Embarrassing Moments at a Baby Shower!

Embarrassing Moments at a Baby Shower!

It was a baby shower for our daughter and our first grandchild, at the home of her in-laws. Her girlfriends had the backyard filled with pink, blue, yellow and green crepe paper and balloons. The table clothes were designed with pink and green teddy bears, yellow and blue elephants and palm trees scattered about. Everything looked so cute! There were about fifty women there, both family and friends. They were all chit chatting, enjoying champagne punch and munching on appetizers.

My friend Nancy and I were sitting on one side of the picnic table. You know the kind of table that you have to lift one leg into and then the other before you can actually sit down. On the other side of the table was my mother and sister-in-law.

There we were watching gift after gift being open and passed around for everyone to see. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the last gift was open and passed. My daughter stood and thanked everyone for coming and for their gift. Then the hostess announced that the buffet was ready to be served and to please come and help yourself.

My mother and sister-in-law just happened to get up from the picnic table at the same time. As they did, their side of the table lifted up off the ground and Nancy and I went with it along with the four glasses of punch! We were so embarrassed! There we were in front of all fifty women who suddenly stopped talking and turned around to stare at us!

Of course, we were not able to get up because the table had flipped over on us and we were now covered in punch! My son-in-law and his father came to our rescue and pulled us out before lifting the picnic table upright. Thankfully neither of us was hurt, just our pride!

So the moral of this story is: It is probably not a good idea to buy a picnic table with the benches attached. A better idea might be to buy one that has a separate bench for each side!

By the way, that baby that they were having the shower for, she just turned 21!

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