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Bathroom Renovations

Small Bathroom Remodels – Using 24″ Bathroom Vanity Styles

Taking on home remodel projects is a fun and creative way to express your DIY self and bring in your personal style. If you are working on a small bathroom, give it a nice open feel and create an appearance of a larger space by using specific items and a some special techniques. Use light colors, the right mirror, and the perfect size of bathroom vanity and your small bathroom will look better than ever.
Open up the Space: When working with a small bathroom, you want to make the most of the space wherever possible. A great way to do this right off the bat is to choose a new vanity that has a good amount of under sink and counter storage space. By using a vanity that has good storage space, it will eliminate the need for things like over-toilet shelving units and multitudes of towel racks and hooks. Another way to create additional space is by using a built-in shelving unit. If you already have one, great; if you don’t, then consider installing one, they are great for storage space and because they are flush against the wall, it gives a clean appearance. Pedestal style vanities pair well with this type of shelving, because they are also great for creating the look of a cleaner and more open space.
Create Illusions: Add the feeling and look of additional space by playing with angles and reflection. Another option is to utilize mirrors for the purpose of creating the illusion of space within the small bathroom. And if you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, then you can use mirrors to add the illusion of more light too, which also helps with the look of more space. Adding a large mirror to your bathroom will create the illusion that the space is a little larger that it looked before. If you’re going to repaint the walls, make sure to use a light color palette. Cool, lighter tones tend to make the space seem more open and less closed in than darker colors, thus making the room feel more spacious. Light colors will also make your bathroom brighter, especially if you have natural light coming in.
Toss the Clutter: No matter what you do, if there’s a lot of stuff in your bathroom will still feel small and claustrophobic. Cut back on decorative objects and go for a minimalist look. Toss anything you don’t really need; if you can’t remember the last time you used it, it goes in the trash. Limit decorative elements to the walls and try to add interest through the frame on your mirror and the light fixtures.
Start your small bathroom remodel creatively by getting some paper and pencil to illustrate a diagram of what you want for the bathroom. Make notations of the room’s dimensions and the estimated dimensions for necessary items you plan to shop for, like a 24″ bathroom vanity and shop for 30″ square mirrors, for example. This way, you’ll have some idea of the existing floor plan as well as the floor plan you desire for the completed project.
Please remember that safety is always the number one priority when working on home remodel projects. If you are unsure of any part of the project, consider speaking with a professional.…

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Bathroom Remodel

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Keep You On Budget

Remodeling your kitchen can add functionality and value to your home. However, such renovations can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, which most people simply don’t have to spare in this depressed economy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have your kitchen remodeled it simply means that you will have do so on a budget that might be less than ideal. However, in order to help you get started here are some cheap kitchen remodel ideas to keep yourself within budget.
1. Start by setting your remodeling budget. You know what you can afford to spend and setting aside that amount and staying within the budget is the first step in getting a new kitchen look without the worry of how you are going to pay the bills.
2. Take a hard look at your kitchen. Decide if your kitchen really needs to be renovated or simply needs to have a new, fresher look. Keep in mind that cabinets, counter tops, and appliances are huge expenses that are best to avoid unless you have a lot of disposable income. Make a list of those changes that are absolutely necessary to make your kitchen more functional and make those changes first.
3. Remember, there are various small and inexpensive things you can do that will give your kitchen a bright new look without spending a lot of money. Sanding and repainting cabinets may take a lot of work but can help give your kitchen an entirely new look for much less than replacing your cabinetry. Fresh paint, stenciling, new curtains, area rugs, and a few shelves placed just right are all inexpensive ways to give your kitchen a face-lift. Some colorful place mats and a nice centerpiece can make that breakfast nook look totally different.
4. Changing your lighting or light fixtures may also make your kitchen more functional and look warmer and more inviting.
5. If your kitchen really does need a complete overall, then consider making changes a few at time and take advantage of any way you can lower the price. For example, there are many resale shops that now carry appliances and you just may get a new looking refrigerator or stove at a reduced price if you take the time to visit some of these places. Also consider getting appliances that are energy star rated as this will help you recover some of your cost slowly over time as you will be paying less for utilities.
6. You might also consider doing as much of the actual remodeling as you can yourself. While you may want a professional to put in those new cabinets or lay down that tile floor, you can certainly paint walls yourself and save on the cost of some of the labor.
By setting a budget and sticking to it, making wise decisions and doing as much of the labor yourself as you reasonably can, it is possible put a few cheap kitchen remodel ideas to work for you and spend less than you ever thought possible.…

