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Bathtub Surrounds – A Quick and Easy Update

Anyone who has ever attempted to remodel a bathroom knows how expensive and messy a project of that magnitude can be. Bathtub surrounds are an equally as effective and beautiful way of updating your bathroom. Instead of embarking on a complete remodel give your bathroom a facelift by installing a surround. Surrounds are less expensive than complete remodels and take a fraction of the time because they cover the preexisting bathtub walls.
Depending on your abilities you can easily install a surround in as little as one day. The entire install process is so simple and would make a fun do it yourself project. If home improvement projects are not something you enjoy there are many companies that professionally install surrounds. Perhaps the best part about installing a surround is that there will be little mess and inconvenience because there will be no need for demolition or construction. A new surround will adhere directly to your bathtub walls. No messy construction and no time consuming clean up from this project will be necessary! You will not need to worry about damage or mold to the surface underneath because a waterproof seal is created that will prevent any water from leaking through to the surface underneath.
Surrounds are available in scores of shades making it simple to give your bathroom a fresh, updated look. Match a shade to compliment your favorite paint color and have a completely different look in just a weekend. Smooth and sleek acrylic material often used in bathtub surrounds is low maintenance and won’t crack or stain like tiles that are commonly used in bathrooms can. Discolored, difficult to clean tile will be a thing of the past once your easy to clean surround is installed. You will be able to spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying relaxing bubble baths!
Compared to the cost of a traditional bathroom remodel, a tub surround is a cost effective and efficient way to redecorate on a limited budget. This bathroom makeover project is perfect for those looking for a fairly inexpensive way to improve their home in a short period of time. Those looking to go a step further will be happy to discover that there are liners available for the bathtub to compliment their new wall surround. Basic knowledge and tools, some measurements and elbow grease is all that is needed to begin the transformation!
Within hours your outdated decor will be a distant memory and you could very easily be the proud owner of a beautiful, updated bathroom. It can be a weekend project for you or you could hire a professional to get the job done even faster. Bathtub surrounds are a fairly inexpensive method to transform an old, damaged tub surround in to a beautiful, easy to clean and comfortable tub. Your entire bathroom will have a new look and feel all from this one simple project! Instead of an expensive, stressful bathroom remodel consider installing a bathtub surround, you definitely will not regret it!…