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Winter Gardening – Now Comes the Fun Part!

Winter Gardening – Now Comes the Fun Part!

Unlike many gardeners, I actually love the beginning of winter. Yes, there are some jobs that need to be done in the garden – we can get to those later. But it’s also an opportunity to curl up in front of a warm fire with a perfect excuse to stay indoors (if you happen to live in a part of the world where it’s cold, dark and raining!), consider what worked and what didn’t over the past gardening year, and begin to plan what you’ll try next year.

At the end of autumn my husband usually finds me surrounded by gardening books, seed catalogues and sheets of paper, sketching out my vege garden for the coming year and looking for new varieties to plant which will survive in our very humid summer. This is also when I canvas the kids to see what they’d like to try growing – I find they tend to help out in the garden more when they have some input!

This is the part of the gardening year when you can take your time to work out what to plant, when, and where. You can take your time to work through what companion plants go together, what size your plants will grow to, and how to ensure they have enough, or not too much shade, depending on their requirements. You have the luxury of choosing what you actually want to plant, rather than grabbing whatever is left at the garden centre along with every other spring gardener! Whenever I tend to jump straight into planting my garden without this planning stage I end up with crowded areas and gaps, and am invariably late getting my seeds into the ground as I get caught up in all the other jobs that need doing.

This is also a good time to have a look at your soil. If you’ve grown a couple of crops over summer then it’s likely your soil will be depleted and need a bit of a nutrient top-up. Whip out the remains of your summer plants, which are probably looking fairly yellow and sorry for themselves at this stage. It’s also worth testing your soil’s acidity – this is easily done with a soil testing kit from your garden centre – so see if your soil needs some particular attention. There are some great ways to add organic matter back into your soil without resorting to chemicals. Sowing a green manure crop is one option, but to be honest I tend to find this a bit too much work. You can also dig in well-rotted animal manure – just make sure you leave your soil for 2-3 months before planting. I tend to dig in a good pile of compost from my compost heap and worm farm to feed the soil, making sure you dig deep to integrate the compost and aerate the soil as you go. I then only have to wait 2-3 weeks before I can begin planting my winter crops.

Finally, spend a weekend having a look at your supplies. I tend to give my tools a good clean, empty out and wash my pots and spray bottles, and see what needs replacing. I find winter is a good time to visit the garden centre to replace any of those tools that are past their best – there can be some good sales on and you can find the odd bargain.

And once that’s all done, it’s back in front of the fire with the gardening books, enjoying a well-earned glass of wine.…

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How Can I Use Fencing To Transform My Garden

How Can I Use Fencing To Transform My Garden

Gardening is a great hobby, and there are plenty of ways for homeowners to turn their landscape into an inviting oasis. Using fencing to create separate areas is one approach that is often used. This can be used to build private areas that are screened from neighbours and nearby traffic. The materials that can be used in the fences will also lend a hand to the home’s appearance. Cedar and redwood are two common materials that are renowned for their durability and appearance. Metal and chain links are other options, and these can also be used in the landscape with great success.

Creating a serene spot in the garden is best done by sectioning areas off. This will create private areas that are screened from the outside world. Gardeners then have a number of options for their plantings, and fences can often serve as the backdrop. There are lots of lovely bushes that are thick enough to help provide privacy. Lower shrubs and flowers can then be put in front of the taller bushes. This approach creates a tiered design that adds a dimension of height to the landscape.

Fences also serve a practical purpose and are the proactive way to keep pasts from entering gardens. Deer, rabbits and other creatures all love to enjoy the fresh greens that are found in vegetable and flower gardens. Keeping these pests out can be a time consuming task, and there are several ways to ensure a garden is secure. Fences are a great choice, and it is economical to find a product that has holes that are too small for rabbits and squirrels. The fences can also be tall enough so that they keep deer from jumping into the garden.

Homeowners have lots of choices when it comes to the materials that are used in their fencing. Wood and metal are both options, and they each offer their own benefits. Both materials are ideal for exterior applications. They can withstand the conditions outside, and they usually require very little in the way of routine maintenance.

