Wooden Planters Suit Any Garden Design

Wooden Planters Suit Any Garden Design

Garden planters add interest and variety to any garden. There are so many different styles and sizes available that you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

One construction material that many people think of when they are choosing planters is wood. Wood planters can offer your garden oasis a sense of style and variety that cannot be achieved with any other type of material.

Why Everyone Can Use Garden Planters:

Whether you have plenty of garden to work with, or are living in a one-bedroom flat, every home can benefit from the use of planters. They will allow you to bring a new level of definition and clarity to your plantings if they are used on the ground.

They can line walkways, or create unique points of interest in larger gardens. Perhaps their most common use is to bring the plants onto a deck or patio. And with garden planters, the plants can be elevated to any level.

Windows can now be graced with lovely flowers, and sign-posts can do double duty when a planter is included. Wherever your imagination and desire may take you, the right garden planter can make it possible.

Planters built using teak or cedar will last a long time and add a sense of timelessness to your garden. These containers are at home with any decor. They will fit nicely with any area from the salty seaside to the countryside, and especially the city.

Whether your style is sophisticated and chic, or traditional and elegant, wooden planters will fit in beautifully. They can be painted to match any decor, although care should be taken when choosing stains as they can be toxic to some plants. They can also be lined with plastic to help protect the wood and prolong the life of the planter. They are also easily combined with trellises, benches and fences to create a centerpiece that is attractive, elegant, and highly functional.

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Tips for Choosing:

Bigger is usually better. Larger planters will allow you to plant a greater variety of flowers. They also do not dry out as quickly as smaller ones. Keep in mind where you will be placing it, however.

Large containers do not always hang well as they can quickly become too heavy. Keep in mind that the planter will still need some airflow. If yours will be at ground level, it’s a good idea to have feet under it so it will be raised slightly.