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Becoming The Handyman Of The House

For most homeowners even the simplest repair may seem daunting. They can be baffled by something as routine as changing a light bulb. Small wonder now that we are converting to fluorescent lamps from the old incandescent, in an effort to go “Green.” They don’t even follow the same rating system they we are all familiar with. The question becomes “where to begin?” But this article isn’t about light-bulbs, it’s about stepping back, taking a deep breath and putting your brains together with your muscle to tackle the basic home maintenance tasks that most of us must cope with routinely. With a little effort you’ll build the confidence to take on that leaky faucet or broken window.
Sizing up the job: Adding a garbage disposal, changing a ceiling fan or light switch, or replacing a window screen all involve the same process: selecting the proper tools and materials, and learning the necessary steps to completing the task at hand. So the first thing is to do a little research to find out the proper technique specific to the job.
Troubleshooting the problem: Developing good troubleshooting skills is vital and begins with acquiring knowledge of how things work. You cannot isolate a problem if you don’t understand how a particular system and it’s components are intended to function, whether were talking plumbing, electromechanical or structural systems. You can start by doing a little online research. You’ll find a number of useful sites for the rookie or the expert. Once you have a basic understanding of how “it” works you can begin the process of isolating the location of the defective part of other difficulty. Water leaks are often easy to spot.
Getting advice: Project clinics are offered at home improvement outlets like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Check their schedules for upcoming events and plan accordingly. Community Colleges also offer useful adult education courses. Your public library can be a good source for reference material. This will provide you an opportunity to review texts that you may eventually want to add to your personal collection of how-to manuals. This could save you money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. If you are repairing a minor problem with one of your home’s appliances you can often refer to a technical support number for assistance.
Size matters: You’ll find that when it comes to nuts & bolts, plumbing & hardware parts or building materials, you name it there can be a variety of sizes and grades to meet the needs of every job. When it comes to replacing parts that you understand there may be an assortment and not all are interchangeable. Call ahead before going to the local hardware and builder’s supply to determine your specific needs. Take the old part along for matching purposes just to be sure. The fact that fasteners come in Metric and SAE standards as well as fine and coarse thread can necessitate a return trip that wastes time, gas and energy.
Selecting the proper materials: There are often different grades and quality of parts and materials. This is true of lumber, drywall, plumbing, electrical and most other types of construction materials. The pipe specified for your project will depend on whether repairing/replacing/installing a gas, water-line, or drain. There are many factors to consider. Develop a rapport with your local hardware store and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Most businesses pride themselves on providing you with the basic knowledge in addition to quality customer service. Helping you get the job done right insures a happy customer and repeat business for the merchant.
Safety First When attempting to do any type of home repair you should always make safety a top priority. Following common sense rules such as – always using tools for their intended purpose – is the simplest way to prevent unnecessary injury. When you are working on plumbing or electrical circuits you will always want to shut off the power or water supply. Turning off power at the breaker box will insure against electrical shocks; simply turning off a wall switch before changing a ceiling lamp or fan does not properly interrupt the supply. When changing a faucet it may be possible to use a shut-off valve located below the sink. For other jobs it may be necessary to turn off the supply to the entire house.
Always consult the safety instructions when using power tools. Be sure to use the right tool for the job. This means selecting a durable tool with enough capacity for the job. A broken tool can result in injury or damage. A quality tool is worth the price and can provide years of faithful service if cared for properly. While using a ladder, it is best to follow standard rules of safety, and never exceed your ladder’s …

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Makati Hotels – The Best Place to Be

Makati Hotels – The Best Place to Be

If you are looking a place to mix both business and pleasure, Makati is the exact place for you. It is the place of earthly pleasures from shopping to relaxation. Makati has every shopping mall a person can think of as well as the most popular hotels and restaurants all over the world.

The city boasts many high-end hotels like the Manila Peninsula, Dusit Thani, and the Makati Shangri-la among many others. These hotels have earned the right as a five star hotel because of the superb accommodations and service. However, if you are looking for great accommodations at a reasonable price, Makati can also offer you these options.

· Oxford Suites

· The City Garden

· Prince Plaza

· Isabelle Royal Hotel and Suites

These hotels and condominiums in one will surely offer the costumer great service without compromising the budget. You can still enjoy staying at a plush establishment at a very affordable price. These hotels have fine dining restaurants that you can enjoy. If you feel like working out you can go to any of the adjacent fitness centres in the city.

