Improve Your Home’s Landscaping With Wattles

Improve Your Home’s Landscaping With Wattles

When taken care of properly, wattles can enhance a home’s landscaping by a significant degree. If you have been searching high and low for plants and flowers that will kick your landscape design up a notch, you should definitely put wattles near the top of your list.

A Wide Variety Of Options –

There are many different varieties of wattle to choose from. The kind that you select will largely depend on what your specific preferences and circumstances are. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, wattles run the gamut from foliage that is quite dark to a more reddish-green hue. The flowers on a typical wattle plant can be several different colours, ranging from pale yellow to a very deep orange shade. As there are so many varieties and styles available, it is quite easy to select wattle plants that will beautifully complement your landscaping.

The Popularity Of Wattles –

One particular variety of wattle – the Acacia pycnantha – is actually the floral emblem of Australia, which highlights the popularity of this flowering plant. Depending on the specific variety of wattle, the plant may flower during the late spring and summer – or might even bloom all year long. Wattles can withstand a great deal of direct sunlight, which is largely what makes them so popular in this very sunny country.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Wattles –

Unlike many other kinds of plants, wattles do not require a lot of fertilizer. In fact, they are extremely sensitive to such substances and shouldn’t be exposed to an excessive amount of them. It is important to note that some people may find wattles at times a little difficult to manage as they can outgrow boundaries of their garden. With a bit of care and by paying a bit of attention to them, though, they can be kept under control. They grow quite fast, but do have very short lifespans as far as such things go.

Wattles: Things To Keep In Mind –

If you make a decision to plant wattles in your garden, remember to select a spot where they will receive a decent amount of direct sunlight. Remember that wattles contribute a great deal of nitrogen to the soil, making them suitable neighbours for a large number of other plants and flowers. They can be grown from seed, but you do need to treat the tough seeds prior to planting them. Beyond that, a small amount of pruning and a little bit of attention will make these plants be a truly stunning addition to any part of your overall landscape design scheme.

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