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Making The Right Choice For Your Driveway

Making The Right Choice For Your Driveway

Whether you are building a new driveway or refurbishing an old driveway, there are a few things to consider. Keep in mind, the driveway has to be functional, require low or no maintenance and be durable. The type of material chosen will depend on how much the driveway will be used and the type of vehicles that will use it.

Block paving provides a durable and impervious surface preventing the driveway from becoming a mud pit after a rain storm or excessive snow melt. Block pavers are more decorative than concrete or tarmac. They increase the overall visual appeal to the driveway and home. Breaking and cracking is a common problem with tarmac and concrete, but not so with block pavers. Being individual units, block pavers are easier to maintain and repair, saving overall costs in the long run. In the event of damage, the pavers are easily replaced.

Block paving is available in slightly different sizes and shades of colour making them versatile when it comes to creating different patterns. The labour required to place the brick is more intensive than tarmac and concrete, but the result is more attractive. Block pavers are often used as a transition piece when blending the driveway into the surrounding elements. The pavers have a more subtle look than concrete or tarmac.

One of the deciding factors when choosing block pavers over other traditional means of driveway construction is cost. Block pavers are more costly per square foot than tarmac or concrete, but the overall cost depends on the area of the driveway. Block pavers require less maintenance and this is one of its benefits. The biggest challenge is preventing vegetative growth between the pavers and discouraging moss or algae build up on the pavers. Applying sealer to the pavers will help prevent the negative effects. The sealer will also protect the pavers from becoming discoloured from oil or other automotive liquid drips.

Block pavers hold up well to light traffic, but are not suitable for high traffic driveways or driveways that experience a lot of truck traffic. Under those conditions, the pavers will be subject to frequent cracking and breaking and the need for constant repair. High traffic areas are better candidates for tarmac or reinforced concrete surfaces or even hard pack gravel.

Climates that experience a lot of snow and ice might find ploughing or using a snow blower challenging to avoid damaging the pavers. If the blade of the blower or plough catches the corner of a paver, the pavers could be dislodged or damaged to the point where they need to be replaced. Tarmac and concrete are better at standing up to the wear and tear snow brings and typically experience less damage.…

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Encourage Your Kids To Eat Outdoors

Encourage Your Kids To Eat Outdoors

A garden can be a fun, tranquil area that provides refuge from the rest of the home. The homeowner can relax in an environment that transports them to an exotic location free from distractions.

Inexpensive garden tips

A garden can seem like an expensive addition to a property. But with some planning, initiative and a little bit of architectural know-how, anyone can have the garden of their dreams.

– Cheap tools: Use cheap tools to do the digging, scraping and shoveling; the soil won’t know the difference.

– Used pots: Fancy pots with brand name designs are unnecessary. Go to thrift stores and garage sales and buy some used flower pots. They will be significantly less but will work just as well.

– Collect branches: Stores actually sell branches, which you can find lying on the ground for free. Go into your back yard and collect all of the fallen branches. Using a staple gun and some twine, you can create beautiful, sophisticated designs and arches.

– Find stones: Mother Nature can help you decorate your garden free of charge. When you are walking around, keep a lookout for interesting rocks. Trails, back roads and creek beds are brimming with garden accessories.

– Bird feeder/bath: Attracting birds to your garden is cheap and easy. A bird feeder/bath only costs a few dollars and will bring frequent visitors to your backyard sanctuary.

Parties and gatherings

Now that you have plants, stones and feathered guests, you need one more great addition: friends. Drinks, appetizers and lively conversation are a great way to bring a garden into full bloom.

Having a get-together in a garden is so much more refreshing than putting chairs out on the driveway. Sidewalks and light poles are nothing compared to Earth’s natural sights.

Use your garden to create a welcoming space for garden parties and outdoor dining.

Including the children

A garden can be used to create a fun, entertaining space where the whole family can gather for meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can be had on a bench surrounded by plant life.

