How to Deal With Grasshoppers in Your Garden

How to Deal With Grasshoppers in Your Garden

Grasshoppers can be a problem in your yard. They will especially become a huge problem for your garden as they will eat up most plants that you are wanting to grow. If you don’t control the population of grasshoppers, you are going have problems in your garden year after year. Learn a few things that you can do that will help you deal with this pest.

You need to start off controlling the weeds in your yard. This helps prevent grasshopper problems. Also be sure that you go around, especially in your garden, to break up the soil in your garden. This helps prevent grasshopper problems.

Use insect repellents that will help keep grasshoppers away. Generally speaking, grasshoppers do not like spicy tastes. These can be put on your plants to help keep them from nibbling on them. This will keep what you are growing alive much longer.

Neem oil is very effective against grasshoppers. This substance literally disrupts the natural functions of the grasshopper confusing them when to eat or sleep. Over time this will help you get rid of the grasshoppers that are in your yard.

Get birds into your yard. Birds will feast on the grasshoppers and other pests that you will have in your yard. You need to attract the birds to your yard. This is done by having bird feeders, bird baths, and other things in the yard that will make sure that birds come and stay awhile. It may take a few weeks before you notice a difference after getting the birds to your yard, but in the long run it definitely helps grasshopper problems.

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Look for grasshopper baits if the infestation is very serious. These baits will literally kill the grasshoppers when they come in contact with them. Be careful here that you don’t get baits that end up killing birds that might eat the grasshopper after it dies. Read carefully about what results will happen with the specific bait of choice.

Grasshoppers can become a huge garden pest. Learn what you can do to help control this problem.