Creating different areas in the yard often requires fences. These can be thought of just like walls inside a home. Private areas and secure gardens can be made by installing a fence along the perimeter. Some homeowners prefer to plant bushes in front of their fences, and this is one way to add to the privacy in the yard. Keeping pests out of the yard or flower garden is another benefit of fences. These are made with holes that will keep smaller animals out of a garden.…

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Super Ways To Manage Your Home Improvement Efforts

There are many more people who attempt home improvement projects than there are who complete them successfully. If you’re properly educated, making home improvements doesn’t need to be hard. The article below has ideas that can help you get started.

Fans are a must in the hot summer months. Ceiling fans are particularly helpful to circulate air. They keep your home much cooler. Fans help decrease the energy that is spent on the air conditioner. As a result, your electric bill can be decreased.

It is very important to change air filters. It is not only healthier for your family, it will make your heater and air conditioner last longer. Repairmen are often called out only to find that the filters are simply clogged.

You can start a long-term home improvement plan by prioritizing the different rooms you want to work on. Just improve different rooms gradually to save you some money and time. Before beginning any home improvement project, write out a detailed plan so you can keep a watch out for sales on the items you need. Smart planning can be a great way to realize savings while also making your home better.

Any home improvement project will be hard work. Making a list of all your expected tasks and requirements. You may also want to get an additional opinion to ensure you didn’t miss anything during your assessment. You can save money when you have the right idea of what must happen.

Always turn off the main water supply before working near pipes in your home. This is true of any project that will impact your pipes or your water supply; always find the shutoff valve. This will make sure you don’t flood your house.

As mentioned earlier, lots of people want to make home improvements, but start to get discouraged quickly. If you have the best information, Kitchen Remodel home improvement is easier than you think. Keep this article’s suggestions in mind and you’ll be much better prepared for your next job.…

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Kitset Garden Sheds – DIY Garden Shed Assembly Made Easy

Kitset Garden Sheds – DIY Garden Shed Assembly Made Easy

There is no doubt that kitset garden sheds are popular choices among homeowners primarily for their affordable prices. Furthermore, you can select from a wide range of sizes, designs and materials. Before purchasing a set ready for assembly, however, you should get an idea of what you are getting into. Being prepared will help you complete the DIY project easily in no time.

The kitset garden sheds should come ready for assembly. The package you receive from the supplier must include all building materials which have to be ready for use. The plan of the structure should also be in the package. Most manufacturers provide complete assembly guides and manuals with instructions, diagrams and pictures. Check whether these come with the package or can be found directly online.

Typically, building consent from the local authorities is not required for kitset garden sheds. Still, it is a good idea to check this in advance to be on the safe side. This is particularly applicable if your structure will be fairly large.

Go over all the information on the construction of kitset garden sheds provided by the manufacturer before you start work. Ensure that you know how to do everything. Assemble the necessary tools which you will need for the job. Typically, these are very basic.

It is typically recommended for kitset garden sheds to be built on foundations and not directly on the ground. That way, the structure will be much more stable. Besides, all the items kept inside will be perfectly well protected. A foundation can be easily built with the use of concrete or paving slabs. Wood can be used as a soft flooring material to be placed over the foundation.

The maker of the shed which you have got should provide instructions on how to attach it to the foundation. Keep in mind that the techniques foe wood, metal and plastic structures vary. For instance, wood sheds are not to be placed directly on foundations. They are typically places on pressure-treated bearers that support their full weight.

Assembling kitset garden sheds is not a difficult task as you simply need to put all the elements together. There should be no need for cutting, grinding and treating the materials. Indeed, you should expect any timber materials to be treated appropriately so that they do not rot or get infested by insects.

Some kitset garden sheds are used as workshops which require electricity. It is always best to hire a professional electrician to supply power to the structure in your yard.…

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Regular Home Maintenance

Sometimes we get carried away in life with so much things to do and things to see. But there are some things that we must not overlook are things inside and outside of our homes. Our home is very important to us, it is where we live, meet others, sleep, eat, raise children and pass our time. That is why it is so important that this home of ours is kept in good shape. Throughout my experience and also talking to home inspectors I have came up with a list of items around our homes that need regular maintenance. These maintenance items can be checked either by the owners themselves or by hiring a home inspector. These inspections around our home can even save us from future problems and costs to repair the damages.
1) Clean the gutters in the spring & fall.
2) Check for damaged roofing and flashing materials twice a year.
3) Cut back trees and shrubs from the house walls, roof and air conditioning system as needed.
4) Clean the tracks on horizontal sliding windows annually, and ensure the drain holes are clear.
5) Test ground fault circuit interrupters, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors using the test button, monthly.
6) Service furnace or boiler yearly.
7) Check furnace filters, humidifiers and electronic air cleaners monthly.
8) Check the bathtub and shower caulking monthly and improve promptly as needed.
9) If you are in a climate where freezing occurs, shut off outdoor water faucets in the fall.
10) Check reversing mechanism on the garage door opener monthly.
11) Check attics for evidence of leaks and condensation and make sure vents are not obstructed, at least twice a year.…

