Would You Like to Design Your Own Herb Tea Garden?

Would You Like to Design Your Own Herb Tea Garden?

Although the weather is turning cold, the leaves have fallen off the trees, next spring seems a far distant dream, now is the time to plan next year’s herb garden design. Garden centers are selling seeds, equipment and garden decorations at low discounted sale prices clearing the shelves for seasonal items. Take up items to cultivate a “theme” herb tea garden!

For my birthday this year one of my daughters gave me a large ceramic tea cup and saucer planter – about 12″ diameter and 10″ deep. I thought how perfect that would be to set on a short stand in the herb garden, giving the large tea cup planter visibility, and to cultivate one of my favorite tea herbs – German Chamomile. That birthday present began the planning for a section of my herb garden that I would turn into a tea herb garden theme. I did go a little crazy on the theme but it turned out beautiful and a much visited spot in the garden. I also had the added benefit of harvesting the herbs to be used in herbal teas.

Depending on available space, an herb tea garden can be cultivated in a small section of the garden set aside for this purpose. The area could be decorated with items such as old tea pots and cups. The herb plants could be labeled with the names of the herbs painted on saucers. If a larger space is available the herb tea garden could be sectioned off with a small hedge or fencing, trellises added, or define the space with tea cup bride feeders to attract birds. Imagine a tea pot fountain spouting with the soothing sounds of water as a backdrop. An outdoor table and chair set would be a great addition in the herb tea garden for entertaining purposes. Use your imagination and create an herb tea garden space that is pleasing to the senses, a sanctuary away from your busy life that will bring you hours of relaxation and pleasure.

Begin planning the themed herb tea garden now. Take advantage of the sale prices at garden centers, dream and draw up the plans. Make a list of what you will need. During the long winter months sooth your soul and imagine hosting an afternoon tea party in the garden. Picture yourself relaxing in a lounge chair reading a book and drinking a brewed tea from the herbs harvested from the herb tea garden. In the spring, make your plans a reality and plant the herb tea garden!

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