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Promote Your Lawn’s Health

Promote Your Lawn’s Health

Chemicals do not have to be used in order to have a beautiful lawn. The truth is, prohibiting the use of chemical on your lawn will make it healthier. Additionally, these chemicals are so toxic that they are likely to contaminate water. The following can be used to stop the use of chemicals on your lawn.

• The weeds are to be removed by hand. This is the best way to control weeds. About 80% of weeds are annuals. You will be able to get rid of them if you remove them before they seed. If there are weeds that are perennials, try to dig out their whole root system to make sure they are not going to grow back.

• Do not remove beneficial weeds such as clovers. Clovers are nitrogen magic types of plant that can help in enhancing the health and beauty of your lawn.

• Test the soil of your lawn with the use of a soil test kit. This will show you the organic content of your soil, its pH balance, including the nutrients to attain the best balance for you soil.

• When your lawn contains bare spots, try to reseed it with a variety of grass. The diseases that infiltrate the lawn are usually selective. Using different grasses will ensure you that the diseases will not entirely wipeout your lawn.

• Aeration will prevent the soil from getting compacted. The heavy thatch will need to be broken through. This permits the reaching of nutrients and organic matter to the root system of your lawn. Earthworms are the best aerators on Earth.

• Grass must always be 2 – 3 inch high. A third of the height of the grass must be cut at one time in order to prevent the grass from going into shock. It is important that the lawnmower’s blade is sharp to avoid damaging the grass. Tall grasses have longer roots, shade the soil and prevent access to weeds.

• Opt for natural fertilizers. They are able to give nutrients to the soil and it also allows longer retain. Organic fertilizers have the ability to decompose thatch grass and grass clippings rapidly. One of the best natural fertilizers available is sheep manure.

• Try to water your lawn only if it needs to be watered any make sure you water it deeply. Your lawn will have shallow roots if you water frequently and lightly. This makes it more prone to disease and insects. One sign that you need to aerate is when water runs off easily.

• Never remove grass clippings. This will mean less raking but also these clippings serves as natural fertilizers if they are not enveloped in chemicals. Make sure that the grass clippings are not clumped so that the decomposition process will advance.

• Never use herbicides or pesticides. These kinds of chemicals are strong enough to kill birds, insects, and earthworms that are valuable to the health of your lawn. Try to discourage pests by practicing natural lawn care.

• Try to have beneficial microorganisms, earthworms, dragonflies, ladybugs, spiders, toads, and frogs. One of the secrets to having a healthy and chemical free lawn are these creatures because they help you maintain your lawn from parasites.…

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Bathroom Renovations

How Do You Choose the Best Shower Heads?

One of the things that are essential in your bathrooms are your shower heads. They are essential not only in their functionality but also in the way that you will decorate your bath rooms. They have different colors, different designs and different functionalities. However, even if you want to go out and buy the best shower head, there are a lot of people that are finding it hard to find the best fit for their bathroom. Because of this, here are some tips that will allow you to go out and find the best shower heads for you.
You need to set a budget
The first thing that you need to do is to go out and set a budget so that you will be able to go out and plan and find the best shower head that you can. The price will dictate the type of heads that will allow you to go out and buy. Having a price range to stick to also compels you to go out and stick to your budget thus helping you to go out and lave on the costs. Not only that but having a budget will make you more vigilant in finding the different bargain buys and bargain prices that you can get. Just remember that you need to go out and find the best shower head that you can buy for your money.
Also think of your needs
Another thing that you need to go out and do is to plan according to your needs. After going out and making a plan for according to your budget, planning according to needs is one of the best things that you need to go out and do. You need to go out and think whether you want style of substance. When you go for style then you need to find the shower head that has the best design that will compliment what you already have. This is essential because you need to go out and find the design that will tie up your entire look. On the other hand, when you want to go out and choose functionality then you can at least go out and sacrifice the design aspect of the shower head in favor of the functionality that it will give you.
These two things will enable you to go out and buy the best shower heads that you can go out and use in your bathrooms.…

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Bring Out The Best Of Your Garden And Invest In Some Top Quality Garden Furniture

Bring Out The Best Of Your Garden And Invest In Some Top Quality Garden Furniture

Summer’s finally on its way, a time to get out into the garden, plant those gorgeous summer plants, and make the garden look lovely and tranquil. Summer really does bring out the best in people, and it is a great time to catch up with family and friends in the garden whilst having a BBQ with a few beers and burgers. Of course entertaining family and friends does need a little more than a BBQ, as they will also need somewhere to perch them bottoms, and a place to eat their food from.