A garden also makes a great location for birthdays. Balloons and streamers can be draped across arches and tree branches to create a festive atmosphere. And since it’s on your property, you won’t be charged an entrance fee.

A garden can be created with natural or man-made materials. But it must include love, patience and family.…

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Compost – The Best Thing That You Can Use in Your Garden

Compost – The Best Thing That You Can Use in Your Garden

If you spend time around vegetable gardeners, especially organic vegetable gardeners, you’re going to hear compost is the best thing that you can use in your garden. But they might neglect to mention what makes compost so good. In this article I’m going to tell you what makes it so good.

Compost – the best thing that you can use in your garden

1. It adds nutrients to the soil. With compost being decomposed plant material there is a lot of nutrients in it that are in a form that is available for the plants roots to absorb.

I know that doesn’t make much sense, the nutrients need to be in a form that the plants can absorb. As an example, in a state like Utah where I used to live, the pH of the soil is too high for iron to be readily available to the plants, making many gardeners add chelated iron to prevent their plants from getting iron chlorosis, in other words the plants turn yellow.

2. It helps hold water. There’s many people who don’t have to worry about irrigating their gardens, but for those who do have to irrigate, adding compost will help the soil hold water so you have to water less often.

In other words, if you have sandy soil which is common in deserts, the compost will absorb water rather than just letting it sink deep into the ground where it isn’t available to most plants roots. Your soil holding more water where the roots can get to it means lower water bills.

3. It helps improve drainage. This is a direct contradiction of my second point, yet just as many people have to deal with the problem of their soil holding too much water.

People who live in areas with a lot of clay will often think they have too much water, yet oddly enough clay holds water so well the plants roots don’t have access to most of it. Adding compost will help break up the clay, improving drainage and the availability of water to the plants.

Note: Don’t try mixing sand and clay together, it doesn’t work well. Just add more organic matter in the form of compost, that works well.

4. It can be made for free. Once you have your garden well established and compost bins set up you can make all of the compost you could use for free.

This is an explanation of why so many gardeners consider compost to be the best thing you can use in your garden. And being able to make it for free makes it even better.…

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Should You Install a Shower Stall?

Most homes in America have a bathtub that doubles as a shower. Not that many homes have a separate shower stall and a separate bathtub. You may be remodeling your bathroom and feel that it would be a nice option to have a separate shower stall rather than a combined shower/bath.
Your first consideration when thinking of installing a separate shower stall in addition to your bathtub is whether you have enough room. If you are doing a major bathroom remodel then you can plan it down on paper, all the measurements of the various items like the shower, bath, toilet and cabinets so that you can fit these items in your bathroom.
If you’re not doing a major bathroom remodel, you’ll have to evaluate any spare space you have in the bathroom, measure it up, and do some research to find a shower stall with those dimensions that will fit easily into the bathroom.
Once you have your measurements for your new shower stall it’s time to go shopping. You can find complete shower stalls at most home improvement stores. These usually come with a molded shower floor and walls and the shower door. These all in one shower stalls are quite easy to install as everything you need is built into it.
However you may want to make use of the tiles you’ve already got laid on your bathroom floor and use those as the shower floor. You’d obviously have to put in a drain and build up the sides of the area to create the base of the shower, and then buy some sliding doors to finish it off.
This entails a lot more work than just buying the all in one shower stall, so it comes down to weighing up the amount of money you have to spend versus the amount of time you have to build a shower from the ground up yourself, or have it done for the professionally.…

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Kenroy Home – Decorating With Water Fountains

Kenroy Home – Decorating With Water Fountains

Water Fountains have become quite popular when it comes to home decorating. They can be used as a decorating tool in many places. You might use put one in the garden, home, office or anywhere else you wish to enjoy the tranquility and peace that decorative water fountains bring. When it comes to picking out the right style, design and type of fountain you can’t go wrong with a product from Kenroy Home.


