Gardening Exposed

Gardening Exposed

Gardening in the United States has gotten so much attention, at least with the ageing population of many of the so-called “baby boomer” generation. They gave America the best days of her life, its now their turn to enjoy life as it is to them. For many of them, gardening has become their passion and seeing their seeds grow to become an enormous beauty is such a treat for them.

According to many who have actually done gardening, there is a therapeutic effect that green plants have on an ageing individual, probably, because it prevents them from living a sedentary lifestyle and embrace a more active lifestyle. This delays a faster ageing process and provides them with a better quality of life.

Here are some of the common practices that gardeners do make their gardens look awesome.

1. For the first three weeks, make sure the watering is three times daily. It provides a ready access of hydration, which ultimately is the bread and butter of the new and growing plant. Without water, seeds dry up, get scorched and die.

2. The second week doesn’t require so much more hydration as the first week, so taper down the watering to at the most twice a week. This also prevents too much hydration, which may also cause the growing seed to rot. A rotting plant is a dying plant, and you have to prevent that from happening if you want to see a beauteous garden at the end.

3. On the first month, a once a day watering provides the optimum condition for the growing plants in the garden. While different plants require different ways to be pampered, this is a general rule. The roots by this time have somehow gone a little deeper and they can usurp moisture provided by nature in the form of dew in the early morning hours. This actually is nature’s way of nourishing plants, and what nature does, as a rule of thumb, is always the best one. So let nature take its course a little bit. At his point you can get some weeds out, or some unnecessary sprouts that you think may not give a good look to the garden. During this time, you are going to begin seeing some good signs of growth.

4. On the second month, a careful trimming eliminates the growth of some unnecessary competition. In order for the garden plants to achieve optimum growth, take out competition, so that there is no diversion of nutrients. At this point, a three-times-a-week watering may just be a supplemental hydration to make sure that the plants have enough water to sustain their growth.

Gardens may take quite a handful of your time and effort, the end result can also be truly rewarding. Walking early before the sun comes out and checking on the plants can actually be a really good time of reflection, close to nature, and beholding the fruit of one’s labor.

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