Herb Gardens For Beginners – Which Are the Most Popular Herbs For Growing at Home? Part 1

Herb Gardens For Beginners – Which Are the Most Popular Herbs For Growing at Home? Part 1

Think you are ready to try your hand at herb growing but just can’t decide which herbs to grow? Well, things become popular for a reason, so if you don’t know the direction you want to go in yet, why not follow the crowd! Tons of folks are choosing these herbs for growing by the bushel, and can tons of folks be wrong? Well, maybe, but with the following information you can definitely decide if these three are right for you.

Let’s look at what’s most popular for a culinary herb garden:

1. BasilBasil is possibly best known for its preeminence in pesto. Its leaves have a warm and spicy flavor — and it just makes everything taste so fresh! Also, a little goes a long way. Basil is wonderful in almost any tomato dish, and is wonderful with eggs.

Basil is an annual and needs to be replanted each year.

2. RosemaryIn most climates Rosemary is an annual and if left unpruned will grow into a large shrub. Rosemary may be best known for use with lamb, but is delicious used with sage for any poultry dish. Rosemary is also wonderful when planted where you will brush against in and carry its wonderful aroma into your home.

3 ChivesMy favorite use for chives is chopped and mixed with sour cream on a fresh, hot baked potato. I’s wonderful in salads, in egg and cheese dishes, and in many sauces.

In most climates chives die back in winter, but pop up strong every spring.

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Just three recommendations? Sure, but they make up the backbone of many an herb garden. Also, you’ll probably find a few more you want to try when shopping for these.