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Green Living In Your Backyard

Green Living In Your Backyard

If we were to think for a single minute about how much we hurt this planet by our invasive way of life we would feel extremely guilty. We produce too much garbage, we burn too much fuel from the natural reserves, we pollute the air every second with our cars, plants and domestic animals. If we want to keep living on this friendly planet despite our increasing numbers we need to start doing the small things which can make a difference.

These are already out there so we don’t have to work our minds to discover how to help the environment. People have discovered the benefits of wind turbines and they are using them, but not on a scale large enough to reduce visibly the fuel consumption. Solar panels show us how to use a source of energy which is very cheap and practical. Geothermal energy is also used and it is one of the most efficient sources which can be used successfully both during summer and winter.

Green living is not only about what we do but also about how we do it. If you have fallen in love with the idea of having a garden office you need to turn it into something consistent with the surroundings. You can choose a form and a color which will look very much suitable for the surroundings.

A small chalet-like building with windows large enough to allow natural light in most of the time is the perfect option. All you need is for the space to allow you to install the equipment necessary for working. Natural light will help you work in the healthiest way possible without any energy wasted. You can choose to paint the building in green or simply leave it in the natural color of the wood to make it friendly for the landscape. For the energy you need to use in it you can install a few solar panels on its roof.

The other ecological way s of producing energy are suitable for larger spaces like an entire home or a block of flats. Recycle the paper you don’t need, be very careful at what you choose to print and install double or triple hung glass windows to keep the heat in or out according to the season.…

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Home Maintenance

A Smart Buy Within Reach – New Homes and the Benefits of Ownership

If you thought that your dreams of buying a new home were out of reach, think again. Today with the values of homes at historic lows and with a wealth of inventory on the market it is a buyer’s market and there is not a better time to buy than now. The best part? In this market you have the opportunity to buy brand new homes for the same price as their older counterparts and for a fraction of what it cost just a few years ago.
Buying a new home has countless advantages. A new home is like a blank canvas, a place where no one else but you has called it home. Plus a new home offers hassle free living that buying an older home does not allow. New homes are virtually maintenance free. When you buy a new home you buy a home that is technologically up to date with features like new appliances, new cabinetry, new roofing, and new plumbing. When you buy new you save countless bills purchasing a home that is more energy efficient, up to date with the most recent safety codes, and often times more green than its older inefficient counterparts.
Imagine not having to spend any money for years fixing anything! When you buy an older home you run the risk of purchasing the home and then having to make countless fixes that add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. When you buy new, what you see is what you get.
What else do new homes offer? Incentives. Sellers want to move their inventory and are offering incentives everywhere. Today you can get extra incentives like upgrades to high end products and materials, new appliances, and even furnishings for your new home. Free incentives mean extra savings for you and your family.
Another feature of new homes is the community they offer. When you buy a new home you are buying into a planned community. New homes often offer planned recreation parks and play areas for your kids, sidewalks for walking, lush landscaped areas, and paths for jogging.
But don’t wait long. If waiting for the market to bottom out is your plan you may miss your opportunity to buy new. No one knows where the bottom is and experts are speculating that we may very well be there.
So what are you waiting for? Take a look at a new home today and start adding up all of the ways that you will save for you and your family.…

