Lighthouse Rugs Are Functional and Beautiful

Lighthouse Rugs Are Functional and Beautiful

Lighthouse rugs are currently making their way through the bathroom floors of most city homes. It is not surprising to know that it only took them a short time to penetrate the interior design industry. Most of the functional design pieces that are being manufactured today are inspired by the seaside life.

The principle of this design lies on the use of materials that are reminiscent of the coastal environment. The nautical theme is generally applicable to almost every home, that’s why it has become one of the most favored motifs in the industry today. As the name implies, the nautical theme is an interior design technique that tends to capture the breezy ambience of the seaside life. By applying this cool motif to your home, you can experience the summer days at the beach even from the confines of your bathroom. It is a whole new way of creating a refreshing atmosphere in your home without having to locate to some distant place. A nautical-themed bathroom is not complete without some lighthouse rugs lying on the floor. Aside from the shower curtains, these especially made rugs are the main items that should be present in every coastal bathroom. Beach-inspired rugs are commonly placed at the bathroom entrance and in the toilet area.

However, they are not actually placed there just for show. They have other purposes aside from providing an aesthetic appeal to the nautical-themed bathrooms. Just like any ordinary area rugs, they are deemed as functional bathroom items. They keep both your feet and the floor dry so you may avoid slipping on a wet surface. They also prevent the carpeted bathroom floor from being damp. There are various designs of lighthouse rugs that can be found in the internet. If you plan to acquire a few pieces for your bathroom, you have to make sure that they complement the existing design and color of other bathroom accessories. In some instances, you may choose to mix and match the bathroom motif. For example, you can use an area rug with blue details on it if the general color of the tiles is white. The same thing is applicable for other soft-hued motifs like cream and tan. Some of the most favorite designs of lighthouse rugs include the anchors, life preservers, helms, coastal birds and cargo ships. These designs are available in vibrant and subtle colors.

When you are looking for some area rugs to add in your bathroom, you should check out first the kind of materials from which they are made. Sisal mats and polypropylene are two known materials for rugs. Both are durable materials, although the polypropylene rug is more commonly found at the bathroom entrance. Wool is probably the best material for rugs. They can be exposed inside the bathroom because they can absorb wetness much longer than any other material. This fabric is soft to the touch yet maintains an even texture for a long period of time. Actually, you can also use a beach-inspired rug for any other rooms inside the house. Your bedroom will surely look good when you add lighthouse rugs to it.

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