Types of Garden Lighting For Your Home

Types of Garden Lighting For Your Home

Garden lights can add functionality to your home’s green space and provide a welcoming environment for get togethers and evening functions. Whether you have a formal flower garden or simply an elaborately landscaped backyard, garden lights can enhance your enjoyment of your home. Outdoor Lights are available in many different styles and types; some of the most popular types are also among the most affordable.

• Spotlights allow you to showcase specific parts of your garden. Used primarily for visual effect rather than area lighting, they literally shine a spotlight on the areas you wish to highlight. These are usually powered by electricity, since they require a consistently high power level.

• Area lights include lanterns, lamp posts, and overhead garden lights. These offer a warm ambient light that illuminates a large area of your garden. These can be gas or oil powered, electric or, in some cases, solar powered garden lights. Solar garden lights often do not produce enough light to effectively light a large area, so choose carefully when looking for this kind of garden lighting.

• Deck lighting may include spotlights, lanterns, and wall sconce lights. Intended to light an outdoor entertainment area, deck lighting generally provides soft ambient light for visibility and convenience. Gas and oil powered lamps are not suitable for use on a deck, due to their flammable nature.

• Rope lights are used to outline paths, decks, and other borders. Mainly decorative, this type of garden lighting does not provide much ambient light, and is mostly used along deck railings or to outline pathways.

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• Decorative lights, as their name suggests, are ornamental in nature. These often come in whimsical shapes like mushrooms, animals, or flowers. Solar garden lights are often used for these delightful additions to your garden.

• Tiered lights offer more light per installation, with multiple lamps on each light fixture. Many newer solar powered garden lights use this design, which allows illumination of a larger area than single bulbs alone.

• Motion-sensing security lights are nearly always powered by electricity, and are used to protect your home and garden. They light only when motion in the area triggers them, and tend to provide a harsh light rather than one suitable for entertaining or relaxing.

Landscape lights are usually available in electric, solar-powered, or fuel-powered models. Electric-powered lights offer the most convenience, but usually have the highest energy cost. Solar powered outdoor lights are the easiest to install and are powered by solar batteries; these do not produce as much light as electric lights, however. Gas or oil fueled lamps offer the nostalgic feel of gaslight, but require the most maintenance and care; many must be lit individually by hand.