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Home Renovation

10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Property

Are you in the market to sell or rent your Bahamas real estate? Do you want to get the most out of your sale or rental? If you are in the market to sell or rent your property it is in your best interest to spruce it up by removing any signs of age and injecting a warm inviting appeal to your open space.
Below are ten ways to spruce up your property to get your place rented or sold:
1) Unclutter your Space
When someone rents a space and especially when they purchase, they want this space (whether it’s a condo, apartment, home or other) to reflect them and not the previous owner or the landlord. In order to achieve this, personal affects from the owner/landlord need to be removed so that there is space for the tenant or the new owner to display their personal affects.
Take a look at your space with different eyes. If you are renting your space with a lot of your personal items remaining on the premises, you must purge these items for the tenant’s sake. Do you have family portraits or framed photos of you and your family in the space? Do you have any sort of collection of ornaments on display like ceramic ducks, dolls, plates, silver spoons, medieval characters, sports memorabilia et cetera?
If you do, you must remove these items. Nobody wants to rent a space with personal objects there; they want a space for themselves. Remove your personal items and remove items in storage so they have the opportunity to store their items.
2) Fresh Paint Job
A fresh coat of paint goes a long way! That’s right. Did you know that this is the best way one can see a whole new space? A fresh coat of paint looks bright and clean, and smells new giving your space an immediate update. It is often a very good investment and really spruces up the appearance, adding dollars to offers.
When choosing your paint colours, rather stick with the neutral spectrum. Bright and dark colours change the feel of the size of any given room, and these colours are not the easiest on the eyes. Neutral paint colours will satisfy more people than bright and dark ones.
Painting the exterior? If the paint still looks good on the walls just repaint the roof boxing. The boxing should be painted an offset colour to the rest of the building.
3) Crown and Floor Molding – Install and Paint
Do you have crown moldings or floor moldings in your space? If you do, do they need to be painted? If your walls do not need a paint job, then consider just painting your crown and floor moldings to improve the space.
Crown moldings create a great first impression if installed in your entry and living / family rooms.
4) New Electrical and Light Switch Plates
This is such a minor, yet overlooked improvement. A lot of landlords leave the old faded and chipped electrical and/or light switch plates in their space. Most of the time if a painter is hired he/she will usually paint over these plates, which doesn’t make it look any better. This is the cheapest improvement in this list. Be sure to replace your plates.
5) Front Door
The first thing that is seen when entering a building whether it’s a home, condo, townhouse or the like, is the front door. It is the first impression into the space you want to rent or sell and so it must be in great condition. If the door shouts “Help me! I’m falling apart. I have termites. Please paint me. Look at my mold” or the like, your door is not leaving a very good impression on the rest of the space.
Assess the damage to the door and replace it if it’s necessary. Sand and paint the current door and leave open to dry properly, otherwise the paint will stick to the door frame.
If the door handle has a copper finish, polish it. Perhaps you may also want to change the handle if it looks old.
6) Update the Kitchen
The kitchen is usually one of the first major renovations / updates a house would have. Updating the entire kitchen will cost anywhere up from $30,000. One of the cheapest and easiest steps in updating your kitchen would be to update the faucets. If your cupboards look old and worn, try a coat of paint to breathe some life into them. Replacing the knobs on the cupboards is an inexpensive update that will transform the look of the entire kitchen. If you would like to spend some more money to make a dramatic difference, add a beautiful tile backsplash. The backsplash adds colour and dimension to your kitchen …

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Bathroom Renovations

Discover New Uses For the Makita Cordless Drill at Home

Sometimes it really does seem as though people in general are just way too slow in catching up, and making use in and around the home of the latest power tool technology. The Makita cordless drill is a fine case in point. You see, most people simply assume that they’re only uses are at work.
Wire Brush Attachments Chew Through Crud
Wire brush attachments chew through even the heaviest of caked on crud. Use them to clean backyard grills, crusted up oil on motors, baked on grease around stoves, calcite deposits around plumbing fixtures and the list of ideas just goes on and on.
The Makita Cordless Drill Can Pump Water??
Another thing that people in general don’t know, is that there are fluid pump fixtures that attach right on the front of these handy tools. Once again, why transfer water the hard way around your home when you can do it the easy way with a drill.
Don’t Forget that they Drill Holes Too!
Then again, lets not forget that this handy device is always at the ready to do a great job of drilling holes in things. Better designed batteries keep their charge in storage, so much better now so you can just pull the drill out of a drawer and go right to work.
Prices on Cordless Tools Have Been Coming Down
Just think of all the home decorating and craft ideas that could become reality of you only had the right tools to get the jobs done. The real surprising thing too, is that the prices on all cordless tools in general have been coming down. Right along with electrical home appliances in general.
They’re Just a Better All Around Tool Now
Another thing to think about, is that today’s Makita cordless drill is lighter, more compact, more powerful, easier to hold, charges faster, and comes with more operational features. They also all come with a sensibly designed case that’s built to last for decades.…

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Herbs Containers – Flavorsome Freshness At Its Best

Herbs Containers – Flavorsome Freshness At Its Best

Growing a herb garden is a fascinating hobby for a chef. Having the availability of picking some of the freshest herbs just in time for those final touches to a dish can be a chef’s dream come true! Have you ever watched the Jamie Oliver shows where he visits his garden then comes back to his kitchen and cooks up a storm with his fresh herbs and fresh vegetables?

Herb growing has become one of the most popular hobbies worldwide giving every homemaker an opportunity to indulge in some of the best set of fresh herbs while cooking. Growing herbs in containers has become quite easy with the different containers that are available and the best part is that most varieties can be grown in herbs containers. This really suits the person who does not have an outdoor garden, or has an outdoor garden but it is too cold to grow herbs out there.

Herb containers can be placed anywhere around your house, on your windowsill, balcony or even patio. Having a portable herb garden can not only give you great herbs but also make some of the most decorative artifacts for your home.

Alternatively you might find that it is a pleasure to step out of your door and pluck your favorite herbs from your beautiful herbs garden containers and not grow indoor herbs at all.

It is very easy to grow herbs in your container gardens, but here are some tips that you will find useful:

Water drainage: you can choose any type of herb containers as long as they have a good drainage system. This is highly important to make sure that your herbs do not rot in accumulated water. Always put about 2 inches of course gravel or similar in the bottom of your large pots to prevent root rot and less in smaller pots.

Size: most herbs do not have a large root system so you can use small containers for these type. Just ask at your nursery. This way you can not only save a lot of space but can also make space for other types.

