Soothe Your Soul With a Healing Garden

Soothe Your Soul With a Healing Garden

In our hectic lifestyle, it is important that we take the time to “smell the roses” and “listen to the birds singing”. By creating a sacred space where you can become relaxed and unwind, your body is in a better position to rejuvenate and heal.

What better place then in the natural setting of your own backyard, which can provide the beauty and tranquility to soothe your soul.

Throughout history, gardens have been useful in the healing process. Hospitals and medical care facilities are realizing the importance of a patient’s surroundings and the healing effect that it has with how fast a patient recovers.

As natural therapies are beginning to emerge in the health care industry, we are seeing a resurgence of using nature to heal.

The possibilities are endless in how you can create your own healing garden which allows you to feel the serenity that your soul desires.

You can tailor this special space to your own needs with splashes of color and accents that allow for a meditative garden or Zen garden, a butterfly garden or an herb garden.

To enjoy the symphony of sounds from our fine feathered friends, use plantings, bird baths and feeders to attract wild birds to your backyard. Nectar and host plants are needed to attract butterflies to your garden.

Experiment with day lilies, lantana or hibiscus plants. Hang wind chimes to enjoy their gentle tones or add water elements or a winding brick path leading up to an inviting hammock. Whimsical planters or unique urns can be strategically placed as focal points.

Your healing garden can serve a double purpose as it provides beauty and the plants can be used to help heal the body on a physical level.

Some herbs can be used as culinary as well as medicinal, such as peppermint, rosemary, thyme, sage or parsley. Plants such as lavender are conducive to relaxation. Cool colors such as hues of blue, violets and shades of green provide healing.

Aromatic plants such as Angelica could be planted to engage more of the senses.

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