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Organic Fertilizer – Mother Nature’s Best

Organic Fertilizer – Mother Nature’s Best

Organic fertilizer is a far superior alternative to the synthetic chemicals that are in widespread use today. An organic fertilizer is one that occurs naturally as opposed to being created in a laboratory. The scientific meaning of organic is a substance that contains carbon, which is an essential element in every living thing on Earth. Whether plant or animal, carbon is part of it’s composition. The plants in your garden need nitrogen and other nutrients as well, and these can all be found in organic fertilizers despite the narrow technical definition of the word. Nature provides the perfect balance of these elements and nutrients that your garden needs for vigorous growth.

There are definite benefits to using organic fertilizers over their more ubiquitous commercial counterparts. Mother nature’s plant food does not harm the environment; there is no toxic run-off from chemicals and therefore, does not poison wildlife or foul the rivers and streams. Also the soil is not depleted of it’s necessary nutrients as quickly and the ground remains better aerated, because worms and other micro-organisms are able to better survive in the non-toxic environment. Perhaps the most important benefit is the healthier produce resulting from the use of mother nature’s best ingredients.

There are many sources of organic fertilizer. Probably the most obvious is decaying vegetation where the plant recycles itself into the ground to feed the next years crop. This decaying vegetation contains a lot of nitrogen when it is green and more carbon as it turns brown. Manure from birds and animals is also a nutrient- rich organic supplement. This manure would occur automatically in nature as the wildlife feeds on the plants and the cycle of life continues. The richest organic fertilizer in the world is deposited in your garden without even being seen; worms eat the dirt and produce worm castings. This worm manure is the essential component of the humus, containing the proper balance of nitrogen, carbon, and other nutrients that plants require for energetic growth. The absorption of these nutrients is also facilitated by the worm’s burrows, which allow the oxygen and important elements to more easily reach the plant’s roots. There are other substances in nature such as seaweed that make a prefect addition to your organic garden.

Pest control is a concern for the farmer as well as the weekend gardener. The owner of your local hardware store will gladly offer you a huge variety of chemical sprays and powders to remedy your problem; but, these have no place in your organic garden. Mother nature prefers letting certain beneficial creatures such as ladybugs, spiders and birds take care of your insect infestation instead.…

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Making The Pond Garden A Family Affair

Making The Pond Garden A Family Affair

It may seem a little strange to utilize something as simple as a pond garden to entertain and intrigue the children. It can actually be used as a wonderful learning tool in respect to nature, the eco system, and teaching the kids a little responsibility as well.

To begin with it all starts in the planning stage. First you need to capture the interest of the kids. That’s half the battle. You can begin this process by asking their opinion. Start by getting them to look at some pictures and magazines with you, asking which type of pond they would think would look good in your backyard. Now don’t be surprised if they pick out the most exotic gardens in the book. You can bring them back to reality quick enough, but be sure to not put them down about their choices. You can simply tell them that it’s a great choice, but perhaps a little too big and hard to care for in your backyard.

Try to limit the pictures to those that are practical. Next, ask your kids to help you design a pond by drawing a picture of one. If you happen to get something that is workable it would be a great start for your formal designing. Imagine the pride the young person is going to feel with his or her contribution.

The next step is to be sure to tell them how much you need and would appreciate their help in picking out the products needed for the water garden. Then of course there is their much needed help for the actual installation process.

You may find that through some of the boring stages that the children’s enthusiasm fades away a bit. When this happens though try to get them back on track by talking and planning for some of the good stuff. This would include the fountain, waterfalls and of course the fish. You may even want to consider a fogger as this is sure to catch their interest.

Be sure to let them help with the situating of the various items. They may end up not exactly where you had planned, but it is important that each family member add their personal touch to the family pond.

Once the pond is complete assign every family a pond maintenance chore. Here is where the learning begins as you can teach them how algae grows and what it is all about. You can educate them on the feeding of pond fish. You can also include how the pond may be beneficial for the environment and even touch on some health issues.

Finally allow your youngsters to entertain their friends by perhaps having a pond party. You can be most assured that your child will act responsibly when they have had such an involvement with the pond right from the planning stage. They are sure to be excited and proud to show off the intriguing effects of the fogger.…

