Lead Based Paint: Ready or Not the New Law Is Here!

On April 22, 2010 the EPA enacted a new, nationwide set of regulations regarding lead based paint. It has been an absolute JOY (Not!) informing new and existing clients of the risks of lead based paint and the new regulations and fines enacted by Big Brother, I mean, our benevolent government. As a contractor, we are REQUIRED to be the bearer of bad news for those of you who own homes built before 1978. The fines for looking the other way, not informing you of the risks, not giving you the required literature, and not using the required lead paint renovation procedures, start at $37,000 per day! The government is very serious about this issue and the risks to your family.
Several potential clients have asked why we can’t just ignore the new law. Well, several reasons, in fact, 37,000 reasons. Obviously, the risk to your family is the most important reason, but beyond that, contractors can’t risk their business, their home and the physical and financial well being of their employees and subcontractors just to save a few dollars. Contractors have had to invested a lot of money sending staff to the required certification courses, purchasing the necessary protective and cleaning materials and tools, and implementing the required physical and record keeping procedures to be in full compliance. When a contractor suggests that you can ignore the new law, they not only put your family’s health at risk, they also put your financial future at risk. This law is so new, we still don’t know where all of the liability will end up. If you allow renovations to be completed that ignore the new law, you will have to disclose that fact when you sell your home. If you don’t disclose that fact, you open yourself up to huge legal liability. I’m sure we’re not very far off from the late night TV commercial with the deep voiced, concerned announcer who says, “Have you ever had your home remodeled? You may have been injured by lead based paint, and deserve compensation…”.
Make sure you take the time to learn more about this subject and protect your family physically and financially.

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