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Fast and Easy Tips For Growing Bamboo

Fast and Easy Tips For Growing Bamboo

If you want to take on the task of growing bamboo, it is important that you learn a few simple rules first. While a bamboo garden can be a beautiful thing when done correctly, it can conversely turn into a nightmare if it is done improperly. Also, bamboo is such a strong and sturdy plant, that it is very difficult to get rid of once it has been planted. So tread carefully.

With that said here are a few tips to follow before starting your bamboo garden.

The first consideration you must take into account is where you live. Do you live out in the country and have ample room, or in the city with a small yard? You must always carefully consider the nature of bamboo. Do you want a clumper or a running variety? If you have a small yard then I would highly suggest avoiding runners, as they can grow a great deal, including underground and possibly into your neighbors yard.

Running bamboo is great for creating a private barrier, much like a fence. You must have a good strategy for containing the plants however. You will need to create a barrier around the plants both underground and above ground using such materials as plastic and concrete. These species of bamboo can take a lot of maintenance and extra work, so be prepared.

The clumper species of bamboo is much easier to contain and a much better choice for those with smaller yards. However, it is still a good idea to install a barrier as well or risk a very unhappy neighbor knocking on your door early one morning!

The best thing about both species of bamboo is that they can be planted all year round. However I would suggest that if at all possible, you plant the bamboo during warmer weather. This gives the bamboo the best chance to grow and survive.

Creating a bamboo garden does take some careful planning, but with a little education and practice it isn’t that difficult to grow bamboo. Not only will you be creating a stunning and beautiful garden using bamboo, but you will be growing one of nature’s great miracle plants and helping the environment!…

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Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

Now that we have all experienced a glint of summer and the enjoyment of spending time in the great outdoors I am sure you are all starting to think about getting your garden prepared for all those yummy BBQs. A pristine green lawn does not just happen and unfortunately for many of us we cannot afford to hire someone to give us a hand therefore it’s up to our own fair hands to do get the job done. Your garden should be a space that is enjoyed by you, your family, and friends and reflect your style or taste.

Some simple weeding and mowing the lawn can help turn an overgrown mess into a nice, clean cut space. You should always take into account the amount of space you have to work with, you do not want to put too much furniture in a garden as you will have very little room to enjoy it. People with children may also want to consider what they put into the garden as items which are breakable may not only be dangerous but be rather pricey when you have to constantly replace them. You must also decide how much time you have to dedicate to the up keep of your garden; the more you have the more you will have to prune and maintain the garden.

Many people are now choosing to pave large parts of the garden in order to avoid having to trim too much grass and to allow them to pop a lovely table and chairs down away from the children. For all you sun worshippers you may want to take in account what areas of your garden attract the most sun as this will help you place your furniture.

There are lots of great garden ideas therefore it is just a case of choosing which one suits you. For people who do not have a lot of time you may just want to keep a neat garden with little plantation or if you are a keen gardener then you may want a more extravagant design with bright, bold plants or even trees where appropriate.

Many people however simply want a nice garden that is child friendly, I would then suggest keeping a simple design such as plastic furniture as it is easy to wipe clean and is cheaper so for all those wee accidents that occur with your tiny tots it will not annoy you quite as much. Protect your furniture with a cover and make sure you research how to maintain it as it will not last long if you do not take the right measures.

You can great some great deals on BBQs this year so why not treat yourself; cook some yummy burgers and sit back to enjoy the sun with your family. A BBQ works well for a many occasions so long as you have a nice garden to enjoy it in. When summer is set to be a scorcher make sure that you make the most of it as for many of us that are not lucky enough to go on holiday its the perfect place to get a tan.…