Making The Pond Garden A Family Affair

Making The Pond Garden A Family Affair

It may seem a little strange to utilize something as simple as a pond garden to entertain and intrigue the children. It can actually be used as a wonderful learning tool in respect to nature, the eco system, and teaching the kids a little responsibility as well.

To begin with it all starts in the planning stage. First you need to capture the interest of the kids. That’s half the battle. You can begin this process by asking their opinion. Start by getting them to look at some pictures and magazines with you, asking which type of pond they would think would look good in your backyard. Now don’t be surprised if they pick out the most exotic gardens in the book. You can bring them back to reality quick enough, but be sure to not put them down about their choices. You can simply tell them that it’s a great choice, but perhaps a little too big and hard to care for in your backyard.

Try to limit the pictures to those that are practical. Next, ask your kids to help you design a pond by drawing a picture of one. If you happen to get something that is workable it would be a great start for your formal designing. Imagine the pride the young person is going to feel with his or her contribution.

The next step is to be sure to tell them how much you need and would appreciate their help in picking out the products needed for the water garden. Then of course there is their much needed help for the actual installation process.

You may find that through some of the boring stages that the children’s enthusiasm fades away a bit. When this happens though try to get them back on track by talking and planning for some of the good stuff. This would include the fountain, waterfalls and of course the fish. You may even want to consider a fogger as this is sure to catch their interest.

Be sure to let them help with the situating of the various items. They may end up not exactly where you had planned, but it is important that each family member add their personal touch to the family pond.

Once the pond is complete assign every family a pond maintenance chore. Here is where the learning begins as you can teach them how algae grows and what it is all about. You can educate them on the feeding of pond fish. You can also include how the pond may be beneficial for the environment and even touch on some health issues.

Finally allow your youngsters to entertain their friends by perhaps having a pond party. You can be most assured that your child will act responsibly when they have had such an involvement with the pond right from the planning stage. They are sure to be excited and proud to show off the intriguing effects of the fogger.

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