These fitness studios located in various malls within the city will offer you fitness plans that will suit your ever-changing lifestyle. You will not just have a great work out but a healthier diet plan as well. If you want to lose weight but do not want to break a sweat, there are various clinics available within the city that is ready to offer their services from skin care to liposuction and many other procedures.

Finding transportation is not difficult because there are many cabs and public buses available to take tourists wherever they would want to go. If you want to take a tour of the city’s history the bus can take you to the city Museum where they exhibit many historical artefacts about how Makati came to be the city that it is today. It can be an educational tour for all people as well.

At the end of the day after working hard, it is nice to know that any of the Makati hotels are available for you to stay in, have a quiet relaxing evening to rest, and prepare for the next days ahead. It will truly be a refuge for foreign tourists and locals alike. Makati hotels are the best places for relaxation and leisure as well as business.…

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Basement Renovations

Log Home Maintenance: Basics You Must Know

Log home maintenance is different from regular homes. It is not to say that it is harder but it is definitely not easier. There are just different issues concerned with log homes or log cabins than the regular concrete walls and hardwood floors in homes.
Dark patches
Dark patches are among the most common issues for logs. This happens because of molds that have grown because of rain splatter. This is easily cleaned up with water mixed with bleach solution. Brush off the molds with an old toothbrush.
Cracks are inevitable in log homes, which is why it is important to go over the entire log house once in awhile. Cracks happen because of humidity and the changing seasons. Do not worry about this because it is a normal thing to happen to logs, without any effect on its integrity. There are different varieties of sealants that can help seal the cracks. Just make sure you ask the experts on the appropriate sealant for the log that you have. For bigger cracks there are also solutions that need to cover up the gap. A sealant will do the finishing touch.
This is not just part of maintenance but it is an important aspect in the construction of a log home. Stains protect the log cabin from disintegration. The maintenance part though is when stain is no longer working. It is just like paint that is already faded, it is no longer the color that you wanted in the first place. For stains, it may not be much of a protection anymore if the stain has already thinned out. Do not worry though because this do not happen over time. It takes a few years for stains to lose its protective touch. To know if the stain is still working, sprinkle water on the log and if the water beads up and runs down the log then it is still doing a protective job. If you have to reapply stain, make sure you clean the entire log home first with water and let it dry for a few days before applying the stain.
Check gutters regularly
In any house, gutters are important to keep water from running all over the paint of the exterior. For a log house, it is even more important to keep off water on the log because it could damage the home. Immersing log in water will cause the log to become weak. This is the same for log cabins, while they are not immersed in water, too much exposure to water may lead to eventual weakness. This is why gutters are very important in log homes, more important than in regular homes. Gutters also prevent logs from darkening. Make sure that run off water are diverted away from the log home. Also, keep gutters clean.
It is not easy to take care of a log cabin especially if this is just a vacation house rather than your regular home. This means that you have to visit the cabin even if you are not yet on vacation. Log home maintenance is the price one has to pay for having such a nice-looking home.…

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Garden Basics – Weeds

Garden Basics – Weeds

Eliminating weeds from your garden takes hard work and a couple of different strategies.

1. Pull them by hand: Add them to your compost pile if they don’t have seeds.

2. Mulch fodder: The stems and leaves of weeds are actually good content for mulch when they dry out as long as you eliminate the seeds.

3. Change the climate conditions: Certain weeds will fail to grow when deprived of their specific nutrition and weather conditions.

4. Increase the competition: Stock your garden with your chosen plants that are stronger and grow faster than weeds.

5. Cook them: Using a clear plastic covering kill the seeds so they can’t reproduce.

6. Chemicals: Only as a last resort use herbicides and weed killers.

Often times weeds are really symptoms of a bigger underlying problem with your garden or the soil underneath. Sometimes weeds will flourish in poorly drained soil. Other types of weeds do well in soil that is either too acidic or too alkaline.


One of the most effective ways to destroy weeds in a new garden is to solarize them down. It is actually quite simple. Using just a sheet of clear plastic, capture the sun’s heat and literally cook the weeds and their seeds until they are dead. This will take a couple of weeks in sunny climates. If your garden is in a cooler or cloudy region, try this technique during the more sunny times of the year and allow a good 8 weeks for the process to work. Here’s the steps to successfully execute this strategy.

