A Bold Transition into the New Year

Just as many homeowners and urban dwellers completed their home renovations to fit the minimalist, nature loving trends of the early two thousand-teens, the trends heading towards the twenties are rapidly changing in interior décor. The iconic boldness of the cultured European Renaissance is beginning to reemerge, and walls are beginning to close off the once open concept that limited the privacy of family members. If you are wondering what lies behind the closed doors of the future, the answer is in the culture and elegance of the past.


If you love color, you are going to love the transition from the once stark, sterile look of clean white walls. Bold maroons, greens and corals are replacing the stainless-steel appliances and painted surfaces and printed wall papers are making a comeback. Bring back those throw pillows. Granted, earth tones will always serve their purpose, but a deep splash will add a richness that is being craved. If you are looking for a replacement for your tired bathroom fixtures, try something new like black matte finishes versus the shiny chrome that has been gleaming for the past decade.


The richness of color is just an accent to the feel that your home is trying to give off. Instead of going for the minimalist approach, a more exquisite approach is being sought after…meaning good taste. Looking for high quality, antique, and items with character is becoming more welcomed than base bookshelves and counter tops. Fewer pieces with an excellent sense of taste may require the professional opinion from, some type of  interior decorator services san francisco ca has to offer, but the investment is well worth it to avoid clashing conflicting styles.

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One of the best ways to choose elegant pieces is to choose ones that represent culture. Works of art, old books, classical instruments, and sculptures are just a few ideas of how to introduce pieces of different cultures into your home to add a touch of European taste and boldness. Again, you don’t want to mix too many styles and cultures. Try choosing one theme- Spanish, English, Italian, or French for example, and try to follow that throughout the pieces that you choose for your home. The color palette, accents and pieces that you choose from there will create a beautiful environment that will become inviting for your family and friends and will launch you into the newest trends of the upcoming decade.

Sometimes it can be tricky keeping up with interior decorating as time progresses, but there are also trends that never seem to grow old with time. Classically decorating your home with color and culture never seems to retire. The age of minimalist living served its purpose in American history, and natural elements still play their role both inside and outside of the home. However, creating a warm environment that is welcoming to guests and that creates a sanctuary for your family is important, and the trends for the upcoming years are pointing more into this direction. Choosing bolder colors and patterns in rich tones, accented with a more classical European approach is making a comeback, but is still being balanced with the art of elegance and organization that makes our homes functional for everyday living.

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