3 Things You Need to Think About Before Purchasing a Timber Garden Shed

3 Things You Need to Think About Before Purchasing a Timber Garden Shed

A timber garden shed is a popular alternative option to the steel garden sheds that are on the market today. A timber shed has warmth about it that the steel range lacks. However, before you go ahead and purchase your shed, it is important to think about a few things when it comes to the timber option.

1. The size. When purchasing a timber garden shed, it is important to note the size. In Victoria you are only allowed 10 square meters of space for a structure. So therefore, your timber garden shed would need to fit to these guidelines. However, we all know how every council has their own requirements so if you are unsure when it comes to the regulations please check with your council. A shed over the ten square meters will require a permit, and you might want to ask the retailer if they are structurally engineered if they are over the certain size or if your timber shed would need extra work done to it to get it to permit standard. Also, some retailers can organise a permit for you, so best to ask this question as well.

2. The timber. It is always best to check what timber is being used for the building materials. A lot of places these days use treated pine, and when hearing those words we are left thinking “is it safe”? Make sure that your retailer is using an arsenic free treatment for your wooden shed. There are various other treatments out there that are arsenic free and environmentally friendly and would be a better option to choose from.

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3. The Look. We all know that the look of a timber garden shed is what really brings us over the line, so try and find something that would best suit you and is of high quality. The last thing you want is to take your wooden shed home and have it fall apart after only having it up for a little while. Always ask your retailer what timbers they use when constructing their wooden sheds. Some companies might try to skimp on cost by using inferior timber, so do some research before purchasing so that you know what you’re in for as sometimes cheaper is not always better. A positive feature of a timber garden shed is that it blends in with your environment a lot better than a steel garden shed, so having a high quality timber garden shed would look a lot better in your backyard than an inferior one.

Overall, if you keep these three things in mind when shopping for your timber garden shed, you will end up with a perfect addition to your backyard. Sheds will come with simple step by step assembly instructions for easy construction by anyone with basic tools and carpentry kit, however it is worth checking with the manufacturer to make sure you don’t need a full installation service. Find out too whether your timber shed will need to be painted to seal the timber for weather resistance. Lastly, it is advisable that you install your shed on a flat level site. If it is uneven, installation problems may occur.