell! If you put a significant amount of money into the kitchen, will that be reflected in the final number you get for your house sale? Maybe and maybe not. Homeowners need to be careful that they are not pricing themselves out of the market with their renovation projects. For instance, if houses in the neighborhood are selling for $300,000 and you decide to invest $100,000 in kitchen renovations to create your perfect “dream kitchen” you will likely not recoup that investment in a short period of time because you have significantly priced yourself out of the market. You will, however, get to enjoy your “dream kitchen” while you are living, cooking and entertaining in your kitchen. Enjoying a space in your home is nearly as important as the return on the financial investment.
A kitchen remodel does not need to cost a hundred thousand dollars to lure in buyers, if that is the intention of the remodel. A few updates, such as new countertops, paint or a cabinet “face-lift” can have a significant (possibility as much as 80%) return on investment.
I have spoken to a few local realtors about this topic and they were torn about whether it was “worth it” to remodel a kitchen for the purpose of selling the home. They did agree that it would “it will definitely make the house sell as opposed to not selling if the kitchen is dated.”The disadvantages to remodeling the kitchen:
1. I am putting a lot of money into a place that I am considering selling and cannot enjoy.
2. What if the potential buyer loves the house but hates my taste in kitchens and doesn’t buy the house because of the kitchen? Yes, you will be investing money into a home that you won’t live in for very long, but you will enjoy the new kitchen for a while. Remodeling the kitchen will attract many home buyers into your home, the right buyer will eventually come through and will love your taste in kitchens.
Final thoughts: why not live in a kitchen that you love at least for a little while before you sell and maybe take ideas from this kitchen remodel and figure out what you do and don’t want in your next home purchase, remodel or custom build.…

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Finance For A Garden Studio

Finance For A Garden Studio

When you live in a house it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have enough room for all the activities you want to do. The problem of the space appears mostly in families with children. Every member of the family has specific needs which might interfere with the interests of the others.

The garden studio can be the extra-room you need around your house. It can be the office you or your partner needs for working at home; it can be an artist’s studio for the most gifted person in your family; it can be a personal gym where you can all build muscles and reduce the stress whenever you have the time. There are many ways to use a garden studio and the best thing about it is that it is a multipurpose place, being able to work, for example, as a music studio and a leisure room at the same time.

If purchasing this room becomes really necessary there are various ways of paying for it. The first option is to pay all the money at once and then enjoy decorating and using your garden studio. This option has the advantage of knowing that you are the owner of the room from the very moment it is installed in your garden.

The second option is to pay the price of the garden studio in several rates throughout many years. Some producers require you to pay for their studio in two to four years, by paying fixed rates. Others allow a time span of five to fifteen years according to the contract you are willing to sign. Once this period ends you become the full owner of the garden building.

Since you can buy a car, a home and even clothes and jewels according to a finance plan which includes several rates, buying a garden studio according to this system is just as easy. It is a way of paying adapted to the requirements of the buyers, who might not be in possession of the entire sum at a certain moment, but who can afford to pay a small amount of money every month. This way you can get the garden studio that you needed for extra space whenever you wish.…

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A Fresh Look at ‘The Perfumed Garden’

A Fresh Look at ‘The Perfumed Garden’

The Webster Dictionary of the English language defines Erotica as “Literature of art dealing with Sexual Love”. Sexual Love is the epitome of delight and rapture and nothing quite compares with it. Food, drink and travel are good in themselves, but can never match the ecstasy savored in a union with a woman. God and man have sanctified this act of procreation from the dawn of civilization. The distinction between Erotica and Pornography is again more in the mind than anything else and is a matter of individual conjecture.

One of the foremost writings on Erotica is the famous book by Sheikh Nefzawi. However not much is known of this shadowy writer who authored ‘the Perfumed Garden’, but a lot is known of his translator Sir Francis Richard Burton who died in 1890. The perfumed Garden is the classic work on Arab erotica. It appears that the work was commissioned by the Grand Vizier of Tunis who asked the writer Nefzawi to put forth ‘The source of the greatest pleasure in order that this knowledge is widely known.’

The writer soon set to work and produced a book of Erotica that in some ways is unrivaled as a work of erotic literature. Interspersed in the entire book are a series of tales that amplify the theory of the work. The book treats the generative act as a source of great pleasure and advices a lover not to mate with a woman until one has excited her with playful caresses. He goes on to say a beloved is to be excited by kissing her cheeks, sucking her lips and nibbling her teats. He insists on kissing of naval and the thighs. The Sheikh than goes on to discuss thirty-six poses and positions for sexual love. But the best part of the Perfumed Garden is the inherent and purposeful tales that bring out the essence of sexual love.

