Kenroy Home – Decorating With Water Fountains

Kenroy Home – Decorating With Water Fountains

Water Fountains have become quite popular when it comes to home decorating. They can be used as a decorating tool in many places. You might use put one in the garden, home, office or anywhere else you wish to enjoy the tranquility and peace that decorative water fountains bring. When it comes to picking out the right style, design and type of fountain you can’t go wrong with a product from Kenroy Home.


Kenroy started in the lighting industry and has since expanded to water fountains. Their styles range from classical and traditional, to contemporary and casual. Their fountain designs were made to go with both interior and exterior d?�cor. The flowing water and soothing sounds blend in a unique artistry created in real stone, metal and ceramics.


Kenroy offers a wide selection of tabletop water fountains ranging in many sizes and styles. Many of their tabletop fountains are crafted using slate as the surface. This slate looks amazing because the water brings out the natural colors of the stone. They also use the tiered style fountain which allows the water to free fall to different tiers. These tiered fountains offer a variety and different style when it comes to picking a fountain. I recently was in a friend’s office and noticed he had the Waterdrop Tabletop Water Fountain from Kenroy. I had only seen pictures before but seeing one in person I was amazed at how much more beautiful it was in real life.


If you are looking to spice up your garden or patio with a water fountain Kenroy has a great selection. With many different styles and sizes your opportunities are endless. Most of the garden water fountains are made from stone or ceramics. You also have the option of water running down the surface of the fountain or a tiered free fall. All of these fountains are powered with a standard 120v plug in. You can purchase outdoor extension cords that are made to run under the ground if you do not want the cord showing through your garden. The most popular of their garden water fountains is the Venetian Outdoor Water Fountain. The Venetian has a very classic look and is a beautiful piece of art.

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Kenroy mostly deals with garden and tabletop fountains but they do have a few wall mounted water features as well. These fountains can be mounted onto almost any surface and will definitely enhance their surroundings with the beauty and soothing sounds of running water.

When it comes to garden and home d?�cor you simply can’t go wrong with a Kenroy water feature. They offer a unique variety to accommodate any decorating needs. Enjoying the beauty and peace of running water in a truly unique piece of crafted art is a great way to unwind and eliminate daily stress. If you have been looking for just the right piece of d?�cor to finish your room, garden or patio then you will definitely want to see what Kenroy has to offer.