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Kitchen Renovation

Advantages of Hiring a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Expert

Murphy’s Law says it best: if anything can go wrong, it will. And this holds true for major Do It Yourself projects in our homes. Before you make the decision to tackle that kitchen or bathroom remodel project yourself, consider these potential pitfalls and our list of reasons why hiring a professional is the better way to go.
Here are a few of the things that can go wrong:
Faulty installation of pipes or other “below the surface” work that could lead to a much more expensive task a few months down the line, such as needing to tear down the entire wall to get to a leaking pipe that may have been put in incorrectly. By hiring a professional for your kitchen and bath remodeling to begin with, you can avoid a lot of heartache.
Inexperience with heavy machinery that could lead to serious injury or worse is a huge risk. Things like the use of a wet circular-saw or toxic materials that if not handled properly could be harmful – can cause long term health problems or even disability.
Incomplete projects due to lack of knowledge of the technical aspects of a job can cause lots of aggravation. Very often in the midst of installing a complex system in a kitchen such as a dishwasher or an island exhaust unit, a less experienced person can get stuck. Unless a professional is hired to finish the job, the kitchen can sit there in disarray for months.
Hidden costs can occur, which would have been unknown to the Do It Your selfer. Someone who has not done a lot of remodeling jobs might not be able to anticipate the amount of material or supplies needed to complete the project. Hidden costs are almost inevitable with DIY project because often the project needs unfold as time goes on.
Inaccuracies can ruin the entire area of your home if you are not careful. One tiny mistaken measurement when you are cutting a new kitchen or bathroom counter, for instance, can throw the whole project off and result in wasted materials and time and causing lots of frustration.
Here is why hiring a professional for your project is a much better way to go:
Trained experts who specialize in remodeling have seen everything under the sun and know how to handle potential pitfalls before they happen. When the materials they are using are the best available and the techniques used to install them are up-to-date, you can’t go wrong. Most DIY projects gone wrong results in hiring professionals anyway, why not start your project with them?
A company with a good track record and years of experience also has its own equipment. They will load their heavy machinery into their vehicles, expertly use them on-site keeping all safety measures in mind and before you know it, you won’t even be able to tell any major equipment was in your home.
The time and energy saved by using an expert for your kitchen and bath remodeling automatically makes it worth not doing the project your self. Experts know exactly what they are doing; they have done the same types of projects over and over again and have lots of experience dealing with all sorts of situations during the project duration, giving them an edge over DIY enthusiasts.…

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Garden Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Garden Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Garden lighting can beautify your outdoor spaces and allow you to use them as an extension of your home. I decorated my outdoor space with this in mind. I kept the style modern. With the project being, potentially, an expensive undertaking, I used different solutions to stay on budget. Below, find out what affordable garden lighting ideas I used in my garden to avoid breaking the bank.

First, considering I had my outdoor dining room and living room sheltered from the elements, I installed a wired chandelier. I found it on sale at a discount department store and thought that it would add a lot of style and soft light to the space. In addition to the chandelier, I attached tube lighting around the perimeter of the area; it gave off just the right amount of light to create a relaxing vibe.

There are many solar garden lighting ideas that can be used around your property and installed extremely economically. Solar powered lights come in many different materials; from stainless steel to durable plastics. You can find all types of solar powered lighting; lanterns, twinkle lights, stepping stones and light bulbs, just to name a few. Seeing as they work entirely on solar power, no electrician is needed! In my yard, I attached solar garden lights around the deck to various posts. Some were simple ball lights while others were lanterns. Attaching them to a fixture is easy to do with plastic ties, wire or even a fishing line. I decorated my shrubs with star lights, which were also solar-powered. They added instant glamor and romance to the area. I also created an elegant pathway that led from the deck to the gate using solar accent stepping stone lights. They look incredible, especially at night, and also serve as a safety feature. At my gated entrances I installed hanging lanterns on either side; they made a real visual impact.

One of the more expensive purchases I made was a spot light. I installed it under my willow tree to accent its beauty. It lights up a good portion of the yard allowing my family to enjoy late night games of volleyball and bocce. I ran wire under the ground for this light, but you could easily find a solar powered spot light to save time and money.