Unfortunately very few people know that the present translation is an earlier version, first published in 1886. A later greatly enlarged and annotated version was put to flames by the wife of Burton on the sixteenth day after his death. The reason for burning are perhaps obscure and may never be known, but this act of burning the Perfumed Garden of nearly a thousand pages, she burned her reputation and it still is aflame today.

The stories in the manuscript are integral to the text and of course erotic in the extreme. One can read them by going across to the nearest library and getting hold of this book. It may noted that Burton also translated ‘The Arabian Nights’. But it is only in the Perfumed Garden he could combine his ferocious interest in sex and his literary powers to produce a monumental work that has stood the test of time.

The book was first published in England by the Kama Shasta Society. A reading of this translation may lead a reader to conclude that perhaps the translator and the author may have been kindred spirits; extremely close to each other. It is possible that Burton revealed more of himself than anything by this translation. Perhaps it was his inner voice speaking. Maybe he was reincarnate of the Sheikh-the author of the Perfumed baring of his soul and closeness to the act of coition could be one of the reasons for the burning of the book (Enlarged Edition) by Isabel. However everything is a conjecture, perhaps she was frightened at his intensity of his love for sex. But now in the present age we are thankful to Burton for giving to us this masterpiece which certainly ranks as one of the greatest books of erotica, perhaps the epitome of all erotic literature.…

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Home Maintenance Tips – Keeping Your Home Secured

Home maintenance tips are essential when it comes to keeping a property in top value. This is especially true for those who are clueless in making their residences free from any form of damage which it may incur through time.
There are many reasons why residences must be conserved today. For one, they must remain comfortable and safe for the sake of our families. No one knows when disasters and emergencies might come. At any time you must be prepared in keeping your family secured even inside the bounds of your home. Moreover, big expenses caused by the need for major repairs may be avoided. As the saying goes – an ounce of prevention is better than cure.
Let us say you need home repair assistance. Here is a reminder to consider before you start with your overhaul project. Take each area or room one at a time. Starting the work all at the same time will just leave your whole house in total disarray, more so inoperative. Never jump to the next spot unless the first spot gets fully repaired. This practice will enable your family to have a resting place even though construction is ongoing inside your residence.
Regular upkeep of your environment is more inexpensive and, at times, more beneficial than replacements. In connection to this, it is important that property owners are aware of home maintenance tips that help combat simple residential problems.
Toilet and wiring failures are two of the most common household concerns which need abrupt attention. Toilets are prone to clogging. Once clogged you would not be able to use them properly. In other instances, there are toilets that run. When the water continuously flows from the tank to the bowl, lots of water gets wasted and bigger plumbing problems arise.
Wiring failures, on the other hand, cause certain parts of the grounded or lacking flow of electricity. Never address wiring issues on your own. Contact an electrician right away. Walls, roofs, gutters are other parts of the house which must be regularly checked. Any damage with your roof can expose your family to the weather and other mishaps. Leaks or blockages in the gutter can get a part of your house flooding. Cracks on walls may signal corrosion. They better be instantly examined before they collapse on your loved ones or before they bring the whole house down.
A house is definitely one of the greatest investments a person can have. With the proper observance of these home maintenance tips, this investment can be secured in the years to come. The good news about this is that home owners need not spend a fortune just to enjoy a well-kept property. There are things that they can do on their own to preserve its value. However, there might come a time that a specialist needs to look into certain maintenance issues. In this case, concerned owners must do a thorough research first about the appropriate service provider who will take care of their needs. With this, they can be protected from signing deceitful contracts.…

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3 Things You Need to Think About Before Purchasing a Timber Garden Shed

3 Things You Need to Think About Before Purchasing a Timber Garden Shed

A timber garden shed is a popular alternative option to the steel garden sheds that are on the market today. A timber shed has warmth about it that the steel range lacks. However, before you go ahead and purchase your shed, it is important to think about a few things when it comes to the timber option.

1. The size. When purchasing a timber garden shed, it is important to note the size. In Victoria you are only allowed 10 square meters of space for a structure. So therefore, your timber garden shed would need to fit to these guidelines. However, we all know how every council has their own requirements so if you are unsure when it comes to the regulations please check with your council. A shed over the ten square meters will require a permit, and you might want to ask the retailer if they are structurally engineered if they are over the certain size or if your timber shed would need extra work done to it to get it to permit standard. Also, some retailers can organise a permit for you, so best to ask this question as well.

2. The timber. It is always best to check what timber is being used for the building materials. A lot of places these days use treated pine, and when hearing those words we are left thinking “is it safe”? Make sure that your retailer is using an arsenic free treatment for your wooden shed. There are various other treatments out there that are arsenic free and environmentally friendly and would be a better option to choose from.

