Green Living In Your Backyard

Green Living In Your Backyard

If we were to think for a single minute about how much we hurt this planet by our invasive way of life we would feel extremely guilty. We produce too much garbage, we burn too much fuel from the natural reserves, we pollute the air every second with our cars, plants and domestic animals. If we want to keep living on this friendly planet despite our increasing numbers we need to start doing the small things which can make a difference.

These are already out there so we don’t have to work our minds to discover how to help the environment. People have discovered the benefits of wind turbines and they are using them, but not on a scale large enough to reduce visibly the fuel consumption. Solar panels show us how to use a source of energy which is very cheap and practical. Geothermal energy is also used and it is one of the most efficient sources which can be used successfully both during summer and winter.

Green living is not only about what we do but also about how we do it. If you have fallen in love with the idea of having a garden office you need to turn it into something consistent with the surroundings. You can choose a form and a color which will look very much suitable for the surroundings.

A small chalet-like building with windows large enough to allow natural light in most of the time is the perfect option. All you need is for the space to allow you to install the equipment necessary for working. Natural light will help you work in the healthiest way possible without any energy wasted. You can choose to paint the building in green or simply leave it in the natural color of the wood to make it friendly for the landscape. For the energy you need to use in it you can install a few solar panels on its roof.

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The other ecological way s of producing energy are suitable for larger spaces like an entire home or a block of flats. Recycle the paper you don’t need, be very careful at what you choose to print and install double or triple hung glass windows to keep the heat in or out according to the season.