1. Mow the ground as close as possible to remove as much of the plants as possible. The best terrain for this technique is bare ground.

2. Make the soil damp. The process will be accelerated by moisture.

3. Take a sheet of thick, clear plastic over the entire area as tightly as possible and then fasten it down with heavy stones.

4. In order to keep in as much heat as possible, seal off the edges by covering all the way around with soil or pieces of wood.

Try not to till the soil after you have solarized since it often brings new seeds to the surface. When the soil gets really hot, this process will also destroy many forms of soil dwelling pests and diseases.


If everything else fails to work, you can still use herbicides to kill the weeds in your garden. Herbicides work differently depending on the type of weed or the stage of life the weed is in.

1. Pre-emergent: These herbicides work by killing the tiny seedlings as they are sprouting and are very effective on lawns or other places where mature weeds are particularly difficult to remove. Timing is important here. If you apply these herbicides too soon they may wash away before they have a chance to work. But applied too late and the seedlings will be too big to have any effect on them.

2. Herbicidal Soap: In order to prevent moisture loss, plants have a waxy coating on their leaves. Herbicidal soap damages this waxy layer, allowing the plant to dry out and die. This particular type of herbicide works the best on young, active weeds in dry, hot climates.…

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Don’t Struggle to Clean Water Damage, Call The Professionals

While the internet is full of companies that claim to offer the best water damage restoration services, there are a few things you should look for when choosing a local company. The best place to start is by asking friends and family who have recently suffered a flood. In addition, you can also find a water damage restoration company on Facebook by searching for its business page. As these online directories reach a much larger audience, they should be located within a similar geographic area.

A reputable water damage restoration near me will have insurance and a current business license. This can help you find the best company for your needs without breaking the bank or draining your savings. Besides that, it will help you avoid scams and other unscrupulous companies that claim to be experts but only have a dehumidifier and a drywall repair kit. This means you’re at risk of getting stuck in a situation where the entire house is underwater, so choosing the right company is crucial.

A water damage restoration near me will inspect the damaged areas. They will then classify the damages and determine what work is needed to restore the home to its original condition. They will also need to assess the cost and decide what materials need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage, this process may be simple and involve cleaning the carpets or repairing the drywall. Or, it could be extensive and involve reconstruction of the affected areas.

Hiring a water damage restoration company is crucial if you have a water disaster. If you hire the wrong company, the problem could get worse. It would be best to have a team that can get the job done quickly and efficiently. There are various companies to choose from, so it’s essential to find one to give you the best results. Just remember that you need to call a professional as soon as possible! If you don’t, the water will remain untreated, and you’ll end up with mold and fungus.

When looking for a water damage restoration company near me, you should know what to look for. A good team should have a reputation for excellence, and if you want to avoid hiring a company that charges for overtime, you need to make sure you are getting the best price possible. You should also ask for references and read testimonials from satisfied clients. If they are happy, you’ll be pleased with the results.

When searching for a water damage restoration company, make sure to look at the company’s credentials. A water damage restoration company should be licensed and insured, and they should have top-of-the-line equipment to perform the job. Once they’ve finished assessing the property and analyzing the damages, they can determine if they’ll need to replace any damaged materials. You should also ask for references and the type of certifications the company has.

Finding a water damage restoration near me will involve a thorough evaluation and assessment of your property. This will help them properly assess the extent of the damage and estimate the amount of work required. A good water damage restoration company will also be equipped with the latest technology and know-how to remediate your home effectively. You’ll want to find a company that has top-of-the-line equipment and has the best technicians and the best reputation.

Before hiring a water damage restoration company, you should ensure that it has the necessary expertise and experience to perform the job. In addition to being certified, they should also have the proper equipment to restore a home. If you’re not confident in your knowledge of the process, you should contact an insurance company and get an estimate of the total damage. A professional company will provide you with an accurate quote and complete the work in the most efficient way possible.

Professional water damage restoration companies have the necessary equipment to assess and deal with the problem quickly. Because they’re equipped with the right equipment, a water damage restoration company can arrive in an hour or less and complete the task soon. The professionals will use the tools and technology necessary to remove water and mold and clean and disinfect the area. Most water restoration companies have certified technicians, which makes them the best choice.