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Secrets to Getting Started in a Herb Garden

Secrets to Getting Started in a Herb Garden

Visualize beginning dinner. Smell the aroma of the garlic and the onions as they sizzle in the frying pan. The tomatoes are cut up and set to go. Your spaghetti sauce will be the perfect Italian blend with just one additional ingredient. So quickly stepping outside you pick a helping of fresh thyme from your personal herb garden and now your masterpiece will be complete. Ah, what a beautiful dream. But is it only a dream or can it be reality?

Fear stops many people from starting a herb garden because they feel it would be too troublesome for a beginner. But the truth is, growing your own herb garden is much easier than you might imagine, especially, if you start your garden with seedlings. This will save a lot of time and a lot of headaches that come with trying to start your garden with seeds. So just take a trip over to your local plant source like a nursery, Home Depot, or Lowes. Most carry a good selection and variety of herb plants that are ready to go in your new garden.

And you can plant your herb garden in just about anyplace you have the space, indoors or outdoors. Look around and see if you have an area that you could use like near the front walk or maybe a landscaping bed or two. Or if no space is available outside you can easily grow herbs in pots or containers on a porch, patio, or balcony, as long as it is a well lit area. You can get started today in a very short amount of time.

But before you plant, be sure to have some good nutritious soil for your herbs. Mix in some fertilizer or manure and then you’re ready to start putting in your herb plants.

You do need to spend a little time planning your herb garden in advance though. (Don’t worry, it won’t take long) Just review the basic information provided with each of your herbs and notice how tall and wide they are expected to grow. As well as any other details provided and this will help you make sure your garden gets the best start and finish possible.

Leaving adequate space between each herb will allow it the room it needs to grow to its expected size. This type of herb garden saves you from having to dig stuff up later but you may have to tolerate your garden looking thin at times for the first year or so. During this time you can add other short-term plants that flower such as pansies or marigolds to help make your garden look fuller.

Another key to the success of your garden is to plant the taller herbs toward the back of your garden spot, especially if growing next to a fence or your home. If your gardening bed is a circular shape then you’ll need to plant the taller herbs in the center. Then work your way to the outside edge with the shorter plants. Being able to easily reach and pick your herbs is important if you want to use them for culinary purposes.

Warning: Once you start gardening, it is hard to stop. You will be alert and watching to learn other gardening skills throughout your day. When you find something of interest you’ll be anxious to return home and try it out on your own personal herb garden. You will find enjoyment and relaxation as you nurture your gardens growth. And then one day you step outside to get some fresh thyme and without realizing it, your dream has become reality.…

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Starting a Garden

Starting a Garden

To begin a flowerbed can be a quite positive adventure especially if it is a fruit or vegetable garden. With the economy heading nowhere, but definitely burning a hole in your pocket, growing your own supplies is a excellent idea and definitely a better alternative. People today are attempting to begin a garden to grow and maintain organic fruits and vegetables that, not only will help to reduce on your monthly grocery expenses, but you will be astonished at how rich they taste. They come without the use of any dangerous chemicals that abounds in the commercial variety as well.

With summer time around the corner it is an good time to begin a garden. But before you start it is better to retain a few things in mind. The garden must be very easily accessible to you as you will be needing to water the plants and eliminate the weeds from them and take care of the soil to ensure good produce. A few hours a week would be just fine to have your own vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, radish and many others which are quite easily grown.