Self watering containers: some herbs need a constant level of moisture in them and these herbs can be grown in self watering containers so that they can grow to their maximum potential. Herbs like parsley, mint and chives do well this way.

Number of herbs: some people like to have bountiful crowded herbs containers, but it must be remembered that there are some plants like basil, which does not like overcrowding and need a very good air circulation. Hence, it totally depends upon the type of plants and their growing requirements which helps you decide on which containers to use.

Design: do not shy away from showing some of the most decorative elements that are hidden beneath these herbs containers. They look fantastic if you can arrange them around your house and can be mixed with perennials and annuals.

Herbs containers are available in a variety of designs and textures, so it is totally up to you to choose your containers according to your garden design. However, it must be remembered that you should only grow what you think is essential and looks beautiful. Keep in mind that terracotta and unglazed ceramics pots do absorb water so in hot climates these are not always a good option as a herbs container.…

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Deciding Your Buying Factors With Water Fountain Tips

Deciding Your Buying Factors With Water Fountain Tips

Owning a water fountain sounds really good. But how good you will feel when you will actually have it. I know you always wanted to add on the beauty of your house, garden or business area by a water fountain. The trickling sound of water spell bound you and takes you away from your worries. You can walk around the incredible natural beauty, collect the ever pleasing moments and can have the joy of being surrounded by the dreams only staying at your cozy home.

So do you really find a water fountain a worth investing decor piece. I know that the answer will surely be yes. But moving further I want a point to be clear that these are not the decor items only they are the natural healers and have the ability to cheer up your mood instantly. It is a good exercise to have a water fountain right in your place and up keeping the same on regular basis. This task is not daunting anymore; this is really a fun now.

There are several fountains available in the market but the common most are wall mountable and freestanding those are created by wood, plastic, cement, metal, pottery, rock, or resin and various other materials. You can select a fountain considering the financial resources and your construction expertise. Moreover a fountain should match the customer expectations and suit the space requirements. There are certain deciding factors that you should bear in mind while selecting a garden water fountain such as:

1. First and foremost select exact location where you can fulfill the power needs of the fountains as the small ones basically need solar energy while the giant shapes need run on electrical sources that are placed aside.

2. Work out the size that you need to be installed in as per the space and the interior.

3. If you want a focal point fountain then it will certainly be large in size while the small one can be placed on the walls or side corners.

4. Gather significant knowledge before having it entailing the maintenance needs, the need for power that is required for assembling and winterizing.

5. Decide the budget and accordingly the lay outs as the custom fountains with installation will cost a bit high but opposite to that a one-piece ready-to-use fountains will relatively be cheaper.

6. There are certain factors that are the real constituent of a water fountain such as water fountain pump, water, surface material and weather conditions. These are responsible for smooth working of the fountains.

This is an absolute center of attraction mounted in your office, home or outdoor setting. You must be receiving the consistent compliments for the artistic bent of mind that insisted you to buy the same. But with the passage of time it is losing it’s charm the actual reason behind this is neglecting the up keeping needs. So do not let it happen to you be cautious and enjoy the natural charm just behind you.…

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Wooden Planters Suit Any Garden Design

Wooden Planters Suit Any Garden Design

Garden planters add interest and variety to any garden. There are so many different styles and sizes available that you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

One construction material that many people think of when they are choosing planters is wood. Wood planters can offer your garden oasis a sense of style and variety that cannot be achieved with any other type of material.

Why Everyone Can Use Garden Planters:

Whether you have plenty of garden to work with, or are living in a one-bedroom flat, every home can benefit from the use of planters. They will allow you to bring a new level of definition and clarity to your plantings if they are used on the ground.

They can line walkways, or create unique points of interest in larger gardens. Perhaps their most common use is to bring the plants onto a deck or patio. And with garden planters, the plants can be elevated to any level.

Windows can now be graced with lovely flowers, and sign-posts can do double duty when a planter is included. Wherever your imagination and desire may take you, the right garden planter can make it possible.

Planters built using teak or cedar will last a long time and add a sense of timelessness to your garden. These containers are at home with any decor. They will fit nicely with any area from the salty seaside to the countryside, and especially the city.

Whether your style is sophisticated and chic, or traditional and elegant, wooden planters will fit in beautifully. They can be painted to match any decor, although care should be taken when choosing stains as they can be toxic to some plants. They can also be lined with plastic to help protect the wood and prolong the life of the planter. They are also easily combined with trellises, benches and fences to create a centerpiece that is attractive, elegant, and highly functional.

Tips for Choosing:

Bigger is usually better. Larger planters will allow you to plant a greater variety of flowers. They also do not dry out as quickly as smaller ones. Keep in mind where you will be placing it, however.

Large containers do not always hang well as they can quickly become too heavy. Keep in mind that the planter will still need some airflow. If yours will be at ground level, it’s a good idea to have feet under it so it will be raised slightly.…