Bosch Garden Shredder – 5 Reasons to Buy a Bosch Garden Shredder

Bosch Garden Shredder – 5 Reasons to Buy a Bosch Garden Shredder

The choices when buying a garden shredder can be quite bewildering. Choosing the manufacturer of your machine should be pretty easy though. Bosch is the dominant player in the electric garden shredder market- and for good reason. Here are 5 good reasons why you should seriously consider buying a Bosch Garden Shredder.

1. Best range

Every Bosch Shredder Model is top of its class:

Best rotary/impact/rapid shredder (The terms rotary, impact and rapid all refer to the same class of shredder and tend to be used interchangeably) – Bosch AXT Rapid 2200. The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 has more Amazon reviews than all other shredders of all types combined. Average rating 4.1 stars. The few negative reviews concern the cutting blades. There seems to have been a poor batch of blades in the earliest machines – this problem was fixed long ago.

Best quiet/crusher shredder Bosch AXT 25D

Innovative quiet turbine cutter shredder designed to cope equally well with green and woody waste – Bosch AXT 25TC

2. Build quality

All Bosch products are built to last and to cope with all those knocks and bangs it is going to take in any garden. Impact shredders feature very hard, tough blades which seem to last much longer than those from other manufacturers. The quiet shredders are immensely strong – I have not heard of any Bosch quiet shredders failing in operation. The newer “turbine cut” models such as the AXT 23TC and AXT 25TC are also very tough and reliable.

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3. Innovation

Bosch is at the forefront of garden shredder innovation. Their powertrain motors and drive on the ‘Rapid’ range of shredders set the standard for smooth, continuous rotary shredder operations.

Their current range of quiet shredders use gear teeth and static plates. Where customers struggle to adjust the cutter on other makes of shredder Bosch users are generally pretty happy with the one-click adjustment offered on the Bosch machines.

Most recently Bosch introduced their turbine cut range of shredders designed to cope equally well with green and woody waste.

The integrated collector boxes on the later Bosch quiet and turbine cut shredders are a step forward in designing safety into the machines.

No other manufacturer comes close to matching Bosch on garden shredder innovation.

4. Industry leading customer service

We have heard of a few problems customers have experienced particularly with the impact shredders. It seems there may have been a bad batch of blades included with the early batches of the Rapid AXT 2200 launch. Whenever Bosch has been informed of this problem they have invariably quickly fixed the problem at no cost to the customer.

There are far less reports of customers needed support from Bosch than for other manufacturers. Whenever service is required it is always exemplary.

5. Long parts and labour guarantee

It is a sign of the quality of the Bosch machines that Bosch is the only popular manufacturer that offers a 2 years parts and labour warranty as standard.