How to Keep Pets Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Pets Out of Your Garden

We all love our pets-but we don’t love them so much in the garden. Here are a few suggestions for ways to keep cats and dogs safely out of your garden.

Fence them out. Chicken wire is usually a good idea; it’s durable, it’s difficult to climb even for cats, and if you insert it deep enough in your soil, dogs can’t dig underneath it.

Smell deterrents. Both cats and dogs have sensitive noses, and you can use that against them. There are natural pet repellents in stores, but you can also make your own by soaking cotton balls in citrus oil or menthol scents, or by using mothballs.

Give them a distraction. It’s common knowledge that cats love catnip-so why not plant a catnip garden a safe distance away from your garden to give your cat a place to play?

Motion-sensitive systems. Motion-activated light, sound or sprinkler systems can be highly effective in driving away many species of small animals, including dogs and cats.

Spread thorny clippings. Dogs and cats dislike walking on the clippings from thorny plants such as roses. If you have a rosebush or another plant with thorny leaves, such as holly, collect the clippings next time you prune them. Allow the clippings to dry somewhat before spreading them over the ground in your garden.

It’s difficult to keep dogs and cats out of your garden, but it is possible. You may have to try several different methods to find the one that works best.

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