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Getting Buggy in Your Garden Patch? – See Herb Garden Plants That Double As Natural Bug Repellents

Getting Buggy in Your Garden Patch? – See Herb Garden Plants That Double As Natural Bug Repellents

One of the major concerns for the herb gardener is how to protect plants from insects, plant diseases, and even animals such as deer from nibbling away at their prize herbs.

Companion plants are the natural bug repellents for the home herb garden. They not only aid other plants to grow better, but they deter insects, disease, and animals from eating anything in close proximity. In so doing, they protect your plants without you having to use expensive insecticides which enable you to stay organic. This is particularly important since much of what you grow you probably intend to eat.

There are many herbs and flowers that act as companion plants. While you can certainly experiment, start with plants that are native to your area that insects already recognize.

Some of the more popular companion plants used as natural bug repellents are:

Anise – attracts wasps that will devour aphids that attack nearby plants.

Basil – repels flies and mosquitoes.

Borage — repels tomato hornworms, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, and cabbageworms, but attracts bees and wasps.

Catnip – repels mice, ants, aphids, flea beetles, and weevils.

Chives – drives away Japanese beetles and carrot rust fly.

Chyrsanthemums – kills root nematodes, and when flowering, repels Japanese beetles.

Coriander – repels aphids, spider mites, and potato beetle.

Dill – repels aphids and spider mites.

Elderberry – when made into a spray from the leaves, will kill aphids, carrot root fly, cucumber beetles, and peach tree borers.

Garlic – repels aphids.

Geranium – repels cabbage worms and Japanese beetles.

Hyssop – deters garden pests from cabbage and grapes.

Lavender – repels fleas and moths.

Mint – deters white cabbage moths, ants, rodents, flea beetles, fleas, and aphids.

Mole Plant – repels moles and mice.

Nasturtium – chases away the squash bug and whitefly.

Peppermint – repels white cabbage moths, aphids, and flea beetles.

Petunias – repels the asparagus beetle, leafhoppers, tomato worms, and Mexican bean beetles.

Radishes – deters cucumber beetles and rust flies.

Rue – will repel aphids, flies, slugs, snails, flea beetles, and Japanese beetles.

Soybeans – repels chinch bugs and Japanese beetles.

Thyme – deters cabbage worms.

Some of the herbs listed here can be made into teas and powders that can be applied directly on herb plants or soaked into the soil. However, we suggest that you consult a garden guide on this approach as some herbs can be toxic in this form and could hurt pets and children.

And finally, companion plants are compatible with some herb and vegetable plants, but not friendly with others. Research companion plants first before you plant and you will have a healthy and bug-free garden every season.…

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Providing High Quality Home Repair Solutions for A Better Home

A house is not an invincible structure. Whether it is built on cheap or high quality materials, a house is still subject to a number of structural issues and deterioration. Keeping a home in its good condition requires every owner to conduct regular inspections and to attend to issues immediately, to avoid further damage and avoid extreme repair costs in the future. Some of the usual problems in very home are foundation cracks, leaks in the basement, drainage malfunctions and other structural issues. Getting repairs immediately is not the best solution, but looking for a competent and reliable company that offers warranty on their works is very important. A foundation specialist offers a great number of repair and services for every home with a 25-year transferable warranty to ensure that the problems encountered in every home will not occur again due to the inferior quality of the repair job.
Foundation repair services specialize in the repair of basement leaks, foundation cracks, drainage and other structural services. Basement leaks are very common in homes, especially in areas where there is high water content, spring run-offs and varying temperatures. Basement leaks are not only caused by clogged eaves troughs and down spouts or sewage and sump pump malfunctions, but can also be due to holes drilled for electrical and plumbing purposes or foundation cracks. The earth where the house was built can also be a cause for the leaks especially when the soil has low absorption properties, weak bearing and poor compaction. Basement leaks must be resolved immediately to avoid bad odors and diseases, buildup of molds and mildew and to prevent future accidents due to the additional damage caused by the presence of water.
Foundation cracks are also severe issues in every home. These cracks may not show any damages or need for repair when they appear, but might be crawling in the interiors of the walls and cause the immediate deterioration of the foundation. These foundation cracks must be sealed and secured using temporary or permanent solutions. Polyurethane, epoxy or crystalline injections can get rid of these cracks for a while and hydraulic cement with the addition of waterproofing compounds can safely secure the home’s foundation in the long run. Weeping tiles must also be taken care of since it encompasses the entire area of the house. This is the foundation of every house’s drainage system and must be regularly inspected from clogs or evaporation issues. Basement services like the installation of sump pumps and window wells can minimize the chances of water entering the basement and causing other problems.
Foundation repairs services can deal with all these problems with unparalleled expertise and high-quality home repair solutions. Making a home last for a lifetime will require its owners to keep everything in their best condition. It is very important for homeowners to deal with problems immediately to ensure the safety of their homes. Getting repairs and quality home solutions can go a long way and can prevent severe structural problems in the future.…

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Herb Gardening Tips – 9 Tips on How to Design a Herb Garden

Herb Gardening Tips – 9 Tips on How to Design a Herb Garden

Planning an herb garden can be an exciting venture. Herb beds smell so delicious that they are wonderful to have near the house but of course, that is not always possible. Understanding the use of the herb garden goes a long way towards the planning of the garden.

