Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Face

There are many common roofing problems that today’s homeowners face today. Depending upon the geographic region in which a home is owned each one of these problems may become exaggerated because of weather and seasonal conditions. The key to maintaining a healthy roofing system is for regular yearly or semi-regular maintenance by a professional or the homeowner.

Uninspected and Faulty Installation

One of the significant problems new homeowners face is making sure that their roof has been properly inspected by the previous homeowner or real estate agent before the home was sold. A faulty inspection by the previous owner can augment the condition of yearly wear and tear on the house. For example, a shingle or several shingles on a roof that has deteriorated but has gone unnoticed can further cause damages in the upper ceiling and inside of the home.

Collection of Natural Rain and Moisture

In a humid climate, especially in the Southern United States, where there are high concentrations of storms and annual rainfall the accumulation of water and moisture during and after rain, snow, ice, hail, can cause the layers of insulation under the roof to be weakened, cracked and rotting. When this accumulation reaches a maximum and the drainage natural drainage for the water to escape then rotting and the breakdown of roofing tiles will ensue.

Improperly Installed Flashing

A frequent cause for alarm for homeowners is the destruction of the flashing of the roof, which is the penetration of the roofing by drain systems, lights and heating coils. A homeowner who lives in the Midwest noticed the accumulation of dust into his home during a recent dust storm. Unable to locate the problem on his own he used a search engine to find commercial roof services phoenix az. The homeowner found that the recent storm before the dust storm had damaged the flashing on his roof and allowed dust into his home. A cautious homeowner can correct roof deterioration in its early stages.

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Animals and Varmints

One of the worst kind of varmints a homeowner can get in his roof are pests that increase the natural wear and tear of a roof. Animals that can destroy a roof are plentiful since they try to escape the elements in winter as well as escape the sun in summer. Birds, squirrels, opossum, rats, mice, woodpeckers, and other scavengers can destroy partial parts of a roof, which begins the process for the normal weather conditions to continue to destroy the roofing system.

Accumulation of Water Ponds on Roof

When water begins to accumulate in small spots on roof water will naturally draw debris into the pool being collected. If enough accumulation builds without it being checked, like soot, leaves, and branches, it can cause sagging in the roof. If ponding becomes severe, it can cause the functioning of HVAC hoses to stop or uneven performance. With regular roof inspections and a checklist from the nearby housing association can save a homeowner time and trouble.