Kenroy started in the lighting industry and has since expanded to water fountains. Their styles range from classical and traditional, to contemporary and casual. Their fountain designs were made to go with both interior and exterior d?�cor. The flowing water and soothing sounds blend in a unique artistry created in real stone, metal and ceramics.


Kenroy offers a wide selection of tabletop water fountains ranging in many sizes and styles. Many of their tabletop fountains are crafted using slate as the surface. This slate looks amazing because the water brings out the natural colors of the stone. They also use the tiered style fountain which allows the water to free fall to different tiers. These tiered fountains offer a variety and different style when it comes to picking a fountain. I recently was in a friend’s office and noticed he had the Waterdrop Tabletop Water Fountain from Kenroy. I had only seen pictures before but seeing one in person I was amazed at how much more beautiful it was in real life.


If you are looking to spice up your garden or patio with a water fountain Kenroy has a great selection. With many different styles and sizes your opportunities are endless. Most of the garden water fountains are made from stone or ceramics. You also have the option of water running down the surface of the fountain or a tiered free fall. All of these fountains are powered with a standard 120v plug in. You can purchase outdoor extension cords that are made to run under the ground if you do not want the cord showing through your garden. The most popular of their garden water fountains is the Venetian Outdoor Water Fountain. The Venetian has a very classic look and is a beautiful piece of art.


Kenroy mostly deals with garden and tabletop fountains but they do have a few wall mounted water features as well. These fountains can be mounted onto almost any surface and will definitely enhance their surroundings with the beauty and soothing sounds of running water.

When it comes to garden and home d?�cor you simply can’t go wrong with a Kenroy water feature. They offer a unique variety to accommodate any decorating needs. Enjoying the beauty and peace of running water in a truly unique piece of crafted art is a great way to unwind and eliminate daily stress. If you have been looking for just the right piece of d?�cor to finish your room, garden or patio then you will definitely want to see what Kenroy has to offer.…

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5 Reasons Why Garden Seats with Storage Make a Perfect Purchase

The weather is getting warmer, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space like we are at Garden Club London. What could be a better way to enjoy your outdoor space than with a garden seat? It’s the perfect perch for spending time outdoors with friends or family, especially when the weather is nice. But buying a garden seat isn’t as easy as it sounds – there are many things you need to take into account first. You want something that will last for years and give you an excellent return on investment. Luckily, we have these 5 reasons why garden seats with storage make a perfect purchase:

You get more for your money.

It’s always a bonus when you can get more for your money. It’s one of the biggest reasons why a garden seat with storage makes a perfect purchase. You can easily use the storage to store things like blankets, magazines, books, or even drinks and snacks. This means that you can store these things where guests can’t see them – keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy. You can also use the storage to store items such as gardening supplies, cleaning items, or even tools. It’s a great way to keep your outdoor space tidy, and it means you don’t have to go inside every time you need something. This is particularly helpful if you have young children – it’s a much safer way to store things compared to having them out in the open.

They’re comfortable.

One of the biggest reasons why garden seats with storage make a perfect purchase is because they’re incredibly comfortable. If you have patio furniture that’s not very comfortable, then it might put off guests from spending time outdoors. But with garden seats with storage, you can be sure that everyone will be comfortable – as long as you have enough patio chairs for everyone. It’s important to note that not all garden seats with storage are comfortable. As with any other purchase, it’s important to do your research and find garden seats with storage that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You don’t want to buy one that’s uncomfortable and purely functional, especially if it’s going to be used all the time.


They’re versatile.

Garden seats with storage are incredibly versatile – there are many different designs and styles, meaning that it’s easy to find one that suits your outdoor space. Whether you have a modern outdoor space or a rustic outdoor space, there will be a garden seat with storage that suits your needs. They’re also incredibly versatile in terms of where they can be placed. They work well both in the sun and the shade, meaning that you don’t have to decide whether to use them or not based on the weather.

They make the most of small spaces.