A Garden without garden furniture is bland, boring and more importantly, uncomfortable. Who needs grass stains when you can choose comfort and invest in some lovely garden furniture? Garden furniture is available in many different types of wood and styles; there is something to suit all needs and budgets and weather conditions, especially those living in the UK where the weather is so unpredictable.

Some of the most popular garden furniture products on the market today come in teak, cane and hardwood. Teak is probably the most expensive of the three but is renowned for being extremely hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Teak furniture is in fact so hard wearing that it is able to withstand the harsh winter weather that you often get in the UK.

For something a bit more homely looking cane furniture is a very good option. Cane furniture more often than not comes with upholstery and fabrics, which makes it a lot more comfortable and appealing, however it is a good idea to keep cane furniture indoors when the weather is not particularly good.

For something a little more practical and hard wearing, that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions; it would be advisable to invest in some hardwood garden furniture. Hardwood is extremely hard wearing and able to handle the harshest of weather conditions.

For those that also like to potter in the greenhouse, with their seedlings and cuttings, it makes a big difference if you have the space to do so. Some greenhouse’s can be quite small so it is extremely important to make use of every bit of space. Greenhouse staging is a common piece of furniture for a greenhouse to get the best of the space available. Again there are different styles of staging to suit individual requirements, either one shelf or two, different heights and widths, it is also possible to purchase folding staging so that when it is not required it can easily be folded down and put away neat and tidy.…

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House Improvements

Bathroom Blinds

The bathrooms in our homes are often our own personal sanctuaries where we retreat at the end of the day to relax and forget the day. Homeowners across the country are investing more money into their homes and one of the primary places that the investment is best spent is in the bathroom. Bathrooms now are much larger than they were in the past and often have lavish showers and spa tubs.
When shopping for our bathrooms, textiles are an important part of the progress. It gives us the opportunity to add our own personal touch to our baths and leave our own unique mark. We, of course, want our textiles to follow a common theme. Bathroom blinds are a great way to tie-in our tastes in our baths. As we are spending more time in our bathrooms as a personal resort from the world, blinds have become a necessity.
We find ourselves sometimes spending hours in the comfort of our bathrooms and don’t want to be bothered or seen by outsiders. Bathroom blinds come in a variety of designs and styles, but functionality should be the foremost concern. Cloth blinds are not good for bathrooms as they will become moist and possibly become moldy. Solid woods are a better choice, but synthetic woods are the best bet. These types of blinds will not be susceptible to bathroom moisture or aging due to the humid bathroom conditions.
Finding the perfect bathroom blinds can give you the privacy that you need while adding your own personal style to your home bathroom.…

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden

10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden

It’s the time for looking back and looking forward, the threshold of a new year. Gardening is an exercise in optimism, especially in the winter when everything is still possible. We check things off in catalogs and draw little circles on graph paper or the back of an envelope, asking questions like “What worked this year that we can repeat? What failed? How big will that get? Should we try that one in a different spot?”

We know the weeds, pests, and dry spells will arrive sooner or later but now we focus on the potential blooms and the bounty. In that spirit, why not make a list of garden resolutions for 2012?

Here are mine…

1. Grow more food. I won’t resolve to grow ALL of my vegetables this year, not with my busy schedule, but I can shoot for half, at least from June to September.

2. Stick to the budget and the plan. When I am looking starry-eyed at pictures of fresh Black from Tula tomatoes and mounds of blue lupine, I will keep in mind the size of my garden and my wallet, and most importantly my available time to work it.

