Giving Care to Your Broccoli

Giving Care to Your Broccoli

So you’ve decided to grow broccoli, the bed is properly watered and sown and the crop is growing nicely. Now you have to keep in mind after care, but fortunately for us broccoli can take care of itself. This makes our job that much easier. Take all these measures to make sure your broccoli is in good health.

Very carefully scan the bed and pick out any weeds around the broccoli.

Guard your crop from wild birds, this is as easy as positioning a few logs or perhaps even a wire crate around the plants, this will allow the broccoli to breath, receive sunlight and water and at the same time it will make the bird think if they get in, they won’t escape.

Water once or twice a week, and be particularly cautious in dry seasons.

It is up to you although from time to time you may supply the broccoli with liquid fertiliser.

Provide support for the broccoli to give it an advantage against strong winds and heavy rain, this is also a good idea if there are small animals such as cats dogs or foxes in the area that are likely to knock over your broccoli.

Here are a couple disorders the crop can develop, you shouldn’t be too concerned, as they are unlikely to develop anything, but it is good to be aware of them. The first is Aphids, which are a significant pest, they can distribute infections, weaken your broccoli, this is a pest that must be eliminated immediately.

Watch out for butterfly eggs, they are often large and yellow, and they develop on the underside of a leaf, simply squish them, problem solved, or if you would like to be more traditional, swipe them off onto a common hedge or shrub, just as long as they are not on our broccoli.

Look out for caterpillars, that’s correct these cute and fuzzy insects can earnestly affect your home grown broccoli, it is really astounding just how quickly they can get through a leaf, you are frequently left pondering where it all fit! Simply pick them off and throw them away. In all seriousness you genuinely must to be vigilante, seeing that they are exceptionally well camouflaged within broccoli.

A fungus to be cautious of when you grow broccoli is club foot, it has an affect on all associates of the breccias household which means broccoli, sprouts cabbage and so on. It is extremely receptive to young roots, so watch out for this when replanting your broccoli outside. The symptoms are rather easy to notice, the roots will be stubby and irritated, you will also see your broccoli boasting stunted growth and all too frequently they will have yellow leaves. The reason this occurs is because the plant just cannot take in enough nutrients and water due to the roots being damaged. A word of advice in avoiding this is putting lime juice to the earth, this will lower the acidity of the ground, also throw away the soil that contained the fungus to avoid further infections.

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