Keep Safe from Falling Limbs

When we bought our home last year, we had no idea how much work we would have to do to keep our roof safe from limbs falling on it. During the winter, the snow weighs upon the branches near our roof and chimney. If those branches crack under the weight of the snow, our roof could get damaged beyond repair. We put the current roof on the house when we bought it, so we don’t want to take any chances with it getting damaged. We had professionals come to our home to help us avoid any future problems with limbs falling on our roof, and we feel better now that those problems have been resolved.

It was hard to sleep at night with those limbs above our roof because our bedroom is on the top floor of our home. We had some pretty bad storms come through our area last year, and I can remember one storm in particular ripped apart the trees in our hard. It was hard to get to sleep in our bedroom that night because we were getting ready to deal with one of those giant tree branches falling onto the roof above our heads. It sounds scary when you think of the loud noise the branches make when they hit your roof, but it could be dangerous to be under the roof when they fall down above your head.

It’s dangerous because if the roof is weak enough in the right spot it could cave in above your head. We don’t want to have to deal with waking up with the roof falling in on us, and it could hurt or even kill someone if the limb is large enough. The tree branches above our home were mostly alive, so we weren’t too worried when we bought the home. Eventually, lightning struck the tree above our roof, and there were a few large branches that were hanging there. Those large, dead tree branches made us nervous to stay in our own bedroom.

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When the storm created some serious threats above our roof, we decided to call in a professional team to deal with the tree limbs that were posing a threat to our home. You can search online for any company, such as: tree branch cutting palm harbor fl They trimmed back the one above our home, and we had another tree taken down because it was hanging over the power lines that run to our house. We didn’t want to see the tree branches wipe out our power when the next big storm came through our area.

Nature is beautiful, and I admire the trees that grow on our land. However, I don’t want the beauty of nature to pose a threat to my family’s wellbeing. I’d rather plant some small trees in the clearing behind our home, and we can watch those grow for the next few years without worrying about them.