These are just some of the ideas for garden lighting that I used. There are many more that can be implemented in your outdoor scheme to provide light and ambiance in your yard. Get creative and have fun!…

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Kitchen Renovation

Helpful Home Cleaning Tips

Many families today are constantly hustling about, trying to make sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be for work, sporting events, music lessons, and a myriad of other activities. With all of the running around from place to place, it is easy to sometimes let regular maintenance slide around the house a bit. There are some simple things that you can do to help keep your home organized and clean without having to devote an entire weekend to it.
The first thing to do when attacking a house that has gone out of control is to get rid of as much clutter as possible. This usually involves at least one day of simply sorting through the items that actually get put to use and those that are simply taking up space unnecessarily. A good rule of thumb is to consider whether or not you have actually had a use for an item over the past twelve months. If the answer is no, and there is not any strong sentimental attachment, such items should be added to your collection of future garage sale items or a box that is destined for a local donation center.
Once the clutter is gone, start getting organized. Closets can be very useful for keeping things where they belong, but if people simply throw things into a closet, it defeats the purpose. Consider getting an inexpensive closet system or other organizational aid that includes plenty of shelves and an area for storing items on hangers. Some systems include special hanger attachments which allow clothes to cascade down in an arrangement that lets you see what you have without taking up a lot of space. Just adding something like this can save a ton of space.
For cleaning chores, look for ways to simplify your life. Making a small investment in a vacuum and steam cleaner combination such as the popular Shark Vac Then Sweep can save you valuable time that would otherwise be spend sweeping by hand and then damp mopping the hard surfaces in your house. Such devices also work well at getting rid of stuck on messes that sometimes result from spills on the floor. This eliminates the need to scrub the tough dirt by hand.
Finally, to deal with the chore of dusting, consider using the brush attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners. This makes it easier to dust around ridges or uneven surfaces and also does a better job of actually capturing the dust. Many times, when people simply dust with a dry rag, all they really do is throw the dust into the air. The result is a room that is covered in dust again as soon as things settle.
There are many more small things that you can do as a homeowner to make the maintenance of your home a bit less of a burden. It may take a while to form new habits, but in the long run, doing these things can save you time and make life just a little bit easier.…

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Herb Gardens – How to Get the Most Out of Your Herb Gardens

Herb Gardens – How to Get the Most Out of Your Herb Gardens

So you want to know how to get the best results for your herb gardens?

I can relate to the way you feel since I had the same desire to get successful results from my herb gardening efforts.

Herbs the friend of physicians and the praise of cooks, has shared a loving relationship with man; they have been used since antediluvian times. In the middle Ages, herbs were often used to help preserve meat and cover the rotting taste of meals that couldn’t be refrigerated.

Herbs also helped disguise the stench of natives who bathed sporadically. Many of the early settlers grew herbs for seasoning their food, as well as, for their healing properties.

American Indians often used herbs for tanning and dyeing leather.There are biblical references and medieval paintings which proves the use of herbs in those times.

Extremely helpful to the gardener, herbs are grown for loads of reasons example, to flavor food, for tea, for medicine and surprisingly for pest control too are! The gardener can either choose to grow a specific herb or diverse species inside or al fresco with other plants.

Though there are about eighty different species of herbs, they can be broken down as; annuals, perennials, biennials, grasses, and bushes.Compost is not a basic when growing herbs; however, it is essential that the soil be of the correct composition to ensure proper growth of the plant.

If the earth is not well drained sand or gravel can be added to alleviate the herb should also be positioned so that it gets adequate light which too is vital for its growth.

Herbs naturally repel pests; in hot dry temperatures look out for red mites on those that grow low and mildew may attack sage, tarragon and cilantro.

Rots, mildews and wilts will attack herbs, especially if plants are spaced too closely or grown in poorly drained soil. Poor ventilation and soggy soils promote fungal and bacterial growth above and below ground.…

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New Uses for Granny’s Tea Cart

New Uses for Granny’s Tea Cart

There may still be a few attics left untouched for decades, housing treasures from the past. One of the most useful items from past centuries is the tea cart. These carts were once used for formal teas, holding the delights of dainty sandwiches and pretty desserts along with the afternoon pick-me-up pot of tea, served in delicate bone china cups.

You see, carts on wheels aren’t new; we have just found many more uses for this utilitarian throw back piece of furniture. Young married couples from the forties, fifties and sixties found the enameled kitchen cart most useful in kitchens lacking storage space. Finally relegated to the garage and then the landfill, oh my, they were just screaming, “rescue me!” A fresh coat of outdoor paint and this once discarded utility cart makes a great garden cart or display cart for brightly colored pots of herbs near the kitchen door or simply pretty potted flowers.

Look at IKEA to find mobile islands and carts on wheels, many will have locking casters to stay put when you need them to and wheels to move them where you need them most. Plain carts can be painted and accessorized to meet your personal needs. For instance, a plain bathroom can be brightened up with a flash of color on a newly painted cart holding bath accessories and towels.

