Tomato Varieties – Why Not Grow the Best Ones

Tomato Varieties – Why Not Grow the Best Ones

There are tons of tomato varieties that are easy to grow and not to mention how great they can look in your garden. They all have their unique size, shape, taste and even color. Let’s discuss some of the different types of tomatoes…

Beefsteak Tomatoes

The beefsteak varieties are very popular and make a great ingredient for a sandwich. They’re one of my favorites due to the delicious, sweet flavor. These tomatoes are also very big and contain a meaty texture.

The Big Boy- This one is popular and very big. I guess that’s why it was given that name. They weigh about 1 lb or even more. To accommodate the size, it’s best to disbud to 3 fruits per truss and provide support if necessary.

Dombello- These are one of the best beefsteak tomato varieties. This is due to the excellent flavor; however they are not as big as the others.

Dombito- This is considered to be the ideal beefsteak. They are about A� lb with thick, fleshy walls and a small number of seeds. The disease resistance level is quite good and that’s a very good benefit when planting.

The Ordinary Varieties

Moneycross- If you get excited about making money then this can be a good choice for you. It’s resistant to leaf mould and produces an earlier crop than the basic types.

Moneymaker- This is a popular tomato variety and is a good choice for a beginner. The big trusses produce medium-sized fruits that are heavy. However, they tend to have a bland taste though.

Ailsa Craig- this is another popular type that produces some brightly colored fruits that are medium sized. They mature early and have a great flavor.

Alicante- this is a money maker type that produces some heavy cropping. It’s resistant to greenback and contains a fine flavor.

The Novelty Tomato Varieties

These are some beautiful yellow, orange and striped varieties. These types are not very popular though. Some of them contain a sweet taste and are used in fresh salads. They look beautiful with their bright colors when in blossom.

Golden Boy- This is a great variety to grow if you want to get some big yellow fruits. They are more meaty than juicy and can be worth growing.

San Marzano- This is a well-known Italian tomato. It is well used in a lot of Italian meals such as soups and spaghetti sauce for example. It’s shape like an egg and contains a firm flesh.

Golden Sunrise- This is a common gardener’s choice and is one of the best patio tomatoes. It’s a delicious container gardening tomato that produces some medium-sized fruits.

F1 Hybrid Varieties

Supercross- The fruits are similar to the moneymaker but are more disease resistant than its relative Eurocross. They are also tolerant to the mosaic virus.

Estrella- this type is known to be highly diseased resistant.

Tumbler- This is a very common patio tomato and is also a great fit for a hanging basket.

Cherry Belle- This has an outstanding taste along with a good disease resistance level and tends to crop heavily. It’s great for salads and snacks.

These are some of the best tomato varieties for a vegetable garden among many others. The good news too is that a lot of them are highly disease resistant, easy to grow and incredibly tasty.

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