Grounds Maintenance Contractors

Grounds Maintenance Contractors

The recognition over the years of the positive effects of attractive landscaped or tidy communal or private surroundings has increased the requirement for services provided by Grounds Maintenance Contractors. Human need for pleasant well designed outside environments across work, social and recreational areas usually means that ongoing care and up keep in majority of cases will require professional help.

This is because different environments will contain elements that only a specialist firm with correctly trained staff and professional equipment can maintain on a proper basis and are committed to consistent standards. Also, it is important that any specialist is familiar with existing legislation such as the Weed Act 1959, which stipulates where action must be taken to guard against injury from weeds such as: Ragwort, Spear, Thistle and any other weed type that is acknowledged as being able to cause harm or injury.

If you search the Internet for the term “Grounds Maintenance Contractors” you will find a multitude of companies offering services traditionally associated with customer requirements. If you are in the market for a grounds maintenance provider, it is most likely that all or some of the services listed below will fulfill your needs.

Lawn Maintenance

A competent contractor should be capable of carrying out: aeration, cutting banks, cutting form grass areas, maintaining grass edges, scarifying and applying appropriate lawn treatments.


Often used to maintain hard to reach places. It’s important that the contractor has the correct equipment to provide a professional finish.

Maintaining Flower Beds & Shrubbery

These areas will require attention and maintenance by the use of: edging, hoeing and digging, landscaping, where and when appropriate plantings, solid pruning skills, good knowledge of weed control and if required tree surgery skills. In instances where a maintenance contractor possesses strong landscaping skills, should provide additional flexibility.

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Maintain Environmental Hygiene

Different environments can present differing demands. But in the main contractors will clear leaves and litter, sweep and apply weed treatments to paths, driveways and paved areas. When required, Jet Washing or Pressure Washing can be a useful addition.

Controlling vermin

This is a specialist area and requires expert knowledge and vermin control usually involves use of poisons and other toxins as control tools and possibly other methods depending on the requirements and the offending vermin. If your requirements include this service, it’s crucial that a contractor with correct qualifications and experience is engaged to carry out the required tasks.


Employing Grounds Maintenance Contractors should not prove a daunting task as most environments make the requirements clear and will be covered by services from the above areas. In instances where specialist’s skills are required, it is better to bring in the specialist contractor to deal with that particular issue. Also, remember to check that firms on your shopping list are fully compliant and up to date with Health and Safety rules.

In terms of the commercials, a confident and competent contractor should be flexible on contracts, as their focus should be on customer satisfaction and service. Not tying you down to long-term contracts.

I hope the information in this article proves useful, particularly for those who are engaging with Grounds Maintenance Contractors for the first time.