3. The Look. We all know that the look of a timber garden shed is what really brings us over the line, so try and find something that would best suit you and is of high quality. The last thing you want is to take your wooden shed home and have it fall apart after only having it up for a little while. Always ask your retailer what timbers they use when constructing their wooden sheds. Some companies might try to skimp on cost by using inferior timber, so do some research before purchasing so that you know what you’re in for as sometimes cheaper is not always better. A positive feature of a timber garden shed is that it blends in with your environment a lot better than a steel garden shed, so having a high quality timber garden shed would look a lot better in your backyard than an inferior one.

Overall, if you keep these three things in mind when shopping for your timber garden shed, you will end up with a perfect addition to your backyard. Sheds will come with simple step by step assembly instructions for easy construction by anyone with basic tools and carpentry kit, however it is worth checking with the manufacturer to make sure you don’t need a full installation service. Find out too whether your timber shed will need to be painted to seal the timber for weather resistance. Lastly, it is advisable that you install your shed on a flat level site. If it is uneven, installation problems may occur.…

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Garden Tools

Garden Tools

Designing your garden is most likely a personal statement of style. What one person likes may not be what another likes. For instance, some people like their gardens to be neat and tidy, while others love the adventure of winding paths and exotic plants. Formal, semi-formal, and informal are the three variations on the style for a garden. To properly design your garden, however, you will need to have the basic garden tools, and perhaps a few extras depending on the look you are going for. You can choose to design your garden to mimic the design of your home, or it does not have to be related to your home whatsoever. It is all about personal choice.

Some people are born with the innate ability to transform space into something that is very pleasing to the eyes; whereas others are not and may not have the first idea about how they should go about designing their outdoor space. To create a great outdoor space, you must manage the space well and remember that people will be moving around in the space. In other words, creating great patterns and utilizing the space within the pattern is vital. By utilizing geometrical patterns, your garden will achieve a unified feel about it. Which way would you like your patron to move about in your garden? You can achieve your ground pattern by using bricks or paving material. To achieve this you will need to have the appropriate garden tools on hand before you begin so that you do not have to stop in the middle of your project.

If you are seeking to create a formal garden, you want to be sure to incorporate symmetry and geometry, such as repeating patterns with different plants on each side. The environment is very controlled, overgrowth is clipped and shaped on a regular basis. You can add urns or balustrades to complete the formal look. In other words, formal means that there are no surprises. You always know just what to expect.

An informal design is just the opposite; in fact, the design should be asymmetrical and not regulated. Allow the plants to grow without clipping. Allow it to grow as it may and to self-feed. This design is much softer and thus there is a surprise effect to it creating a great ambiance.

And finally, a semi-formal garden style is a combination of the above garden styles. You will create fine lines with your paths that will be softened by the occasional overgrowth in spots of your alluring plants.

Along with these types, there are also several different garden styles that you can choose from, such as Chinese, contemporary, cottage, or secret garden.

Contemporary is a modernized style that uses your plants to help reflect the surroundings. The texture and form of your foliage is just as important as what flowers you choose. You will weave hard landscapes into geometric buildings, which will then flow into a more open space. You will then use your flowers and other plants to create focal points around your architecture.…

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How to Choose the Right Toto Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing a toilet may seem like a rather minor endeavor but when it comes to entire bathroom remodel, it is important to choose one that nicely complements the rest of your new bathroom. Not sure what type of Toto toilet is right for you? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind…
Bowl – Toilet bowls come in one of two shapes: round or elongated. Elongated bowls have an extended rim and round ones are a few inches shorter. Round bowls are ideal for small spaces while elongated bowls tend to be more comfortable.
Color – White may be the most popular color for toilets but rest assured, toilets come in a vast assortment of different colors. If you are looking for a less-common shade, contact your local Toto toilet authorized dealer to find out what colors they carry and whether or not they can order a toilet in the particular color you want.
Flush – Determine whether you want a gravity-fed or pressure-assisted flush. A gravity-fed toilet utilizes the force of gravity to pull waste through the trapway. On the contrary, a pressure-assisted toilet uses water from the tank to build up pressure and when flushed, the water pushes waste through the trapway. Pressure-assisted toilets tend to be noisier but can be more effective removing waste in a single flush. Both types of toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.
Pieces – Similar to flush type, toilets come in one of two styles: one- or two-pieces. A one piece toilet is a single piece, with the tank and bowl fused together while a two-piece has a separate tank and bowl. One-piece toilets don’t’ have any crevices or cracks, which offers easy cleaning and a sleek look. However, they are typically more expensive than two-piece toilets.
Quality – Look for Toto toilets that have a rich, glossy surface and a glazed trapway, which facilitates the flow of waste. Most Toto toilets come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty ensuring the quality of the toilet.
Size – Toilets come in varying sizes so make sure you measure the space in your new bathroom prior to making a purchase. Depending on the size, most toilets are bolted 10, 12, or 14 inches from the wall.
Style – Lastly, consider the type of style you want. Toto toilets offer a wide range of styles ranging from traditional two-piece toilets to more modern and contemporary models.…