The concept to begin a garden, especially for the steady supply of clean vegetables, can be overwhelming for many who have never attempted diy gardening. Generally the fresh vegetables will not only save money but they are also tasty and certainly a richer source of minerals and vitamins. You also know that you are not consuming any unsafe chemicals! A vegetable garden will require some commitment from your part to make it successful. It has been found that the cost of fertilizers and seeds are definitely much lower than buying the vegetables from the neighborhood grocery shop.

However, before you start a garden there are certain things that you will need to do to help make the actual garden and the soil ready for planting the vegetables. It is always better to start small as you may possibly not be able to manage the big ones right at the beginning and may feel stressed out. You will want to grow the plants in an area where they will get ample amounts of sunshine. There really should be good drainage as vegetables need loamy soil. You will need to turn your soil and add compost and other organic fertilizers to make certain a good harvest.

However, just before you start a garden plan the vegetables that you would like to have and those that won’t take up much space. Tomatoes, bean, corns, eggplants, pepper, cucumber and squash are all nice options. You may also go for some common herbs that don’t need much space and labor. With daily watering and attention you will be shocked at how your garden benefits you with the wonderful produce and how much you conserve on your yearly grocery bills.…

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Guide In Achieving A Better Looking Landscape

Guide In Achieving A Better Looking Landscape

Landscaping is no doubt an exciting task to do. The experience can also be challenging but worth it in the long run. Landscaping will not just make your home more appealing and attractive but it can also provide you the satisfaction of good aeration especially during the morning.

If you have done landscaping your yard but the quality is not promising, then you have wasted your money and effort. With this article, you can improve your landscape in a better-looking one.

1. First to consider is the space you have in your area. In landscaping, space matters. The wider space you have, the more room allotted for your plants to grow with. Keep in mind that there are plants, which has longer roots, while other plants grow wider.

These might cause other plants to die killing their rooting system. Other plants like shrubs need to grow at least three to four feet apart from the others. You should also be aware that your plants need ample room to grow with so that they can breathe well and obtain sufficient sunlight exposure.

2. You must know the soil type. There are plants that are sensitive when it comes to their soil preference. Some grow in a more acidity soil whilst others grow in soil with more alkali.

Furthermore, you should consider the presence of loamy soil, clay, sandy, and rocky soil so that you can know what type of plants you will thrive in. If you really wish to have a special type of plant but unfortunately the soil is not fitted for such plant, then changing the soil type will not be a problem.

You can improve the soil type by adding some peat, crushed limestone and clamshells depending on what you want to achieve.

3. Know the seasonal blooms of the plants. There are different varieties of plants that bloom occasionally. You may consider different types and seasonal blooms so that everything will blossom throughout the year.

For example, consider plants that blossom during cold season and those that bloom during summer. In this way, your landscape will not look dull in a year. However if this means is not possible, you can go for bushes and shrubs that appears good green. Stagger them with other plants so that the bloom will cover the whole area.

Improving your landscape will actually save you from future frustrations. You do not have to enhance your garden each year just to have the ideal one you’ve dreaming of. It will let you enjoy the calming feeling of good scenery not just for this moment but also for the years to come.…

