All you need to know about wine glasses!

Do you have the perfect wine but need the correct glass to put it in? It may sound absurd, but the type of glass can alter the flavours and aromas of the wine. A lot of effort went into making the wine, so buying the correct wine glasses cheap retailers offer is important. Also, storing the wine in wine coolers is ideal. So when on the hunt for glasses, consider looking at wine coolers.  Here are some things to consider when understanding the importance of a wine glass and ensuring you buy the perfect one!

Learn more about the different components of a wine glass

1.  The lip

Every wine glass has a lip, which is the top rim of the bowl. Its function is to concentrate the aroma when one smells it. For example, a white wine glass will have a narrow lip, directing the wine straight into the front of one’s mouth. On the other hand, a red wine glass has a wider lip because the aroma is strong, so the wine is directed to the back and sides of one’s tongue.

2.  The bowl

The bowl refers to the part of the glass that holds the wine. Most wine glasses should have a wider bowl at the bottom and a narrower one towards the top. The design of this helps concentrate the aroma and flavours. If you are a red wine drinker, then a shorter bowl that is wide is the ideal glass. However, opt for a narrow, tall bowl if you prefer white wine.

3.  The stem

The stem of the wine glass helps keep the structure intact by supporting the bowl to the foot below. The main function of the stem is to provide something that can hold. You should never hold the bowl of wine as the warmth from your hands will affect the aroma and taste. The stem needs to be tall and sturdy to withstand tipping.

4.  The foot

The foot of the wine glass does not affect the taste or aroma of the wine; however, it is there to help support the glass and hold it upright and flat. Therefore, it must be sturdy to carry it to swirl the wine.

Things to consider before purchasing a wine glass.

Before purchasing a wine glass, decide if you will be serving red and white wine or only one and not the other. As this will impact the glass you choose. Opt for a bigger and wider bowl for red or a narrow and tall one for white. Deciding on the length of the stem is another important aspect. It needs to be strong and sturdy yet comfortable to hold. Thus consider going into some retailers and holding the glasses before purchasing them.

There are two main types of glasses: typical glass ones and crystal ones. The crystal ones cost more but make more of a statement, so look at your budget and decide which will suit your needs. Then, decide on the appealing aspects, such as patterns, colours or textures. These features enhance the presentation of the wine, not the flavour. So next time you want to buy a wine glass, keep the above in mind.

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