Garden Fencing – Keeping Your Fruits and Vegetables Safe

Garden Fencing – Keeping Your Fruits and Vegetables Safe

Garden fencing is necessary to keep animals out of the garden. Usually it is used around vegetable gardens as a deterrent to small animals that like to forage through the vegetables. Typically it is designed to keep specific animals out. For example to keep rabbits out of the garden the fencing itself is not required to be of a tall height but instead is designed to be made of a durable material that the rabbits cannot chew through. If the fence is intended to keep deer out then it will be quite high so that the deer cannot leap over it. Some varieties that you can find are electrified as an additional preventive measure to keep animals out.

Garden fencing is also used to protect the garden from lawn equipment to act as a barrier between the lawn and the garden, and is also used to keep mulch in place in the garden and keep it from slipping away into the lawn.

It can be fashioned from an array of materials — sometimes making it can be as simple as wire twisted together or as ornate and wrought iron swirls. There are simple wooden stakes that are connected using rails that can be used when constructing these fences as well. There are so many styles and so many materials that it is difficult to list all of them.

The cost of garden fencing varies depending on the style, the material that is used to craft it, and the exact purpose of putting up the fence. Typically the simple decorative fencing is sold in short length panels that are interlocking — this is the cheapest type. The most expensive will be the kind that is meant to keep animals out of a garden. The systems that are meant to keep animals out of the garden can be rather elaborate and can cost a bundle but are well worth preserving the vegetables in the garden.

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