Herb gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Herbs are grown in the vegetable garden plot, in the flower bed and in large and small pots. When dedicating some garden space to growing herbs it is worth designing a garden especially for them because herbs are picked on a regular basis and this requires moving through the bed.

Designing your herb garden.

There are several points to keep in mind when setting up an herb garden:

Where it is to go? The first step is to work out exactly where the herb garden is going to be located. For convenience and continued use, it is a good idea to have the herb garden near the kitchen door but it does require 4-6 hours sunlight so this may not be possible.

What to grow? Once the location is decided upon the next step is to work out what herbs are going to be grown and then making sure that the original plan will support the number of herbs to be planted. When these two steps are in sync then the designing of the garden is the next thing.

The shape of the herb garden. Herb gardens can be very attractive as herbs like lavender and rosemary look very pretty when they are in flower, as does camomile and calendula. If the garden is going to be a feature garden the plan might include scalloped edging or a shape that is artistically designed.

The edging to the garden as herbs will spread at a rapid rate so it is advisable to edge an herb garden to keep this under some sort of control.

Stepping stones and/or pathways between the herbs. This step is often overlooked in designing an herb garden but it does need to be incorporated because as the herbs grow and spread it can become quite difficult to move between them for harvesting purposes when no pathway is provided. Ideally paths should be provided in large beds and the odd stepping stone on which to step to harvest the plants.

Plant the taller herbs at the back or if it is a stand-alone garden with no fence or wall, plant the taller herbs in the middle graduating down to the creepers near the pathways.

Mulching the garden with bark will save on weeding and the garden will look more attractive.

Plant the very popular herbs like basil in lines for form a bright green border. Lavender looks great in dense bushes as the flowers make a bright showing. Lavender and rosemary are herbs that grow well as a small hedge in or around the garden. This idea works well with a grouping of plants enclosed in a hedge.

The soil needs to be considered as well. The soil does not need to be very rich as herbs will grow well in average soil but they do not like wet feet so the garden should be well drained.

With all these tips in mind for planning your garden I am sure you will be able to plan a lovely herb garden to supply your kitchen with fresh, tasty herbs. There also will be plenty of herbs to use for aromatherapy and for lovely perfume bags around the house.…

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Renovation Costs

Easy Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for All

Maintaining the exterior of your home in good condition gives you comfort and security while increasing the value of the property. How do you maintain the exterior of your house? How well do you do it? Use some simple advice on how to get and keep everything from the roof and gutter guard to the walls in perfect condition.
Inspect the roof and chimney regularly and make timely repairs. Experts recommend that you inspect the roof and chimney every year in the fall. In this way, you will have enough time to fix any damage and/or wear and tear before winter comes. Make the minor repairs yourself. Strengthen the flashing around penetrations and seal any gaps. For more serious problems and damages, you should call a professional to make the repairs.
Inspect, secure and clean the gutters annually or twice a year, if you have heavy rainfalls in your area. If there is any rust or damage on walls of the gutters, you should definitely have them replaced. All gutters should be perfectly secured in place. Make any necessary repairs to ensure this. Even if you are using a gutter guard system, clean the gutters to ensure there are not any debris inside. Remove the gutter protection, if possible and use a brush to clean the interior of the gutters. If the gutter guard panels cannot be removed, use a strong water flow to do the cleaning.
Install a gutter guard system, if you do not have one. Gutter protection did not use to be very effective in the past, but with the advancement of technology manufacturers have started making sophisticated gutter protection systems that have special angled ski slope designs and flat surface that allow for the debris to fall down on the ground naturally. In addition, the gutter guard surface is made from a thin mesh that does not allow for any debris to get inside the gutter.
Repair the exterior walls and the trim, if you notice any moisture, damage or discoloration when inspecting the house. Consider placing insulation materials to deal with moisture and small surface cracks. Call a professional for major repairs. Repaint the walls every five years or at a shorter period of time, if necessary. Reseal the area around wall penetrations, such as doors, windows and vents with silicon and repair window glazing, if required.
Now you know how to maintain your home exterior without much effort and keep your property in perfect condition.…

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Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks

