All About Animal Garden Statues

All About Animal Garden Statues

From the illusive wolf to the powerful lion, animal statues are one way to really add a unique and vibrant touch to your garden. Animal statues come in many forms, shapes and sizes with dozens of ways you can set them up in your garden. Taking into account the overhanging foliage as well as the overall colour and density of your garden can give you a rough idea of where your statues would sit best. For example having a large statue like a bear near large plants could obstruct the view. On the other hand if you placed small plants around the base of the statue, you could create a much better look while having your bear in full view.

According to tradition, the birthplace of humans was a garden. Upon creation, Adam and Eve didn’t have to toil or work, they lived a life of no stress or suffering. Maybe that is why people use gardens to help seek tranquillity and peace. Something that many people wouldn’t realize is that a lot of animals have meanings and symbols like the butterfly representing transformation while the hummingbird symbolizes optimism and sweetness.

Understanding the different materials statues can be made out of is also an important aspect of picking your garden statue, materials such as metal may rust or lose colour, although this may seem like a negative, sometimes when a statue ages in creates an even better look. If you’re looking for a more ancient and exotic look possibly looking into the more expensive bronze and marble statues could also be an option.

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You’re geographical area when choosing your statue can also be a factor. Creatures from the African savannah are going to be far more suited to a garden that’s drier and with fewer plants compared to a lush forest. Placing small turtle or bird statues around a waterfall or pond in your garden also makes sense. Some types of statues can suit well in pairs or groups, cat statues are a good example of this as they can create the impression they are guarding you’re garden in a pair.

In summary, animal statues are a great way to change the whole dynamic of your garden while also adding some meaning and symbolism. If you’re after just something small like the turtle or possibly the large elephant there will be enough selection of beautiful animal statues out there that you’ll almost always find what you’ve been looking for.