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Choose the Fence That’s Right For You

Choose the Fence That’s Right For You

If you’re thinking about updating the landscape design of your property, there are many options and possibilities to consider. In addition to hiring a reputable landscaper, you’ll need to decide what sorts of features you’d like to include. Plants and flowers are important aspects of any landscape design scheme, but you shouldn’t overlook fences. Fences can be practical and attractive additions to any outdoor area; learn a few important tips about fencing below.

What Kind of Fence Should You Get?

There are many styles available when it comes to fencing. The first thing you should consider is what you’re going to use the fence for. If it’s primarily for privacy, you’re going to have to check with your local council to see if there are any restrictions as far as height goes. After all, you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a fence that you can’t even use! If your fence is going to be to keep children or family pets from straying, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to height.

Which Design is Right for You?

Ideally, the fencing that you use should mesh well with the rest of your landscape design scheme – and with your house. Timber is a nice option, since it matches a variety of looks. It pays to invest in high-quality timber, since it’s not as liable to deteriorate over time. Remember that you can select unfinished treated timber fences and paint them any colour you want. Steel fences are convenient too and extremely durable; brick and bamboo are also viable options to consider depending on the look and function you are wishing to achieve.

Things to Know Before Installing a Fence –

Before the landscape gardeners install the fence that you’ve chosen, you need to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up when it comes to your local council regulations. First, you should check with your local council to make sure that your fence fits within its guidelines or your Brisbane landscaper can advise you; this is especially important if it’s taller than other fences in the neighbourhood, has unusual features or will form a part of a retaining wall.

Keep Boundaries in Mind –

Fences need to be erected on the common boundary line between two properties. If you aren’t sure where that is, you’re going to need to have the property surveyed. Otherwise, you could inadvertently encroach on your neighbour’s property, which could cost you a lot of money later if your neighbour decides to dispute this with you. In most cases, the cost of the survey will be split between you and your neighbour. However, if your neighbour knows where the boundary is and is proven correct, s/he will not have to share the cost of the survey. Either way, determining where the common boundary line is needs to be done if you want to build a fence.…

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Fairy Decorations Add Enchantment to Homes and Gardens

Fairy Decorations Add Enchantment to Homes and Gardens

In times of austerity and economic downturn, we all need a little extra happiness and joy in our lives, and these can come from the simplest of things, such as home-made cookies, hand made gifts and expressing our creativity through our homes and gardens. Fairy decorations appeal to adults just as much as to children, evoking, as they do, buried memories of childhood innocence, stories, fun, and unquestioning faith that fairies, sprites, pixies and elves do exist to enchant our world. Their very elusiveness makes them more magical, more enticing, more fun.

Fairy baby

This is  a delightful choice of nursery theme for a boy or a girl because fairy decorations lend themselves so well to a whole range of pastel color schemes and soft lighting effects. Take your inspiration from traditional illustrated fairy stories and the work of artists such as Kate Greenaway, Cecily Mary Barker and Arthur Rackham or follow the style of icing sugar castles and bright colours used in modern cartoon fairytales.


Outdoor Fairy Garden

Creating an outdoor fairy garden together is a perfect way to introduce young children to the thrill and contentment of working with nature. Grow a variety of miniature plants and wild flowers, adding complementary fairy decorations such as miniature solar lights, lanterns, ornamental butterflies, birds and bees, magical runes, fairy ornaments and statues. Look for small, low growing plants and make sure there are plenty of places for your fairy visitors to shelter from prying human eyes.


Indoor Fairy Garden

Think about an indoor fairy garden too. Indoor garden fairy decorations could include a water feature (real or illusory using mirrors), a fairy house ornament (you’ll find that many of the famous china manufacturers produce miniature cottages and even trinket boxes in the shape of toadstools and other fairy decorations that would provide a perfect home for your indoor garden fairy). You can make or buy paper or fabric flowers, use doll’s house seats and tables and provide a bonsai tree for shade. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with your fairy decorations, wherever you choose to use them.


Fairy Wall

Another popular idea to bring some fairy whimsy to your home, a fairy wall  makes the perfect fantasy fairy decoration for your little princess. Adapt the theme to better suit the tastes of a little boy by featuring pixies, elves, wizards and woodland animals. Silver, pewter and even plastic photo frames can be found with intaglio, embossed or painted fairy decorations and you can complete the wall with shelves for all those much loved books of fairy tales. Add some twinkling fairy lights, glow in the dark stars and sweet dreams are assured!…