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5 Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Many homeowners like to do a bathroom remodel to boost the value of the home that they live in. However, taking on these additional expenses for bathroom remodeling might be something that homeowners hesitate with. There are ways that the homeowners can make a drastic change to update the look and feel of the bathroom without having to completely remodel the bathroom and empty your wallet. Remodeling a bathroom does not have to be an extremely expensive endeavor, it can be easily achieved with some tips on how to change the look and feel of the current bathroom situation within the home.
By changing the lighting in the bathroom, you can give the bathroom a more modern look and feel that pops. You can have more natural light come into the room without having to do an entire bathroom remodel by replacing curtains in the bathroom or removing objects that might be blocking the window. Artificial lighting can be used in the bathroom as well. You can make the bathroom more timeless with stainless steel lighting fixtures. Adding ambient lighting in the shower also makes the bathroom look more luxurious and welcoming. But, consider searching for a remodeling contractor when you have more in depth projects.
Adding mirrors to the bathroom can provide a better look and feel of the bathroom overall. You want a larger sized mirror that shows most of the upper portion of your body. These are easy to install and do not need bathroom remodeling to be done in order to get them in the bathroom.
One of the easiest ways to update how a bathroom looks and feels without a total bathroom remodel is through the color of the bathroom. Since bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the home, you may want to add a touch of color. You should think about the shades that you’re choosing. You may want to stay away from darker colors since this might make the room seem smaller, where bright colors such as blues, oranges, and yellows will open it up and make it more welcoming. Paint is inexpensive and can change the feel of your bathroom.
Adding new cabinets and vanities can be done, but this is a more costly fix for the bathroom if you do not know what you’re doing. You may want to think about swapping shelves or other smaller units throughout the bathroom. A lot of times when you are remodeling a bathroom, they will cut these things for you and start fresh. If you’re up for the task, then go for it, but you may want to consider finding a contractor. You could also change the handles and knobs on these things to give them a fresher look without replacing the entire cabinet itself.
When remodeling bathroom, you want to ensure that you also think about changing some of the smaller things such as the toothbrush holder, shower curtain and bath rugs. These can make any bathroom look extremely different and are extremely affordable compared to remodeling the whole bathroom.…

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Replacing Your Bathtub

Your bathtub is among the first things you see when entering your bathroom. It can also be one of the most expensive fixtures to replace. But if your existing tub is starting to look dated or is becoming troublesome it may be purchase that is time to make.
Replacing a bathtub is not an easy undertaking, sometimes it involves replacing and moving some of the existing plumbing to better accommodate a new tub. The process of reworking the plumbing involves cutting into or taking out completely the drywall surrounding the tub in order to reach the pipes that are currently connected to the existing tub. This is not a job for beginners, dealing with the removal of drywall and plumbing requires someone with experience and plumbing know how.
A new bathtub starts at between $200 and $600 for a standard tub while some higher end tubs costing as much as $3,000. The price depends on which type of tub you are interested in purchasing and what if any features you are looking for, such as water jets or a specific type of material used in the tub. Depending on your needs a new tub can be quite an investment.
The installation of a new tub is not something that can typically be done in a weekend. Depending on how much work needs to be done to the plumbing to accommodate the new tub and any damage to the underlying wood and supports it can take up to a week before your tub is properly installed and ready to use. It is not something that can be rushed, and it is important that all of the plumbing connections are done properly to avoid any leaks and water damage.
It may also be a good idea to include any other work you are planning to do to your bathroom at the same time as the tub since the plumbing is going to be worked on anyway. This will avoid having to tear out the walls later if you decide to add a shower or change the one currently installed. By combining the work, it will save you time and money later.
When choosing a contractor to replace your bathtub and any other changes you would like done, it is important to choose one that has a lot of experience and will do the work for a reasonable rate. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, this will allow you the opportunity to hear from past clients on their quality of work and amount of time that it took to complete their job. Be sure to get an estimate stating all the work that they are going to do so that you are not surprised by any added on charges at the completion of your project.
Replacing a bathtub is a great way to increase your home’s value and offers you the chance to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Just remember to do your homework and choose a contractor that will help the process not hinder it.…

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Container Gardening For Every Season

Container Gardening For Every Season

Last year, at the end of the season and the spent plants had been removed, I decided not to empty the pots, but to re-use them and the potting mix in them. There were spring bulbs on sale everywhere and perennials were being marked down at the end of the season. Since most of our pots are pretty large, it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of the plants and bulbs on sale. Not only would I not have to empty those big pots, but I would have something to look forward to next spring and summer.

After I thoroughly removed all parts of the dead or dying plants, including the roots, I rejuvenated the potting mix with a little compost, vermiculite and bone meal. I then planted the bulbs, (tulips and daffodils), about 6-8” deep, all over the surface of the pots. In some of the pots I planted perennials over the tulips, knowing that the tulips and daffodils would come up and bloom early and as they were finishing up, the perennials would wake up and begin to grow, hiding the spent tulip and daffodils leaves.

Some of the pots I left planted only with the bulbs, because I wanted to plant more annuals above them in the summer, as the daffodils and tulips were fading.

It all worked out really well, with a beautiful display of tulips and daffodils to brighten the chilly spring. The perennials slept until their pot-mates were dying back, and then they grew into beautiful plants, after putting down roots all winter. The annuals were planted and grew, with blossoms cascading down the sides of the pots, seemingly unaware of the colony of bulbs going to sleep beneath them.

