Growing Organic Vegetables – Producing Your Fertilizers

Growing Organic Vegetables – Producing Your Fertilizers

Putting organic fertilizers on your garden soil ensures that the soil get the necessary nutrients that it needs. A great number of gardeners growing organic vegetables will tell you that if you do this 2-3 times a year it will greatly augment the earth in your vegetable garden.

Including organic fertilizers to your garden soil insures that the soil get the required nutrients which it needs. The majority gardeners growing organic vegetables will tell you that if you do this 2-3 times each year it will vastly improve the soil in your vegetable garden.

Do not forget that doing this the organic way ensures that there are no man made chemical compounds being put back into your soil.

Types of fertilizer:

These can be broken down into two basic types. Organic animal based and organic plant based fertilizer:

Organic Animal fertilizer:

Organic animal fertilizer is more usually known as manure. Usually you will find that it comes from cows, horses and chickens. Also you can include bats and rabbits in this particular list of animals.

This manure should really have time to decompose and age before mixing it in thoroughly with your soil. If you are doing this yourself it is really important that the manure has fully decomposed to ensure the elimination of nasty bacteria.

Once your fertilizer is fully decomposed you can now mix this in with your soil. It will depend on whatever form your fertilizer is in as to just how you should do this. But in basic terms, if it is in either liquid or solid form you really should ensure that it is mixed in well with your soil. It is also a good idea to plan your planting for at the very least 3-4 weeks after you apply your fertilizer.

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Not only will this allow the fertilizer to work it’s magic throughout the the soil but it will do away with any bad aromas from the manure that might otherwise make your planting an disagreeable activity.

Organic Plant fertilizer:

Widely known in most gardening circles as “Green Manure” Plant based fertilizer comes from a handful of sources.

Most common originate from seaweed and kelp.

This kind of fertilizer is superb for growing organic vegetables as seaweed has been shown to possess nutrients such as manganese, copper and zinc. All of which are closely associated with very good growth of your produce and provide the soil with the very important nutrients an organic gardener looks for.

A lot of organic gardeners currently make use of worm casings to fertilise their soil. It is possible to buy this in your neighborhood gardening store, but quite a few people now generate their own. To do this you need to make sure you have the right worms that you can get once again from the garden store.

A covered container and damp vegetable matter or old is a excellent and consistent way to get free fertilizer for your garden all the year round and costs practically nothing.

There is another “Green Manure” fertilizer you can use if you can find the right plants. Usually this is a crop such as soya that is grown and then harvested and blended with the soil so that the plant merely decomposes in the soil.

This works very well as the decomposing plant matter releases nutrients as it breaks down within your soil. Ensuring that you keep the soil of your organic garden well fertilised at least twice a year will ensure your crop is gaining it’s highest growing potential.

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