Emerald Ash Borer and How to Protect Your Trees

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is from Asia but was found in Detroit area sometime in 2002. It is a bright metallic green beetle that is smaller than a dime. However, small Emerald Ash Borer is it can take down trees thousand sizes bigger than itself. The eggs are very small and are reddish-brown and only 1/25 inch in size. The larvae are white and flat headed with segmentation. The adults come out mainly from mid to late May but can come out sooner if warm. The females normally lay eggs shortly after they emerge. When the eggs hatch, they get under the bark and feed, which is what ends up killing the tree. Emerald Ash Borer can kill a small tree anywhere from one to two years after infestation unless the infestation is very severe. The Emerald Ash Borer are currently in the mid-western and eastern United States along with parts of Canada.

What are ways to treat Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash Borer has been a very problematic pest and a persistent one too. Some property owners want to know if their trees are infecting and others want to know how to protect their healthy trees. While both these calls are something tree services have to worry about. Emerald Ash Borers treatment consist of trunk injections, soil drench, soil injections and basal trunk sprays. These all have different ingredients in them. TheĀ  emerald ash borer treatment denver co is really important to follow through with year after year because it takes that long to make sure the ash trees can get healthy and survive.

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Why work to save the ash trees?

Ash trees are just as important as any other tree. This pest that has started feeding on the ash tree has killed several thousand of tree. Emerald Ash Borer are thought to have been introduced to the United States from imports from China and has spread throughout the United States and Canada. Ash trees have to be treated and cared for to keep them from getting infect by the emerald ash borer. There are different ways to treat for emerald ash borers before and after infestation. Some can be affected before and not hurt the tree while others are affected after the tree has been infested. Infestation is what will determine if the tree will die within a year or two. Some trees take longer for the emerald ash borers to kill but it depends on the size of the tree. If the infestation is bad enough, then it kills the tree faster. Emerald ash borer can and will be a very big issue in the present time and in the future. The problem with the pest will be that it will keep getting worst til there is a better way to keep the insect under control and protect the trees. The tree companies that service the trees and make sure that the trees are protected have their hands full with trying to keep them healthy from this pest.