Granny’s old tea cart can take on new life as a bedside table, holding not only the necessary bedside lamp, but lots of books, reading glasses, tissues for sad stories and a clock to wake you to a new morning. If the old tea cart is in good shape and suits you in its original form, great; but if not, paint it to suit you. If it’s not a museum–quality piece, have some fun with paint; even the most staid piece is fun in apple green or poppy red, set against a subdued colored wall.

Tea carts can find a home in any room with the space. Dining rooms are the expected place for such a piece, but I like to shake it up a bit. An entry is another good place for a tea cart, to hold the mail, your keys and a welcoming vase of garden fresh flowers.

A wheeled cart makes a great home office piece for the computer printer and paper and even files held in brightly colored boxes.

Naturally, the cart on wheels makes perfect sense outside by the pool to hold towels on the bottom shelf and a pitcher of iced lemonade, tea or whatever suits your pallet on the top shelf. For safety’s sake, be sure to use a sturdy plastic pitcher and glasses for the pool area.…

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Home Repair

Options For Remodeling Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is a fairly large project and certainly a large investment in your home. If you are considering a remodel, taking the time to research some of the options you have for upgraded fixtures, counter tops, and tubs and showers is essential to modernizing your bathroom. This article will explore some of the most popular options on the market for the bathroom remodel.
Jetted tubs are a very high-demand item in today’s modern bathroom. They come in several sizes, shapes and colors for the perfect fit into your space. Many fiberglass models are available, there are big differences in the number of jets, and you may be willing to pay a little more to get one with a heater in it. These tubs are a great way to relax and turn your bathroom into that oasis you have been looking for.
Something consumers are also looking for as they make upgrades is environmentally friendly fixtures like low-flow toilets and eco-friendly shower heads. These items contribute their part to help conserve water, but can also pay for themselves over time.
A steam shower can be an luxury upgrade that can help you achieve a comfortable, relaxing steam bath in the comfort of your own home instead of having to go to the gym. You’ll spend over 90 hours a year bathing, so this could be a great investment.
Other luxury upgrades could include high grade faucets, solid surface counter tops, and basin sinks, depending on the look you would like to give your bath.
Make sure you shop around and become educated on the new materials you wish to use in your project. Also if you hire a contractor make sure you check his references and your local BBB before signing a contract.…

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Fascinating Herbs in Your Home Herb Garden

Fascinating Herbs in Your Home Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs in your home is possible with just a little space. A home herb garden can offer a lot of joy and excitement to its owners. Most of all, it offers many advantages such as food seasoning and adding fragrance to your home.

Home herb garden is beneficial to anyone who loves adding fascinating flavor to their favorite dishes. It is true that most herbs are very easy to grow. Growing such home herb garden doesn’t require a big space. In fact, a small container is alright for you to grow your herb. So it is hundred percent possible to grow herb in your apartment as long as you have a spot where there is sunlight.

When deciding what herbs to grow in your home herb garden, you must consider the herbs that you always use, maybe for seasoning your food, herbs that add fragrance to your home or herbs that adds beauty to your home. Chives, parsley, tarragon and chervil are some examples of herbs that are commonly used for salads, fish and chicken dishes or to a cooked egg by sprinkling those over its top. This may result to a more delicious menu.

The following are the list of fascinating herbs which are mostly used for food seasoning that you can grow in your home herb garden:

Chives, which belong to the onion family, are very simple and easy to grow. You can choose either ordinary chives or garlic chives. You can use them as garnish to your food by chopping their stems. In addition, you can use their pink flowers in your favorite salads.

Parsley is one of the commonly grown herbs in every home herb garden. It is being said that parsley can be grown easily either from seeds or from seedlings. The two types of this, namely: flat-leafed and curly, are great sources of vitamins and minerals. They can be used fresh. On the other hand, they can be used dry by drying their leaves for later use.

Tarragon, which has more sophisticated and subtle flavor than some herbs, is said to be the basic ingredient in any French cuisine. There is French tarragon which is better type compared to Russian tarragon. Aside from its usage as garnish and for cooking, it is also known for giving flavor to white vinegar.

Chervil grows in shady spots in the garden. It can be mistaken as parsley because of their likeness. Their usages are the same. Chervil leaves can also be used as either fresh or dried.

Bay trees can be grown either in a large garden or in your home herb garden by using pot. You can trim this herb as you wish because it is a beautiful plant. You can dry its leaves by hanging a branch in dark, dry and atmospheric place. After that, you can separate the leaves from the branch and then store it in a close container. The leaves of bay trees are commonly used if it is dry. On the other hand, it can also be used as fresh leaves but must be shredded before using it.

Rosemary is an herb that can also be grown easier than other herbs. You can plant them as easy as just sticking it on the ground using the lower part of its stem. It can be planted in your home herb garden using a pot or a container. Like the other herbs, it can be used either fresh or dry.…