3. Try something new. I’m always pulled between growing more of something I know will do well (thus meeting goal #1), and having more variety. The balance tips both ways depending largely on what seed packets I have on hand when I get a free spring afternoon.

4. Start more from seed and take better care of the seedlings. Might be time to buy a warming pad. Last year I finally started using good quality potting soil and it made a huge difference.

5. Weed earlier and more often. I’ve got to get ahead of them this year, before it gets so out of hand I give up. Skimming them off with a sharp hoe when the weeds first popped up gave good results in 2011. I just have to keep it up.

6. Get the family more involved. Cherry tomatoes and Edamame help keep them interested.

7. Plant with preservation in mind. I want to plant varieties like Kennebec potatoes and Hardneck Garlic that do well in storage. I also want to make more pickles and jams.

8. Share more with neighbors. Having plastic bags already in the garden when harvesting makes this easier.

9. Feed the soil. What you give is what you get, so feed your soil by adding more organic matter. Happy soil micro-organisms make for productive plants!

10. More succession planting. Snap bush beans and beets are especially good for succession planting.

And one more for good luck, Stop and smell the Bee Balm, Tulsi Basil and Garlic Chives more often.…

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Renovation Contractor

Final Checklist Before A Kitchen Remodel Begins

You are ready for a new kitchen and cannot wait for the remodelers to come in and start ripping out all those old cabinets and counter tops to replace them with something newer, more elegant and far more functional.
Before they do arrive though take one last look at your kitchen design plans, as there are several factors that homeowners can often overlook, especially if they have done much of the planning work themselves.
Some points you should definitely consider in your review include the following:-
Is there going to be enough room to open all the drawers and cabinets in your new kitchen properly?
Is there going to be adequate counter top space between the sink, stove and refrigerator?
Is the microwave going in right place? If there are kids in the house is it low enough for them to use safely?
How well will your new kitchen flooring match with that in adjoining rooms?
Do you have enough lighting planned? Under cabinet lights are often overlooked but they are incredibly useful in most kitchens and really should not be forgotten.
Is the work flow between all the appliances going to be smooth? Transit between them all, including the dishwasher should be as easy and clutter free as possible.
Will you have enough storage space?
Are you really happy with the overall design plans?
If, after you have asked yourself all these questions, you are still happy with the planned design that is great, let the work commence.
However if you have any nagging doubts, even if the kitchen plans were drawn up by a kitchen remodeling expert, voice them now.
Changing something mid project can be an expensive headache and derail the project’s timeline by days or even weeks. It is your kitchen, your money and ultimately it is up to you to make sure that the design is exactly what you wanted it to be.…

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Herb Gardens For Beginners – Which Are the Most Popular Herbs For Growing at Home? Part 1

Herb Gardens For Beginners – Which Are the Most Popular Herbs For Growing at Home? Part 1

Think you are ready to try your hand at herb growing but just can’t decide which herbs to grow? Well, things become popular for a reason, so if you don’t know the direction you want to go in yet, why not follow the crowd! Tons of folks are choosing these herbs for growing by the bushel, and can tons of folks be wrong? Well, maybe, but with the following information you can definitely decide if these three are right for you.

Let’s look at what’s most popular for a culinary herb garden:

1. BasilBasil is possibly best known for its preeminence in pesto. Its leaves have a warm and spicy flavor — and it just makes everything taste so fresh! Also, a little goes a long way. Basil is wonderful in almost any tomato dish, and is wonderful with eggs.

Basil is an annual and needs to be replanted each year.

2. RosemaryIn most climates Rosemary is an annual and if left unpruned will grow into a large shrub. Rosemary may be best known for use with lamb, but is delicious used with sage for any poultry dish. Rosemary is also wonderful when planted where you will brush against in and carry its wonderful aroma into your home.

3 ChivesMy favorite use for chives is chopped and mixed with sour cream on a fresh, hot baked potato. I’s wonderful in salads, in egg and cheese dishes, and in many sauces.

In most climates chives die back in winter, but pop up strong every spring.

Just three recommendations? Sure, but they make up the backbone of many an herb garden. Also, you’ll probably find a few more you want to try when shopping for these.…