Garden seats with storage are excellent for making the most of small spaces. If you have a small outdoor space, it can be challenging to know what to do with it. But with a garden seat with storage, you can make the most of it. They make the most of small spaces because you can put things in the storage. This is a great way to keep your outdoor space tidy and doesn’t take up a lot of room.


You can store things in them.

As we just mentioned, a garden seat with storage is a great place to keep your outdoor things. You can store things such as drinks, snacks, gardening supplies, or cleaning items. This means that you can keep your outdoor space tidy, and guests won’t be able to see these bits and pieces. It’s also particularly useful if you have young children – it’s a much safer way to store things compared to having them out in the open.

Aesthetically, they improve the area.

Another reason why a garden seat with storage makes a perfect purchase is because they aesthetically improve the area. If the area surrounding your outdoor space is plain, it can make enjoying your outdoor space difficult. But with a garden seat with storage, you can add some much-needed aesthetic appeal. It’s a simple way to improve the overall look of the area and will make enjoying your outdoor space much more enjoyable.


Garden seats with storage make a perfect purchase because they offer so many benefits. You get more for your money, they’re comfortable, they’re versatile, they make the most of small spaces, you can store things in them, and they aesthetically improve the area. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of outdoor furniture, garden seats with storage are an excellent choice.

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Bountiful Crops From Your Vegetable Garden Planting

Bountiful Crops From Your Vegetable Garden Planting

Imagine harvesting fresh, healthy organic food every single day. You can do it more economically and efficiently in an ecologically friendly garden than in a more traditional one. Your plot will be full of fresh organic produce that will save you a fortune, reducing that excessive food bill at the checkout.

In our natural ecosystem, the soils of our forests are not turned every season, no one plants seeds and the plants are not sprayed with toxic chemicals. Our vegetable garden planting could and should be grown in a more environmentally and ecologically friendly way. Mother nature has been looking after the planet in this way for millions of years. We need to take positive action now to make a difference, live economically, live healthfully, while also helping the planet.

There are challenges, yet to grow an abundant supply of organic produce is easy, our traditional gardeners need convincing. With hardly any planning, it is not difficult to harvest fresh produce even in the dead of winter, unlike people in similar areas who strip their gardens back to bare soil. You will be sourcing the likes of your perennial lettuce and spinach beet and broccoli, year after year without the effort of spring planting.

Saving Money

Variable, because of the size of your family, you can save a considerable amount of money per year, growing your own vegetables. Once established you will be able to continue harvesting abundant quality food without spending much, if any money to keep your vegetable garden full of lush green foliage. The only modest down side is the cost of establishing your vegetable garden. You may have access to some of the raw materials for free, or you may have to buy them.

Your starting costs are a border for your plot, (timber or commercially produced plastic garden borders sold in hardware stores), hay, rich organic fertilizer, lucerne hay, a few plants and seed. Compost and newspaper should be free.

Imagine how much time you will save not needing to pop down to the shops to buy fresh food. We are all aware that the price of quality food is always on the increase. Your plot will give it to you in bucketfuls, absolutely free. You have a vegetable garden dense with fresh produce, when a plant is removed for eating, the small empty space that is left is quickly covered with compost. There is little left to do.

You do not pay for your compost. You create your own You do not pay for fertilizer. Your compost is a soil conditioner and contains beneficial soil organisms which are critical for soil fertility. You do not pay for pesticides. The make-up style of your plot makes it very difficult for pests to see and smell their target. The cost of your plant and seed bill diminishes over time. There is an initial expense in purchasing these, but as your plot develops, your cost diminishes. Your vegetable garden planting requires less watering. The nature of this formation means the plot creates an ideal environment for humid conditions.

You will have established an easy vegetable garden planting method for you to be able to harvest and enjoy quality healthy organic food every single day for free, saving yourself $1000’s each and every year. Remember, you don’t have to buy fertilizers, pesticides, when established possibly not even seeds or plants, and it requires less watering.

Grow and enjoy your Harvest

Paul A Jay…