Are you bored with your home decoration? If you are, you’d better do some research to get the new home designs or decorations that will make your home looks more fabulous. You can browse in the internet to find the decorations you want. If you have big house it will be easier in redecorate it. But if you only have small space, you probably will need professional help to redecorate it.
People usually find problems in remodeling their bathroom, especially if they have a small one. There are many aspects that should be considered before a bath remodel. The most important thing is to decide where to start. Further, you should also consider about your budget. If you have limited budget and small amount of space, you can still get maximum result for the bath remodel. I suggest you to research small bathroom remodeling to get the solution for your project. In your search you will get tips and ideas in remodeling your bathroom. The process will be so much fun with the great ideas from this internet.
Further, if you are looking for the contractor to help, you can also get a free quote service from contractors near your area. The professionals know better what to do with your project. To get the professional help, you only need to specify the type of service you want to have for the remodeling project and also your budget for it. Further, provide them with your contact information. With fast and easy process, you will find contractors near you that will give you the service for your need and also suitable with your budget. So, what are you waiting for?…

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Bathroom Remodeling – Add Elegance With Low Cost Design Ideas

Do you want to build a luxurious bathroom of your own dreams? Great bathrooms are build by similar ways where the homeowners generate their own bathroom ideas and construct great bathrooms.
First you have to get the details of small bathroom remodel cost that would require for remodeling the bathroom. But you can also do the bathroom remodeling at a low cost. When I was planning to remodel my bathroom, the contractor whom I called for remodeling gave me a very high quote. Then I evaluated the quote and made some alternations in the design which he made and the materials which he was planning to buy, which saved me more than $1000. I shall explain how to do it.
First call the contractor who would be working on the bathroom remodeling and ask him to give a design drawing along with the quote for the same. Once he gives that, check if it suits to your budget. If it does not check the areas where he has quoted very high. If he has suggested some major modifications like extending the bathroom size by breaking the walls and extending the bathroom, then check if that is necessary. If not then you can avoid that step which would SAVE A LOT OF DOLLARS.
Then check the list of items he has planned to buy and the price he has quoted. Check the deals for that particular products in the internet if you can get those items at a better prices. If so you can pay for those and order the items online.
What is the next step?
Good bathroom remodeling designs at a lower cost is available online in many websites. You can collect it and give your favorite to your contractor.…

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Tips in Choosing the Best Pond Supplies

Tips in Choosing the Best Pond Supplies

For avid gardeners who are just starting in their ponds, it’s not the type of pond that really bothers them but the type of pond supplies that would complement their ponds. There are various pond supplies found in the market today and this diversity is what makes the buying process a big hassle!

Let’s say this is your first time to build a pond, and you are completely clueless of which pond supplies would work well in your pond. The most crucial thing that must be considered in choosing the pond supplies is to determine the kind and purpose of the pond you wish to have. Although the types of ponds may sound distinct from one another, they have actually different purposes and needs. For instance, if you wish to build a pond that contains fish and other aquatic animals, the pond will need more supplies and maintenance to preserve the environment that these animals need in order to survive. You should also determine which products, such as algae control products, are safe for the fish and plants. There may be pond supplies advertised or offered in garden centers that seem to work, but are they really worth the penny and are they guaranteed safe to your pond and its aquatic life?

There are a variety of fish pond supplies for particular types of pond; however, this article will focus mainly with the basic pond

Koi ponds and backyard fish ponds are two of the most popular ponds, but both require maintenance and supplies to maintain its artificial environment for the fish. Most pond owners who are interested in these ponds might have spent a lot of money, around hundreds or thousands of dollars, to lavishly decorate pond with semi-natural environment for koi fish and fancy goldfish. So this means that if you have spent copiously for those fish ponds, you’ll surely want to keep them healthy and in good shape, right?

The common supplies used in both koi and backyard fish ponds are filters or filtration system, pumps, aerator, beneficial bacteria, algaecide, and dechlorinator. Pond aerator and filters help prevent the debris and waste from clogging the pond and removing the oxygen levels for fish and plants.

Water dechlorinator is a pond owner’s bestfriend that help remove chloramines and chlorine from tap water. The beneficial bacteria, on the other hand, are important in keeping a healthy pond. There are lots of benefits derived from beneficial bacteria treatment. Beneficial bacteria break down the organic waste in the water that can trigger algae growth. It is also used to lessen the accumulation of nitrates, nitrite, and ammonia in water. It is easy to use beneficial bacteria in the water, and even safe when treated regularly because of their wonderful effects.

The pumps are the basic and the most crucial supply for your ponds. The pump is the lifeblood of your pond because it circulates the water and provides oxygen.

Algae can cause troubles to your pond anytime, so it is a must to keep an algaecide. Beware: algaecide can harm fish when not used properly and gradually. But, given with proper care and wise decision, algaecide could be a very effective cure for algae problems. The copper-based algaecides are proven effective in removing algae, but the dangers are attached when not used properly.…