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Home Remodeling

How Remodeling My Bathroom Helped Me Sell My House

In the sad and depressing time of the real estate market downturn, trying to sell my house was like wading through a river of lava wearing a pair of moccasins- I was getting burned! There were three other houses in my neighborhood that were all up for sale for the same price, but they had been recently remodeled. What was I going to do to make my house stand out among the crowd? I knew that there was one room in my house that could use some updating, so I decided to get in on some Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling.
Renovation or Repair
First thing was first; I needed to decide whether to repair the bathroom I had or completely renovate it. I invited a friend of mine over to take a look at it for me to give me his opinion. He said, “Renovation”, and I said, “Okay”. Apparently there were too many outdated fixtures and the decor was retro- the bad kind- so repair wouldn’t have done anything to increase the worth of the property.
Doing It Myself
Since I was trying to keep things within a tight budget, I decided to do the work of bathroom renovation myself. Sure, I would ask my contractor friend to help out when he could, but I was going to do most of the work myself. I knew a little bit about cabinet re-facing, fixture installation and lighting so I knew I could at least do those things. Due to the confidence in my abilities and ideas, I knew that this Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling project would be a breeze.
It wasn’t- I decided to call a contractor.
It took less than a month to do the work, and I found a great contractor at Homeshow Daily. He was pre-screened and he also had some great design ideas that helped things go smoother; otherwise the renovation would have taken a year rather than just a month. I was very grateful for his services. He was like my renovation guide- my bathroom guru.
The End Result
Once the Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling project was complete, I added, “remodeled bathroom” to my house listing and the calls started coming in. People wanted a bathroom that was brand new, and it showed in the offers I received. People from all over Wasatch and Salt Lake City, Utah were calling and offering above what I had listed originally.
In the end, the Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling was exactly what my home needed to it did- quickly.…

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House Improvements

Thrifty Retirement: Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

You’ve lived in your home for many years now. It’s beginning to show its age or perhaps its configuration no longer fits your needs, but you really don’t want to move, to leave your convenient neighborhood, or to be farther from your friends or family. You decide instead to remodel. Finding a reliable, trustworthy contractor is the first thing you must do. The second is to pay attention to what the contractor is doing. This is your home and your money: stay on top of the project.
I learned this lesson the hard way.
Our kitchen had an odd layout and some of the appliances needed to be replaced. I went to an annual remodeling show held in our town and spoke with several of the companies there. I told them all what I wanted, which was to save most of the cabinets, which were in good condition, but to replace just a few to fit the new floor plan I had in mind. I wanted to be able to reuse those we would tear out. I easily dismissed several contractors, as they weren’t interested in a project that wasn’t all new, and I narrowed the selection down to just a couple.
I called one and talked with him. I liked him immediately, but asked for references. I phoned all the references, and to a person, they all had glowing reports. I hired him to do the work in the kitchen and I couldn’t have been happier. He was able to preserve more of the cabinets than I had planned on and had to make only one new cabinet door. I was impressed with his reasonable cost, his excellent workmanship, and his clear concern for the environment, as well as with his pleasant return to fix a couple small blips.
A couple years later when we decided to do a major remodel of our master bathroom, he was the obvious choice. He even used the same crew boss as had worked on the kitchen. I had high hopes and no reservations. However, as the work progressed, I found questions popping up. The crew boss was showing up later in the day, or some days not at all. The job was taking longer than I expected. This wasn’t quite right; that had to be redone. We had ordered a custom-made vanity that was delivered and installed while we were gone for a long weekend.
When I first saw the cabinet, I knew something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It took two weeks for me to pinpoint the problem. The style wasn’t what I had ordered. Where did this go wrong? The estimator blamed the cabinetmaker, and the cabinetmaker said he made what the estimator ordered. Meanwhile, my contractor was left holding the bag, as he was financially responsible for getting me the right vanity cabinet.
My contractor returned several times to fix small things the crew boss had messed up, but it’s been a year now and I still don’t have the vanity I ordered. The contractor is still the nicest guy in the world, but he has already lost money on this job and he still owes me a vanity. Will I ever get it? I don’t know.
The bottom line is that you must stay on top of the workers and the job, even if you know them. Check every day. If you don’t like a specific detail, speak up right away. In my case, it turned out the crew boss was having family problems he hadn’t mentioned to the contractor. His mind was somewhere else while he was working, and my contractor and I both paid for it. When the wallpaper was stripped, instead of washing the old glue off the walls, they painted over it. The floor tiles are not level and have created an uneven floor. The towel racks were mounted too high and had to be removed and remounted. The toilet was not level. And of course, the vanity is still wrong.
I keep hoping to hear from the contractor. I call every couple of months and he always says he’ll get to it. Maybe I’ll be lucky: maybe he will.…