Fast and Easy Tips For Growing Bamboo

Fast and Easy Tips For Growing Bamboo

If you want to take on the task of growing bamboo, it is important that you learn a few simple rules first. While a bamboo garden can be a beautiful thing when done correctly, it can conversely turn into a nightmare if it is done improperly. Also, bamboo is such a strong and sturdy plant, that it is very difficult to get rid of once it has been planted. So tread carefully.

With that said here are a few tips to follow before starting your bamboo garden.

The first consideration you must take into account is where you live. Do you live out in the country and have ample room, or in the city with a small yard? You must always carefully consider the nature of bamboo. Do you want a clumper or a running variety? If you have a small yard then I would highly suggest avoiding runners, as they can grow a great deal, including underground and possibly into your neighbors yard.

Running bamboo is great for creating a private barrier, much like a fence. You must have a good strategy for containing the plants however. You will need to create a barrier around the plants both underground and above ground using such materials as plastic and concrete. These species of bamboo can take a lot of maintenance and extra work, so be prepared.

The clumper species of bamboo is much easier to contain and a much better choice for those with smaller yards. However, it is still a good idea to install a barrier as well or risk a very unhappy neighbor knocking on your door early one morning!

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The best thing about both species of bamboo is that they can be planted all year round. However I would suggest that if at all possible, you plant the bamboo during warmer weather. This gives the bamboo the best chance to grow and survive.

Creating a bamboo garden does take some careful planning, but with a little education and practice it isn’t that difficult to grow bamboo. Not only will you be creating a stunning and beautiful garden using bamboo, but you will be growing one of nature’s great miracle plants and helping the environment!