Herbs and Their Uses – How to Go About Harvesting Herbs From Your Garden

Herbs and Their Uses – How to Go About Harvesting Herbs From Your Garden

After caring for your herbs from the infancy to adult stages it is now time put these aromatic plants to good use. Most herbs have more than one uses but before they are ready for usage it is imperative that you know the rules for harvesting first. Harvesting herbs from your garden requires a little preparatory effort before they can be used in the home. Time is crucial in harvesting the plant; to ensure that the herb’s intense flavor remains intact.

Fresh herbs are defenseless to the heat and wind during the day, and their essential oils are easily detached by these elements.

On extremely damp days however, very little oils are formed so the most suitable time to crop would be in the morning when the winds are not strong and there is usually no rain. After picking the herbs inspect it carefully and eliminate all damaged leaves. The perfect time to bring in the herb would be after the dew has dried on the leaves. When harvesting it is important that you cut off the right amount of flora, for the plant to grow back well only about one third of the plant should be removed so that there is enough foliage left.

Almost everyone wants to use the herb fresh out of their garden but the next step will be to make sure that the herbs are cleaned properly. To clean get a bowl filled with cold water, place about a tablespoon or two of salt into the water in swirl herbs gently in the water. Salt because of its acidity will kill any hidden bugs. This method works for thinner leaved herbs like thyme and rosemary. The stronger stem plants can be placed directly into the sink. This process should be done repeatedly about two to three times. Remove the herbs from the water place in a towel and pat dry. Store as desired.

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