Garden Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Garden Lighting Ideas You Will Love

Garden lighting can beautify your outdoor spaces and allow you to use them as an extension of your home. I decorated my outdoor space with this in mind. I kept the style modern. With the project being, potentially, an expensive undertaking, I used different solutions to stay on budget. Below, find out what affordable garden lighting ideas I used in my garden to avoid breaking the bank.

First, considering I had my outdoor dining room and living room sheltered from the elements, I installed a wired chandelier. I found it on sale at a discount department store and thought that it would add a lot of style and soft light to the space. In addition to the chandelier, I attached tube lighting around the perimeter of the area; it gave off just the right amount of light to create a relaxing vibe.

There are many solar garden lighting ideas that can be used around your property and installed extremely economically. Solar powered lights come in many different materials; from stainless steel to durable plastics. You can find all types of solar powered lighting; lanterns, twinkle lights, stepping stones and light bulbs, just to name a few. Seeing as they work entirely on solar power, no electrician is needed! In my yard, I attached solar garden lights around the deck to various posts. Some were simple ball lights while others were lanterns. Attaching them to a fixture is easy to do with plastic ties, wire or even a fishing line. I decorated my shrubs with star lights, which were also solar-powered. They added instant glamor and romance to the area. I also created an elegant pathway that led from the deck to the gate using solar accent stepping stone lights. They look incredible, especially at night, and also serve as a safety feature. At my gated entrances I installed hanging lanterns on either side; they made a real visual impact.

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One of the more expensive purchases I made was a spot light. I installed it under my willow tree to accent its beauty. It lights up a good portion of the yard allowing my family to enjoy late night games of volleyball and bocce. I ran wire under the ground for this light, but you could easily find a solar powered spot light to save time and money.

These are just some of the ideas for garden lighting that I used. There are many more that can be implemented in your outdoor scheme to provide light and ambiance in your yard. Get creative and have fun!