Limitless Choices of Garden Wall Lights

Limitless Choices of Garden Wall Lights

A garden is the outdoor space of the house which can offer solace and tranquility at certain times of the homeowners’ lives. With the proper outdoor lighting, fresh air can be enjoyed in the cool of the night at the patio, porch or fountain landscape.


There is a host of garden lighting which can be applied on the walls of the house; garden wall lights can be hung to give out the right glow for some softness into the atmosphere if one desires some romance or relaxation.

There are stylish hanging lights which can be placed at the porch ceiling to give the home front a lovely view while these at the patio would add a soft touch to the surroundings as homeowners and guests enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the cool of the night.

Decorative lanterns would also make an ornate garden wall stylish with the variety of designs in the market. These lighting choices can be of various brightness but they function mainly to brighten the front portion of the house for a better view of the immediate outside of the home.

Recommended Products

The miners pedestal lantern is a classic miners’ lamp which can be hung on the wall or ceiling for a special effect; its unique shape adds aesthetics to the home environment with a soft glow exuding from the bulb in varying degree of brightness that would not be glaring to the eye.

The St. James lantern is made of solid brass to give a unique but modern look on any outside wall to shine into the garden during the night. There is no worry about corrosion or rust with this exquisite solid brass lantern although proud owners must have it polished regularly to maintain its distinct shining glow. The shining light has a special effect on the solid brass to produce a warm glow effect to the environment.

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The Hereford rigid tube lantern is a classic design that can offer bright white light or soft warm light depending on the type of bulb inserted. It looks classic on any house wall facing the garden or on any garden shed or garage.

The Wadebridge wall lantern is another popular garden wall light that is hooked onto the outside wall with a special hook piece to allow the rectangular lantern hang down as in medieval times. The yellow light glows from within to give a nice warm around the vicinity to ensure clarity in viewing objects in the area.