Organic Fertilizer – Mother Nature’s Best

Organic Fertilizer – Mother Nature’s Best

Organic fertilizer is a far superior alternative to the synthetic chemicals that are in widespread use today. An organic fertilizer is one that occurs naturally as opposed to being created in a laboratory. The scientific meaning of organic is a substance that contains carbon, which is an essential element in every living thing on Earth. Whether plant or animal, carbon is part of it’s composition. The plants in your garden need nitrogen and other nutrients as well, and these can all be found in organic fertilizers despite the narrow technical definition of the word. Nature provides the perfect balance of these elements and nutrients that your garden needs for vigorous growth.

There are definite benefits to using organic fertilizers over their more ubiquitous commercial counterparts. Mother nature’s plant food does not harm the environment; there is no toxic run-off from chemicals and therefore, does not poison wildlife or foul the rivers and streams. Also the soil is not depleted of it’s necessary nutrients as quickly and the ground remains better aerated, because worms and other micro-organisms are able to better survive in the non-toxic environment. Perhaps the most important benefit is the healthier produce resulting from the use of mother nature’s best ingredients.

There are many sources of organic fertilizer. Probably the most obvious is decaying vegetation where the plant recycles itself into the ground to feed the next years crop. This decaying vegetation contains a lot of nitrogen when it is green and more carbon as it turns brown. Manure from birds and animals is also a nutrient- rich organic supplement. This manure would occur automatically in nature as the wildlife feeds on the plants and the cycle of life continues. The richest organic fertilizer in the world is deposited in your garden without even being seen; worms eat the dirt and produce worm castings. This worm manure is the essential component of the humus, containing the proper balance of nitrogen, carbon, and other nutrients that plants require for energetic growth. The absorption of these nutrients is also facilitated by the worm’s burrows, which allow the oxygen and important elements to more easily reach the plant’s roots. There are other substances in nature such as seaweed that make a prefect addition to your organic garden.

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Pest control is a concern for the farmer as well as the weekend gardener. The owner of your local hardware store will gladly offer you a huge variety of chemical sprays and powders to remedy your problem; but, these have no place in your organic garden. Mother nature prefers letting certain beneficial creatures such as ladybugs, spiders and birds take care of your insect infestation instead.