7 Reasons to Go Ahead and Start That Garden

7 Reasons to Go Ahead and Start That Garden

Many people have the desire to start a garden, but they don’t know the first thing about what they should do or how to go about doing it. Instead of being intimidated by the garden, you should instead be thinking of what the garden can do for you. Here are 7 reasons to go ahead and start that garden you’ve been thinking about.

Reason 1 – Save Money

A garden is a cheap and reliable source of food for you and your family. A single plant will usually produce multiple vegetables. You can purchase a plant that is already started, and transplant it into your garden, for normally less than five dollars, or start your own plants from seeds.

Since most seeds cost less than five cents a piece, this will end up saving you the most money. When you compare the price of a single vegetable at the grocery store to the amount of vegetables that a single plant produces in your garden, you will understand the savings.

Reason 2 – Know Where Your Vegetables Came From

There have been multiple scares in the past few years about vegetables being handled in unsafe ways while they were still in the fields. When you grow your own vegetables in a garden, you will know exactly what they contain. The only chemicals you will need to worry about are the ones that you will add to your garden yourself.

Reason 3 – Exercise

It has been proven that gardening can burn more than 300 calories an hour. The movements you will be making while you are gardening are akin to many types of yoga stretches. These will help your muscles build strength and definition, as well as combine your workout with physical results in your garden.

Reason 4 – Sunlight is Healthy

Every human body needs sunlight, or more specifically, a vitamin that is essential to human life is absorbed directly through the skin from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D, as it is called, is a nutrient that many of us are lacking in our bodies. The sunlight you get while working in the garden every day will increase your Vitamin D intake and make you healthier.

Reason 5 – Fresh Vegetables Anytime

When your garden starts producing vegetables, you won’t have to make a special trip into town to get them anymore. When you decide that you want a salad for dinner, you can step out your back door and harvest the lettuce, onion, carrots, peppers and tomatoes to include in your salad right there.

Reason 6 – Bragging Rights

Your garden will probably end up producing more vegetables than you can use. When this happens, you can share them with family, friends and neighbors, who will then comment on the size and quality of your produce. These type of compliments are a lot of fun to receive.

Reason 7 – Watching Something Grow

When your garden begins to flourish, you will have a sense of accomplishment. Watching the plants grow from nothing to providing food for you and your family is a wonderful sensation, and can be an educational experience for your children as well.

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