How to Make a Flower Pot Chair

How to Make a Flower Pot Chair

Make a Garden Flower Pot Chair

While ‘dumpster diving’ I found the cutest little chair. It needed a little repair but instead of fixing it so that it could be utilized as a child’s chair, I made it into a darling flowerpot holder… and you can, too!

First I made sure the chair was clean and dry. It was in pretty good shape, with no rough edges or nails sticking out. It had all four legs and a good seat, but was missing a support strut for the legs. Since I wouldn’t be using it as a chair, that didn’t matter.

I found a bucket the same size as the flowerpot I was planning to put in the chair. On the seat of the chair, I traced around the base of the bucket with a marker. This helps when you are cutting because you can see it through the flying sawdust. You will be cutting a little bit outside this line so that the flower pot will be able to slip down inside.

Next, use a large gauge drill and drill a hole on the circle’s edge. This will allow your scroll saw blade to be inserted.

Then using a scroll saw cut around the circle. Take your time and go slowly. Then try your pot in the empty hole you just cut and make sure the pot fits snugly. Your flowerpot should hang below the seat level and the lip of the pot should be fairly level with the seat.

Once you are sure it fits the way you wish it to, it is time to decorate your chair.

I happen to like the vintage, ‘antique’ cottage look, so these instructions will show you how to achieve that.

I used a medium grade sandpaper to rough up the edges, giving it a worn look. Take the paint off but don’t go deep into the wood.

I then used acrylic paint to paint some daisies on the end of the seat and some wiggly lines on the back of the seat. I made some cute polka dots by dipping the end of a dowel in some white paint and applying it to the chair in a random pattern.

I elected not to seal it once it was dry, so it will age nicely in the weather and look even older. I painted the word ‘garden’ on the top rung of the chair. Then I used a light grade sandpaper to lightly sand over the paint to make it match the older, worn look of the rest of the chair.

Fit your pot into the chair and let the compliments fly!

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