Getting Started With a Starter Greenhouse

Getting Started With a Starter Greenhouse

With portable greenhouses becoming cheaper and more easily available, there are many people who have become interested in owning one. Whether you are planning to build or buy a starter greenhouse, you should first consider your space requirements and your budget. These two important factors can help you make the right decision regarding the type of structure to be constructed or purchased. You will also need to think about heating and ventilation requirements, and make sure there’s a handy supply of water. From there you can decide what your structure should be made of and what kinds of plants are to be grown inside it.

The next decision is whether to make the structure attached or free-standing. An attached building can be directly accessed from inside the house while a free standing one will require you to get out of the house before having access to it. Or you may opt for an indoor greenhouse if you have space constraints, or if it gets too cold in the wintertime in your region.

There are also different styles of greenhouses, with the classic barn-type being the most common. Portable, pre-fabricated starter greenhouses are very popular because they require very little in the way of setup and are easy to maintain. However, if you’re serious about gardening, you should consider building a permanent structure as it will be more durable over the long term. The typical building made of glass as seen in movies and magazines is an expensive choice, but there are other cheaper alternatives. Many pre-fabricated models make use of aluminum framing enclosed with polycarbonate panels.

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Most people who enjoy this form of indoor gardening would say that it is best to build the biggest structure your budget and available space can accommodate. Although some people are hesitant to do so, many of them end up expanding their starter greenhouse, which ends up being more costly. Often, people do not like the idea of having a large enclosure because they are not confident that they are going to be able to completely fill it. The truth is that once they get started, the more likely problem will be which plants they will have to give up when there is no more space for them.

An important consideration when it comes to these structures is that you make sure to choose the kinds of plants that match your level of experience in gardening. You have to make a commitment to caring for them, otherwise it will have been a wasted effort. You also have to remember to ask about permits, requirements and licensing in your neighborhood so that you do not have to worry about anything else other than tending to your growing plants in your starter greenhouse.