I now realize that I’ll have to lift the bulbs in a couple of years, as they multiply and get too crowded. Also, as the perennials mature and the roots begin to need more space, it will probably get too crowded with the bulbs in there. That means the perennials will have to be disturbed as the bulbs are removed.

I’ve come to the conclusion, that the best arrangement is to only plant the bulbs into the pots where there will be annuals planted above them, since annuals come out at the end of the season anyway. The perennials will be in separate pots, so that they won’t have to be disturbed as they grow to full size.…

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The wine cellar versus the wine fridge

We often look at the optimal benefits of a good Wine cellar room. Not all of us are lucky enough to have that luxury at home or places of work. This is where a slim wine fridge comes into play.

Since its inception, it has been seen as an appliance rather than a room used to store wine collections, even though it is a regular addition to the family household. But this sought after unit comes in the form of a cabinet with proper shelves. When researching wine fridges of your choice, you will notice that they come in various sizes and heights.

This display from the front has a more visual impact than a dark cellar room. It has an LED light inside and a tempered glass door to prevent harmful UV rays. It is strongly advised that this appliance be kept in an area with no sunlight seeping through. A wine cellar room is no longer the only option to preserve and age the wine. All wine connoisseurs are thrilled.


Let us talk about the price.

The price of owning a wine cellar room versus the price of a tall slim wine fridge, indeed, is substantially different.  When looking at a wine cellar, the cost is much higher than a wine cooler. People who want to purchase wine coolers are the unlucky ones who do not have enough space to set up a wine cellar.  But this unit offers the same features needed to store in the right environment, such as a wine cellar.

Henceforth, when considering the type of wine lover, and their preference for different wines, it would become apparent if they are serious about preserving expensive wine collections. Let us first look at a wine cellar. These connoisseurs are serious about spending a lot of money on collecting many wine bottles. However, they also need to keep this cost in mind whilst considering the upkeep of a cellar.  One is the expense of buying sought after collections, and two is the optimal environment inside the wine cellar. And we are not even considering the cleaning procedure that needs to happen without compromising the perfect humidity and stable temperature.

Henceforth, the expenses of a wine cellar are much more than investing in a wine fridge. A wine cellar’s cost ranges from four thousand to fifty thousand dollars—much more than a wine fridge.

A wine fridge‘s expense is lower than a wine cellar’s. These units are great for wine enthusiasts who want to collect wine. A small wine fridge also saves on electricity costs. It’s is estimated to cost less than 100 dollars per year.

The conclusion

When taking all of the above into consideration. It all depends on the wine enthusiasts’ needs over expense. And what they desire to own.

James Thomson, ‘The Wine of Love’. This charming little poem is short enough to be quoted here in full:

The wine of Love is music,

And the feast of Love is song:

And when Love sits down to the banquet,

Love sits long:

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Make Your Garden a Perfect Venue For Dining

Make Your Garden a Perfect Venue For Dining

It cannot be denied that urban living has demanded a lot of our time and this has led us to have very busy lifestyle. Like it or not, we are now facing stress more frequent than previous generations and these stress are often caused by our work and our busy lifestyle. And often, people do not have much time to relax.

This is really embarrassing and it’s quite unfortunate too. People should always have enough time to relax because if they don’t, they can accrue serious health issues which are not just expensive to cure but could still cause more stress than ever before.

Relaxing is actually a requirement. When you relax, you tend to have a more positive frame of mind. However, the right relaxation may not always be available because that will still depend on where you are relaxing or where you feel comfortable. Your colleague might consider hiking a relaxing activity but you don’t because of the physical demands of the activity. Maybe for you, what is relaxing is sitting beside the beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean while having a small picnic with your family.

There are also people who feel comfortable staying in their garden and they consider their backyard as their perfect retreat. It’s just very unfortunate that not everyone feels that it is so. A lot of people worry too much about their garden like the weeds and the need to do more work in the garden because plants need to be re-potted and more. When it comes to relaxing, these are not very ideal settings.

For this reason, it is always advised to keep your garden minimal. Keep it neat and simple. Try to put your mind on setting up an outdoor space that does not require a very high maintenance, which might also allow you to do things that you actually enjoy. More and more people are learning to eat organic food and a lot of people are realizing that they can actually grow these in their garden than having to purchase them in the store.

It is very easy to dine in your garden. You don’t a very huge space, if this is what you want. All you need is a space where you can put up a picnic table, a couple of chairs to sit you and your guests, and a lovely meal in a very lovely surrounding. Sometimes, the most relaxing experiences are those that brings very simple pleasures in life.

However, if you still feel that you can’t relax, then you should think of the things that get in the way. It’s always a possibility that you are simply thinking of too many things. Why don’t you spend an hour or two in your garden? Trim down your shrubs and start getting your garden into shape. This may just be the activity that your mind is looking for. There’s no reason for you not to relax. Everyone needs to re-charge every once in a while.…