Some Considerations Before Buying A Garden Shed

Some Considerations Before Buying A Garden Shed

A garden shed can be a beautiful thing in your garden, it can also be a practical thing and for some people it can be an object of entertainment. There are those that make the shed ay the end of their garden somewhere to escape to and have some time on their own. There are those that build sheds around ride on lawn mowers and spend there weekends racing them. For the majority of us however a garden shed is something we use to store out garden tools, children’s bikes and maybe some outdoor furniture in. If you are in this latter group then the following three points maybe something you should consider before buying a garden shed.

1. What material would you want the shed to be? Some people are not aware that today you can have either a wooden, metal or plastic shed in your garden. The cost of the shed is now not only based on the size you want but on what materials you want the shed made from. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages as well as those who prefer one and those who dislike another.

2. Where are you going to place the shed? This becomes important if you have a small garden and can be important in helping you decide what material the shed should be. A plastic shed will last a lot longer than a wooden shed if it’s placed in a dark shaded corner that has a large tree overhanging it. This damp place will rot wooden sheds quicker than normal and metal sheds make get rusting faster. If you have a small garden then maybe small wooden shed would be more suitable in keeping with the gardens theme than a plastic shed. Another point to consider in the shed placement would be the base the shed would be to go on. Some plastic sheds don’t have a stable floor and require a sold base to be built on.

3. Will the shed be secure in the location? Everyone takes their home security very serious but when it comes to their garden shed it is often forgotten. If the shed sits outside your back garden door then maybe shed security isn’t your number one priority for choosing a shed. However if you have the shed at the bottom of the garden away from your house then it is defiantly something you need to be considering. Shed alarms and padlocks don’t cost a lot these days but the contents of your shed may have cost a few hundred A� and like all expensive items there are those that will target such items to steal.

This was an introduction to the three main points you should be considering when looking to buy a garden shed but there are a lot more things. If however you take these points as a starting place then the shed you eventually end up with in your garden or back yard may just be a great investment and expansion to the storage area of your home.

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