What to do if You Suspect Mice are in Your Home

While many people keep mice as pets, they can quite the disturbance in your home. There are a lot of things people don’t consider when they believe mice are running around inside. They can cause some annoyances such as chewing on furniture, and leaving their droppings around the house. All the way to more serious things such as chewing on wires and causing fire hazards. Rodents of all types, mice included, are often times carries lots of diseases. Not only effecting humans, but sometimes pets in the household as well.

Firstly, you need to know how to identify if mice are in your home. While the most obvious sign of these rodents running rampant is spotting one dead or alive inside. These creatures can be quite clever and hard to detect. Some of the most common signs of mice are their droppings. Also urine odor is a common sign. Rodent urine is not very pleasant and very noticeable. Gnawing marks that begin to show up out of nowhere, as well as rodent nests. Another common sign of rodents in the house, is if you have any pets they will begin to act strangely. A combination of some of these signs can be a for sure sign of a rodent problem.

Once you have confirmed that you indeed have a rodent infestation problem. It is important to take the right steps. Although be warned, getting rid of mice can be a difficult endeavor. If you plan on taking the problem on yourself, you need to find where the mice are getting into the house, and blocking those holes. You can look outside and around your home to where mice may be able to get into your house. Around the porch, the back deck, and the foundation are common places that mice can squeeze into. Mice are very resilient and are difficult to keep out. Using wired mesh, or steel wool and caulk can keep the mice at bay. The majority of other things mice can chew through and enter the home easily.

The one thing the classic cartoons got right is by setting traps. There are different types of mouse traps. The old fashion snap traps will do the job. Next consider what type of bait you will use. Cheese is a good option, as is peanut butter, and bacon bits. Mice however are smart, and generally won’t just jump onto the trap. The placement is just as important as the bait and type of trap. If you believe to have found a high traffic mouse area, setting out traps around that area is your best bet. Hiring some mice extermination services naperville il if you aren’t seeing results. Once mice begin to breed, they can have upwards of 3-14 off spring, and have up to 10 liters a year.So the population in your house can get out of hand very quickly.

Dealing with mice can be a drag. There are some ways to avoid it however. Mice generally come looking for a warm, safe environment with food. So keeping a clean house, and avoiding leaving out lots of food and crumbs for the rodents are great preventable measures.

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