Make the Most of Your Garden Space – Plan Ahead

Make the Most of Your Garden Space – Plan Ahead

If your wanting a regular spring and summer vegetable garden then you need to plan a few months in advance before you plant anything. This is in order to get the best results from all your hard work and make the most of your planting space.

It is always good to have some kind of idea about how your planning on laying out your garden for the next year. In other words you pretty much always want to rotate your vegetables. Don’t plant vegetables in the exact same spot that you planted them the previous season.

You also need to have an idea of how much space the full grown plants will take up. For example vegetables and fruits which grown on vines may take up quite a bit of space. Where as something like carrots may only require a small amount of space.

Plants that grown on vines take a lot of square feet to grow in. This is so because the vines spread out and are quite large. Things like cucumbers, and watermelons take a very large area to grow in because their vines grow pretty wide and long.

Before I start each season I sit down and draw out the dimensions of my garden area on a piece of paper and then I try and figure out where I want to plant things and how much space the plants will take up.

This way you can better utilize the area and get the most out of the amount of space you may have. It is always best I believe to plan out your garden before you start. However, you can be flexible and change some things as you go along. After all nothing is written in stone.

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